Don't Ever Get Radiesse in the Nasolobial Area - Newport Beach, CA

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I had Radiesse injected in this area 3 1/2 years...

I had Radiesse injected in this area 3 1/2 years ago and it's still mostly there! I had 2 syringes done (one on each side) & it left me overfilled. every year that passes, I keep checking it to see if it's gone down and it barely dissolves. I've spoken with my doctor about this (the one who injected me) & he said the original studies on radiesse were that it lasted 4 years. Please spare me all you doctors that say "oh, you must have something else in there" or "it can't possibly be radiesse after this long". I can ASSURE you, it's still there!

My body wouldn't produce a big tube of collagen around my mouth & up towards my nose on it's own. I am just so sick & tired of seeing all these plastic surgeons that don't even know the history of radiesse & constantly say "it can't possibly be radiesse after a year". Really? come & feel my face & it explain that.

I SAW the brand name Radiesse when the doctor injected me with it - so I KNOW it's Radiesse. I finally found a doctor that admitted that Radiessse typically will last 5-7 years. So beware everyone! don't ever let anyone inject it into you! it's not reversable, you can't remove it (no good doctor will cut it out of you), and it weighs down your face. it's a horrible filler!

It's now been 4 years and it's still in my face -...

it's now been 4 years and it's still in my face - almost like it was just done! I don't know what to do. i've ready saline injections don't really dissolve it - they just smooth it out. at this point, i'm ready to get a small vibrator & hold it up to my face where the radiesse is & hope it will dissolve faster.
i can't believe how the manufacturer lies! this stuff is horrible!

It's now been 5 YEARS & I still have radiesse ...

It's now been 5 YEARS & I still have radiesse still located in sides of my mouth. One side much thicker than the other. It was originally placed in my nasiolabal lines - but it was overfilled (2 syringes) - & I was only 40 at the time with light lines - not heavy ones. I've tried having saline injected to dissolve it - doesn't work. I've tried massaging it with my electric toothbrush -nope.
Please note - it is NOT scar tissue or collagen! (& YES - it is radiesse - I saw the box that the doctor removed it from).
I can literally still feel the tubes of filler there - exactly where it was injected 5 years ago. My mouth still has a joker like smile - because the radiesse does NOT mimic fat - it's more like bone & it's stiff & un-movable. The doctor clearly overfilled me & lightly said - "well, if you don't like it - we can always cut it out." (yet - after a few days & going back to him - he said he could never do that!).

I'm now looking for a board certified facial plastic surgeon to surgically cut out the radiesse from the inside of my mouth. (orange county, CA area).

Do any of you doctors reading this have ANY experience or can you recommend any plastic surgeon you know that would be able to do this? I'm so so tired of this - the affected areas literally protrude out from the rest of my face & make me look OLDER!!!
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