5'7 with 350-375 HP silicone Newport Beach, CA

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Hi All! Thank you for sharing your stories, it's...

Hi All! Thank you for sharing your stories, it's been so helpful to see others experiences here. My breast lift (nipple lift and reduction) and BA is on Monday (2 days!!) and I am still deciding which implant size.

During pre-op I liked 350 UHP - the dtr ordered 350-450 for surgery day. Now I'm kind of thinking 400 but don't want to be too big.

I have a lot of breast tissue to begin with - want to be a D currently a full 34B. I'm 5'7 135lb. Let me know if you have any feedback or thoughts! I appreciate the help :)

Done yay!

Surgery went awesome I was super nervous but the nurses were so nice and gentle. I was scared for the iv but it was not painful at all. However right after they put it in, I got super super hot sweaty and nauseus but they quickly put an anti nausea med in the iv and I was fine.

No problem when I woke up, was in some pain but they gave me pain meds thru the IV. They already look so great! I'm super excited. I told the doctor I was leaning toward 400 but asked for him to decide what looks best. I ended up with 350 and 375uhp on the left. Could not be more thrilled! They look big but I'll be able to downplay them which is exactly what I want.

Took the Norco with crackers when I got home and felt Great for a couple hrs and then I got super nauseous. Took nausea med but it didn't really help. The doctor just called in a prescription for this nausea patch and told me to switch to ibuprofen, which is fine with me. Coming around and feeling better now. I was so nervous but the results even day one have so exceeded my expectations I can't wait to see them! I peeked and the areolas look awesome and higher. Cannot wait to see in post op tomorrow am!!!

A couple more after pix

I love how they fill out the side boob. So excited!

Morning -day2

Omg so tight waking up today. Thankfully I slept pretty well all night propped up even without the pain pills. I'm just on ibuprofen. It's not doing as good of a job but at least better than the nausea :/ going to my post op at 9 excited to hear how things are going. Also wondering how long they are going to hurt so bad walking around. Hopefully they'll be a lot better by tomorrow. I'm inpatient with this pain:/

Day 3

Feeling a lot better today thank goodness! Took a shower this am finally feeling like a human again. Had my first post OPP yesterday and I was shocked how great they look. The areolas are higher and look symmetrical it's crazy. Definitely glad I did it but can't wait to feel 100% again and for them to drop. My boyfriend has been so awesome helping me with everything it's frustrating not to be able to move quickly or open jars :( the doctor said I need to wear a sports bra for 6weeks and I want to get a new zip one so
I don't just have the hospital one. Any suggestions?

Day 4 and some more pix!

Feeling better each day. Still have the frankenboob action but it looks like they're settling a little and moving closer together so that's cool! I slept most of the day yesterday and all night so my body must be healing. My boyfriend and I went out for dinner which was great I'm going stir crazy just laying around all day. They actually don't look that weird in clothes even though they're high, easy to cover. I bought a couple new zip up sports bras on Amazon la isla wire free was the one of the only options available in my size thru prime for $20. I'm definitely feeling better today like I can move around ok but still a lot of pressure and tightness feeling on my chest. Hopefully by next Monday I'll be out of the woods with the intense discomfort. I am going to have a hard time not working out for a month, I already feel antsy like I need to do something active. Anyway! If anyone has tips or thoughts what they did during the first week to stay comfortable heal and not go nuts with boredom let me know :)

Day 5

Finally over the hump! Resting now but drove today and went to lunch with a friend. I'm lovin the boobs I was nervous I'd regret them but they're so fun. So tired of sleeping on my back. I wish I could just fast forward a couple weeks :) got my 2 new bras today nice to change out of the surgery bra. Today was the first day bruising showed up. Bruises around areola incisions and toward the bottom of the right breast but they feel a little less swollen today. Can't wait to see what they look like in a couple months :)

More pix

August was a bad month to pick

It's so hard to pick shirts that don't look weird on the very high new girls. I didn't consider how difficult it would be to hide the bolt on boobs in this heat! I think I'll try to find a summery scarf but it is so hot, I think even a white one would look kind of ridiculous Any suggestions are welcome!1

Day 8

The past few days have been up and down. I feel ready to get up and do my normal things but get very tired after a couple hours moving around the house or working. I'm so ready to feel like myself again! I still am in a lot of discomfort they feel right and the incisions are itchy and painful at times but I think it's normal. I have my next post op tomorrow. The right one bruised day 4 and looks pretty much the same but I don't think its a hematoma. The areolas made a noticeable change for the better today. Up until today they were really puffy and dark red but they are starting to look normal. The right one is harder than the left I wonder if the muscle was stronger and that's why it's bruised and not dropping as quickly because I'm right handed... I was pleased that it hasn't been too hard to cover them up in work clothes, I want to wait a month to buy new clothes until they kind of settle. I went shopping with my girlfriend this weekend and tried on a couple things but they still look weird and high to me. I'm definitely happy with the size. They still seem huge to me but not ridiculous so it's been fun. The boyfriend loves them haha :) anyway if anyone has experiences with incision soreness/pain/ itching and when that gets better please share. I hope everything is normal...

Day 13

Almost 2 weeks! My post op went good - doctor said healing looks good so far he removed the tape and trimmed some of the stitches, I have to apply antibacterial ointment for 3 days then silicone scar cream for 12 weeks. The incisions looked kind of scary without the tape the first couple days, they look much better today. I was really back and forth on the lift but so glad I did it. My favorite thing about them is that they are symmetrical now and the areolas are so little and cute! I love them! It seemed like the first week was in slo mo but recovery seems to be picking up now by the day. Very little discomfort. The only thing is they're still high and it's tough to find the right things to wear all my cute tops are too low cut for them now.

2 weeks!

They're looking and feeling better every day. I think they're dropping or I'm just getting more used to them. I was supposed to start the scar gel yesterday but the right one still has an open part around the stitches so I'm going to hold off until everything is closed. The doctor said the rippling around the incision would smooth out as they heal I notice it's getting better daily. The other cool thing is first couple days I didnt have much sensation under the areola in the bottom parts but now I have full feeling there and the areola again. Excited to be 100% healed!

Almost 3 weeks

Hey all! There's so much emotional and psycological healing too that I wasn't ready for. I'm super excited about the new boobs but it's different! So glad I'm not in pain anymore the scabs mostly fell off this week and I've started the scar treatment. The weirdest thing for me is getting used to how different my body looks. I have had to wear different high cut tops for work and had to find something to wear because we went to visit my bfs family this weekend. IM excited for them to drop and look more natural. They make me look heavier right now in clothes. I love how they look naked but it's tough to find things that look right and flattering to me. I did a little shopping this week and found some cute stuff for home beach lounge wear but it's difficult to transition the new boobs into my normal life. I don't want to look like I've had a boob job all the time. Also I am pretty no nonsense not a lot of mood swings but have had a lot of ups and downs and feel like I need more emotional support and reinforcement from my boyfriend in the past couple weeks. Maybe because I wasn't planning on this time frame and I wasnt 100% sure how they'd look. Anyway so glad to see how others are doing and other women's journeys but this is kind of where I'm at.

Almost a month! :)

Hey all,

I haven't been updating as much getting back to normal life. I feel good just discomfort around the incisions. Yesterday I kind of picked out the knots in the dissolvable stitches that haven't dissolved and we're sticking out. They feel way better today. Smooth, and I doubt they were really doing much at this point but I think your body can't absorb the knots. My emotional state is much more stable I'm feeling more like myself. They seem to be looking more natural by the day. :)

I submerged for the first time today, jumped in the pool and it felt so weird. You use your chest muscles to tread water so after I did that for a second and it felt weird I just hung on the stairs. But it also felt like flirtation devises under the skin. Very strange feeling. Loving how they're looking! Cant wait for total healing around incisions. This has been a LONG journey.

New bras

Went to Victoria's secret today to get some new bras 32ddd lol! I just got one 32dd and we'll see how it goes I think their bras stretch out but haha crazy that I'm a triple! I told my bf I think I'm a double and he thought I was only a single d. He was there with me so I was vindicated when they measured me a sd!!:) I'm supposed to massage now to get some more droppage but LOVING them. Looking better by the day. Hope everyone is having great healing too!

5 weeks update

Some more pics! They're feeling way more soft over the past few days. The left one, that got the 375, is still higher than the right but hopefully they'll settle into their final places soon! Been massaging which is fun. They feel great and feel like mine now. It is so hot here but I haven't wanted to go to the pool in my complex because I think everyone will notice and it will be weird if I don't say anything about them. Oh well if people ask I don't have a problem saying I got them done. I just don't want the guys to stare or ask about them because everyone's pretty friendly and knows everyone it would be awkward. I don't think anyone would ask but I don't know... I'll have to be around people I know in a bathing suit sooner or later so I should just get over it. But I really did not do this for more attention, I'm very happy with my boyfriend and myself in general my favorite thing is how they look naked without a bra and how much more even and high they are. I hope people don't think less of me for doing it.

9 weeks

Haven't updated in a while! The girls have been dropping into a more natural position. I totally love them! A million times better than they were before and I think they'll keep getting better. The left one is softer and more dropped than the right. My bf is worried about the right one because that was actually the smaller implant but it's not that hard I think it'll soften up. Glad I don't have to wear a bra all the time it doesn't hurt when I sleep anymore though I think I will get a triangle pillow. I ran out of my scar cream so going to get some more of the bio corneum. Incisions were doing great until about 7 weeks then I kept getting stitches popping out/ looked kind of infected but I kept clean and put neosporin if I got a hole and everything seems to be healing again but that was kind of a bummer having the areola incisions kind of re-open. Also, my Victoria secret bra totally stretched out or I was still swollen when I bought them. I'm a large d of small dd I think now :) but that's cool. I told my sister she was supportive. Going to visit my family this weekend I hope my mom won't freak out but she will definitely notice so I would rather get in front of it. If anyone has tips how to break the news to family please share, I am pretty nervous! Hope everyone's journeys are going well. :D

12 weeks

Life is good with the new girls :D they're looking a lot more natural but super huge and fun if I wear a padded bra. My favorite thing is how even and high my areolas are. I can't remember what they measured during my preop from collar to nipple- but now they're completely symmetrical 20cm. I think it was like 25 or 27 before so they really hoisted up a lot! I've just worn high cut shirts around family and no one has noticed which is awesome! The left one the scar is kind of stretched a little more probably because I picked at it when the stitches were coming out but doctor said it should heal fine. I'm excited for scars to be gone but super happy with the outcome so far!

1.5 year update!

The girls are 18 months wanted to post an update! I still love them! I got married in July and I looked great in my dress. I love that they look natural that was my goal. I have to say I feel more confident and sexy all the time. I would highly recommend Dr. Grover -I think the most important thing is choosing a doctor whose patients look like what you are trying to achieve. I would do it again!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr Grover is absolutely fantastic and I couldn't be happier. From the consultation, I felt very comfortable and confident that I was in good hands and my breasts would turn out beautifully, and they did! I felt Dr. Grover understood my goals and was able to far exceed my expectations. My breasts are symmetrical and my areolas are where they should be for the first time :) The actual surgery day was uneventful, easy and I have had no issues in recovery at all. There are always things that could go wrong, it is scary deciding to have an elective surgery but I think Dr. Grover is the absolute best. His work speaks for itself and I could not be happier with my experience and results. Thank you!

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