43 Years Old Breast Lift with 200cc Implants - Did Not Drop - Newport Beach, CA

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After nursing two children and a 60 pound weight...

After nursing two children and a 60 pound weight loss, my breasts were saggy. I am athletic and did not want large breasts. Rather I was looking for perky but natural looking breasts that would keep them guessing about whether I had anything done at all. I elected 200cc implants which are very small and they were placed below the muscle after a breast lift. Unfortunately, my implants did not drop. I went from a 32d to a 32dd with the implants but they are too high and my breasts are misshapen. I am going back for a revision surgery and will have 275 or 300cc implants replace the existing ones. I feel I went too small the first time given my overall frame and my surgeon has indicated that sometimes such small implants don't have enough gravity to pull them down. I am writing this review in the hope of helping others as I coul not find reviews on such small implants. Hoping the new implants hit the mark.

Revision Performed Today - Removal of 195cc implants and replaces with 310cc Natrelle

I had my original breast lift and breast implant surgery on April 21, 2016. My goal was (and is) to regain a natural, perky, athletic look. Unfortunately, the implants never dropped and the pocket they were to drop into closed. I used 195cc implants trying to be very conservative as my goal was not big boobs. I like working out and didn't want my breasts to impair my physical activity. My physician suggested that there wasn't enough weight in the implants to drop them and I probably didn't do a good enough job massaging them post surgery. Follow your doctor's instructions! So today, 7 months later I had the implants removed and replaced with 310cc implants - a last minute decision as I was deciding between 275cc and 295cc. Praying I didn't go too big! I'm 5'6 and fluctuate between 126 and 133 pounds. I'm feeling pretty sore and remembering what a drag it is not to be able to use your arms. I know it will be worth it in the end. Just want to get to the end of the rainbow!
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