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After 3 pregnancies and 3 breastfed babies, I'm...

After 3 pregnancies and 3 breastfed babies, I'm ready to do something for myself. My goal is to make my body more proportional and balance in size. Especially after they lost shape due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I did my research and came across to this website. Thanks to you all ladies, you helped me made my decision. It's a very resourceful website...

I'll update once we have post-op care plans sort out. Sorry that it's very long, I'm just getting excited and a little scared at the same time and I'd like to thank each of you who have posted. You ladies, gave me the courage to do so...

Please, I'm open to suggestions on how to prepare for surgery and post-op care. I'd love to hear your journey to your newself.

Until we can find a good time for me to schedule....

Until we can find a good time for me to schedule. I'm compiling things I'll need prior and post-surgery. I got my sport bras and some vitamins. I'm still undecided between silicone or saline? I'm 5' to 5'1' (not sure) and 95-98lbs. I also have a 2 year old toddler who is very attached to me. It's going to be tough!
Hopefully I can have mine sometime in July or sooner.

Step by step, I'm getting closer to the Mommy...

Step by step, I'm getting closer to the Mommy Makeover process! I did mammogram and breast ultrasound last week. The result was good! Yay! I took care my right molar that needed a root canal. Ouch! I set up a date for my surgery, which is July 15th. Pre-op will be a week before. I'm still hoping that I can do it earlier but I guess the chance is pretty low.

Also I did a measurement for my height, I'm 4'11and1/2" or close to 5' and my weight has been yo-yo-ing from 93-98lbs.

2 Days Before the Surgery

It's been a LONG time since I update my review. Things have been crazy at home. I had to move my surgery date from July 15th to July 9th so I can have my hubby to accompany me. I'm an out of town patient and we will have to fly to California from Midwest.
My pre-op was last Tuesday, the Doctor's office ordered a CBC Blood Test for me. I have decided to have a silicone implants for a more natural feel. I goal is to have a full, round, perky, even symmetrical, natural looking in proportion with both my frame and figure. I can't decide on the size, the Doctor's office is going to order a sizers for me and size 275cc, 300cc, 325cc. My left breast is bigger than my right. So it will be either 275cc for my left and 300cc for my right or 300cc for my left and 325cc for my right. Hubby is leaning towards the 275cc (L) and 300cc (R). It will be a moderate plus profile. I told my patient coordinator (Shannon-who is very accomodating and nice, btw) just to let Dr. Lee to decide which ones are the ones that would give me the result close to my goal pictures and more natural result without looking too big.
On this day, I paid the balance in full, and my 3 day pain pump is included in the price :). The office gave me a package of forms to fill to take to the surgery center on the day of surgery. Instructions of post-op care are in the package as well. I'm a non-smoker, so I don't need to stop smoking and rarely drinks, so no drinks for 1-2 weeks before surgery is no big deal. They told me not to take vitamins E, anti-inflammatory medications. I still feel comfortable with my Doctor but I wish the office is more active in giving me informations which to be fair I'm also at fault for not being pro-active. Especially, my other patient coordinator (Elizabeth) is on maternity leave (Congrats on your baby arrival!). Maybe there is a transition in the office? Despite of that, the staffs at Dr. Lee's office are nice and polite. For all of you, Mommy Makeover veterans, is there any tips you all can share??
My emotion is running high, and I'm still trying to put my house in order before I leave tomorrow morning. It's crazy, I'm just so overwhelmed.

I made it!

I made it! General anesthesia is always making me nervous. When I was awake, I felt a hugh relieved! Dr. Lee decided to put 300cc (L) and 325cc (R). I can't really see the twins yet but my tumm tuck incision is very low, hopefully it stays that way.

Surgery Day:
After I registered at the surgery center, I had to wait fir a few minutes to be called. My prep-nurse: Lisa is very nice and making you feel at ease. The nurses: Petra, Darla, Barbara, Linda were introduced to me. They are all nice. Linda was the one who was taking care of me all night long, she was wonderful. Definitely a first class service in my experience. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Howell is very nice and professional. I didn't have any nausea after the surgery. Tho I had one bout of nausea when I felt a burning sensation on my incision (before my pain killers was kicking in). Linda gave me an injection thru my IV and the nause was gone along with the burning sesantion.
I stayed for the night at the surgery center, I slept well there. My pain was very much under control. I was disharged at 6:30am, and we went back to our hotel. It was OK for a while, gosh trying to manage when to take the medications is not an easy job! I typed them all in to my calender and set the alerts as a reminder.

Day 1 Post-Op:
Morning to afternoon was not so bad. My drains (2 for my tummy) were being emptied every 4-6 hours with range of 25-50cc fluid. My instruction is to walk every one hour during the day when I'm awake, and to pump/flex my feet often in bed to avoid blood clotting. No shower for 3 days, no citrus, spicy food for a while, drinking lots of water, take care constipations so I won't feel worse.
I also think that I'm allergic to oxycodone. My teeth would chatter and I felt chills and itching on my body.
Finding a good postition to sleep is nearly impossible! We had to change my position often and my upper back is SO sore! I didn't sleep well at the hotel. The drain hole on my right is a bother and a pain when I try to lay down. My pain pump hole is also a little uncomfortable.
My breasts just felt a lot of pressure. Like something hugh is sitting on top of my chest. I had to do breathing exercise to avoid pneumonia. I have to take a deep breath with a tube to measure the level (target is 1500), hold it for 2 seconds then exhale. I reached the target a few times, and if I have lots of pressure on my chest, my level ranges between 500-1250.

Day 2:
I decided not to take Oxycodone, and I'll let the doctor know that I'm allergic to oxycodone. I'll try Tylenol extra strength and will see how it works for my pain. I hope today is going to be a better day. I have little tolerance of pain but somehow I managed. Tomorrow will be my 3 days post-op check up with Dr. Lee to open my bandage, and I can start wearing sport bras with no underwires.
I can't wait until tomorrow to hear how everything is. Best wishes to all of you, I'll update again tomorrow after my appointment. PS: so sorry if there are typos, I just realized when I typed these, I zoned out a few times!

2 weeks Post-Op with Pictures

I can't believe my surgery was 2 weeks ago! The first 3 days, like many others said, were tough. I needed help in getting up, taking care of drains, etc. Energy was pretty low, but I stopped taking painkillers on day 2 but I did take one before I went for my appointments on day 3, 7 and 10. I guess I wasn't really allergic to it. General anesthesia could do many things to our body. When I expressed my concern to the Dr's office, Dr. Lee personally called me to asked more questions and then he told me everything sounds normal. I also took oxycodone an hour before my 3 Days appointment to take the pain pump out, 1 week appointment in case my Doctor take the stitches out and 10 days appointment to take my drains out and I did't feel any itchiness other than a slight nausea. Pain pumped was removed on Day 3, I didn't feel anything when he removed it. Breast were still high and everything was right on tract.

Day 7:
During my 1 week check up, above my belly button was swollen. I love for the fact that Dr. Lee was paying attention to detail since he really made sure it wasn't something serious. he spent quite some time to check on it and massaged the area and when it was reduce, he asked me to put extra compression on that spot. My breast were still high, especially the left one. At this point, my drainage is getting much less (25ml a day). I also have a bruised or red blister a few inches away to the side of my belly button. Dr. Lee mentioned it will be gone later on. It was from the pinching of my binder caused it.

Day 10:
I was able to take my drain out. For a few days, the drains were only 15ml on one side and under 20 ml on the other side. It felt so liberating! Finally the freedom in movement and clothing. You'll be surprise to find out how long the tubes were inside the stomach! I didn't feel any pain (taking oxycodone prior my appointment), when the tube was being pulled, it felt like a long worm moving. So glad I came prepared to manage any pain. I totally felt I was turning a corner after the drains were out. I felt so much better!

2 Weeks Post-Op:
Above my incision was swelling a little bit, and right in the middle part of incision is more prominent than the rest. It felt like a hard lump on one spot. I also found a blister on my left back side, a few inches away from the end of the stitches. I don't know where I got it from. Hopefully it will be gone soon and nothing serious. I called the Doc's office and sent pictures. Robin called me back and told me that Dr. Lee wanted me to keep my eyes on it and to come to see the Doctor's on call (Dr. Lee is on vacation on that week) if it didn't disappear in 2 days. I'm an out-of-town patient, and I had to fly back home on that day. The following day, I got another phone call from Robin. She mentioned Dr. Lee has a friend in the city where I live. So, if in doubt and I need to see someone right away, I can see him. That was very nice. It made me feel my well-being is important. He totally cares about his patients, it doesn't matter if he is on vacation. He's still keeping tabs and checking on his patients!!! That's Awesome!!!
I gained more energy daily but still I get tired easily. From not sleeping well, walking a little hunched still, it's taking a toll on my body.

15 Days Post-Op

I feel itchy on some spots. There are raised bumps on the middle part of my pubic area. It looks a little red. I clean it and put triple antibiotic ointment on it. That seems to help. I don't feel it being itchy as much as before. I also felt an indentation on the middle (lower) part of my incision. Do any of you have any similiar problem? I feel itchy on the incision as well but not as much as the problem area.

4 Weeks Post-Op

I saw my Doctor on Monday. I had spitting stitches on my left side that he removed. For almost a week before my appointment, that side felt a little uncomfortable. When the steri-tape came off, I saw a knot of stitches coming out. I didn't do anything other than keeping it clean until my check-up appointment. I had the "green light" to be intimate with darling hubby. As long as we're being gentle. Everything is looking good and right on track. I had a tiny opening/hole in the middle of the tummy. He gave me antibiotic gel and put band-aid on it. The rash I mentioned on my last update was gone a few days after. I put triple antibiotic on the rash and actually the one that was itchy was the one under the hole area. I put antimicrobial gauze over it. I need to keep wearing my binder for another 2 weeks. I can't wait to have my 6 weeks post-op check up and hoping to hear good things about the healing and result. Happy healing everyone!
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

My friend and I narrowed down the list of Doctors to two in Newport Beach, CA. We made appointment with one Doctor and tried to make another appointment with Dr. Lee. I called Dr. Richard H Lee's office to make appointment but the next available one is a week away. I live out of town, so, I was a little dissapointed but my friend suggested to just go to check out the office and fill-out the forms. So, we came and I'm glad we did! The office is nice and comfortable. The staffs are very courteous. After we spoke to Robin, she actually tried to squeeze us in. Mind you, it was close to lunch time! Lo and behold, there we were in the office with Dr. Lee. Have you ever had the feeling that the person is the One? I felt that way with him. When I actually did some research and I saw the way he answered questions here, I felt so comfortable with his attitude. He seems patient, he doesn't judge and doesn't have the "Oh, I'm so important attitude". When I came for first consultation, he's very gentle spoken, great bedside manners, patient and very informative. It was just what I thought he would be. I feel comfortable and I have confidence in him. You can tell that they're very organize in handling their matters. Very professional. Another staff, Elizabeth is very accomodating as well, very nice and patient in answering my long list of questions. Due to domestic issues, I haven't scheduled my appointment. Hopefully I can do the makeover soon. On their website, these words caught my eyes..."Revive your natural beauty, Restore your confidence, Rekindle your spirit...Witness your rebirth". YES, I want to do all of those things!

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