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Hello all! I wasn't gonna do a review but I...

Hello all! I wasn't gonna do a review but I decided that I should to help out those of the ladies out there who is on the fence about going through with this procedure. Let me start off by saying it was tough for me to decide to do this also! I am a big baby when it comes to pain. And I know that recovery would be the biggest pain (I hate not being able to do stuff) but as I look more and more into it I finally decided that what the heck just DO IT!! So I went into for my consultation with my plastic surgeon. She went thru different type of implants and the size and we decided to go 510 cc silicon under the muscle. I told her I wanted cleavage! Lots of it. Over the years of gaining and losing weight and having my daughter and Breast feeding, my once nice full c are now a saggy mess! Lol as nervous as I was about going through the whole surgery I knew this is what I wanted!
March 18 2015
Had surgery done. I was a nervous wreck! To me the pain was intense. I remember waking up being i recovery room all whacked up. Just wanting to go home. I was there about 30 mins (I could be wrong ) sorry ladies I was so drugged lol I was even hallucinating I thought I felt like I woke up durning surgery and felt the dr cutting me and remember saying in my head ouch this hurts I should say something, I also heard people talking but after that I was out again? Idk I told the dr that and she say that I was fully put under and Numbed there's no way I could have felt that! Oh I must be dreaming then lol. Anyways my upper back hurts from sleeping all weird. And my chest is super sore and heavy! When u hear girls say it feels like rocks or cement on your chest they are not kidding! It really does feels like it.
March 19
I woke up and extremely sore and stiff ugh! But I do feel much better than yesterday, Day of surgery. WAshing my face and brushing my teeth was a mission ! I even had strength to put on some makeup lol I didn't want to leave the house completely zombie looking. So had my post ops Dr say I am extremely swollen and also told me that my muscle was quite tough and that she had a hard time lifting it. Hmm must be all that push up I use to do lol. But she gave me a brace to wear to push down the implants. I see her again next week. Came home still in pain but it's manageable. Mind u I've only been taking extra strength Tylenol. But it works for me. I get pain and stiffness when I'm laying down in bed for a while. It gets better when I get up and moving. Trying to get out of bed is hard. U cant really use ur arm. You have to use your stomach and leg muscle. I had my first bowel movement day after surgery. I haven't been eating much. Just lots of Apple sauce and soup. I've been snacking on raw almonds and sweet potato and drinking lots of water. I mean lots! Pain is having to pee so often my husband has to come with me every time to help me pull down my pants, wipe, flush the toilet and turn on the water so I can wash my hands. It is somewhat hard to move your arms. Oh I just wished everything is already healed! I'm tired of living like this.
March 20
I woke up stiff and in pain! Took 2 Tylenol and I was much better. Sleeping isn't fun anymore, not for me at least. I wake up with upper back pain. I'm trying to ice my chest as much as possible it does feel quite better , it's still early in the morning so now I will have to get something to eat and take my antibiotics. So I'll update in a bit. I just wanted to write down all the things I'm going through so I won't forget.

3 days post ops

3 days post ops

I woke up with still morning boobs! Rushed to freezer and grabbed some ice and iced these bad boys. I'm somewhat sore but to the point where I feel I need pain meds ( so grateful for that ) I'm not planning on taking anymore unless I truly need them. I can somewhat move my arms a lot more, I will try to shampoo my hair today. What's more annoying than anything is sleeping on my back elevated! (I am a side and stomach sleeper) so being on my back isn't fun for me. Yesterday I attempted to drive. Yes I did. It was a short 2 min drive to my daughter school. I didn't want to walk cause it was too hot and I felt like I would be using to much energy. It was ok. I had to be very careful when turning the wheels so I took baby turns. But ladies if u aren't up to it don't do it. lol I somewhat had a real meal last night. Soup and salad. I was so craving it but as soon as it hits my mouth I was done. My taste bud is all whacked up. I'm getting itch and burn sensation that comes and goes. It's annoying but bearable Everything has been pretty bearable since day one. At one point I was wanting to cry! I don't know if it's the pain or the rocks on my chest or something. Almost having a panic attack.!! ???????? It gets better every day, little by little. Anyone considering getting implants should know that recovery is a process. Long and slow especially if you aren't doing much. that is what annoys me the most. Honestly I am done feeling like a sick person I want to get up and do thing with my little daughter. Shes been so good on the days that I needed her patience. So going to reward her by taking her out. Nothing too outrageous maybe lunch and a movie. Oh btw! I think my boobs are too big. I don't mind them going down a bit it will be perfect once they do!

Post surgery day 4

Yesterday was my breaking point!! I don't know what it was but I felt like my life was over or ruin. I wanted to cry cause I felt that no one understands or knows what I am going thru. I don't know if it was not taking the pain killers, I was feeling the boobs and everything it is going through inside my chest walls? Boy it was rough lol but last night was first night I had decent sleep. I didn't wake up every 2 hours with pain. So I'm glad that's over. I have been feeling gurgling of the implants which somewhat freaks me the hell out. And yesterday I was pretty tight. Not sure if I were doing too much yesterday or whatnot. My right side felt super tight and i would get a strange pain on it every now and then. I don't know if the pain or strangeness goes away or do we actually get use to them that we accept it? Idk But I would hate that. Today looks like a better day i got enough sleep and I'm more confident in them that I would one day grow to love them. I don't know if it's me but my emotions has been more unstable than the fastest and highest roller coaster in the world. It's crazy! My poor husband ????. I look myself in the mirror and I get freak out for I see someone else's soul besides mine. Ugh it has to be from the anesthesia or all the pain medication, or not sleeping well and not eating much. I'm usually not this crazy. Lol. But hoping for better days. Yesterday was the first day I finally took a good look at these babies before I showered and let me tell you they are pretty big for me. I sure hope they will go down some. But going into this I did wanted big Breast. The whole recovery wasn't bad but it wasn't good. I guess I expected no pain( that's was what I was told). I went thru a c section with my daughter that was ok. I had Lipo and bbl, and as far as I could remember that was ok. But with this OUCH! ????. I'm just Rambling on, Giving my 2 cents.


Too big ?!


5 days after surgery.

5 days old babies

Well today marks my 5 days. And let me tell you it's the fastest 5 days ever ! Wow is it me or time just fly by so darn fast?! I'm so glad i got a couple more days to rest before I have to go back to work. Now thinking I should take the whole 2 weeks off. But then again I get incredibly bored staying home. So I'll just relax till then since I haven't been the past couple days. I woke up this morning with little to no pain :) still some stiffness but it's not bad at all. And thinking over about this whole BA procedure it is ok. Everything was manageable, and I think that I was just being a big baby. Lol thank you lord! I know that I don't want anymore surgeries. Unless my life depends on it. I think I'm getting use to the size now. So it don't feel as big for me right now. (Kinda bummed) but it's ok I guess. I love my babies regardless. Not much to update at this point. Made it to my 5 days mark. I'm happy with everything.

6th boob

Today I am a mess! Emotionally I am all over the place! I had a anxiety/panicked attacked. I finally broke down and cried. Ugh I feel so horrible. I'm just off! Please let me be normal again. Has anyone gone thru this? Or am the only one that has this problem. I try to keep calm but I just couldn't. My daughter is sick and her coughing and runny nose is sure getting to me. I feel this heavy ass weight on my shoulders. And my mind feels groggy. I need to get over this. I need to get my life back. I Am having a really off day.

One week boobs day

Today marks my 1 week! Fastest week ever. I been through so much. But I'm finally snapping out of the funk And let me tell you I am feeling good. Feeling positive about my decision but for me to go thru this again? No-way! Lol it's worth it now that I've already done it. But to do it again? I don't think so lol. Today I feel good totally a big difference from yesterday. I start work in a couple of days so I'm looking forward to that. Seeing my friends and not just sick and stuck in my room it's awful. My boobs has dropped some and the pain is very very minimal. It stills feels tight but it's still swollen I can feel sensation on my right nipples not my left. I do hope it comes back soon. There's a spot on my right boobs that is still numb. Just feels weird. Other than that everything is pretty much the same. Happy healing all. I haven't took any pic today. I will try to later on.

7 days post ops

9 days post ops

So I saw my ps yesterday and she said that everything looks good and she showed me how to massage them. I told her I was going back to work today. She wanted me to take 3 weeks off due to my job duty. But I told her I really can't take off anymore days. Already took 10 days off. Plus staying home is really getting to me. I need to see and associate with my peers. I see her agin in 3 weeks so she can take off my seristrip. Then I should be able use some kind of silicon bandage. I'm in and out of my mood. One day I love, one day I like, and one day I hate my boobs and regret ever doing this and I wan them out! I don't have any pain I don't even know why I would even want them out lol I'm just all over the place. So I've been massaging them. The more the better I was told. So I'm touching my boobs nonstop. Husband told me not to do it in public. Lol today I finally felt the zings and burning sensation ouch they hurt! I had to rub them and boy oh boy they are so itchy. Other than what i mean toon nothing new. They still look deformed. Their becoming softer, and not as high and tight. I am massaging them as much as I can. I get a few ache when I'm carrying my bag on my shoulder. Oh and something my dr say that scared me was she was saying if I do to much my implant might now drop and I would have to get operated again to drop them!! Ugh i hope not! But tomorrow is first day back at work. I do use my arms a lot. I'll try to take it easy.

9 days post ops

Side profile

2 weeks post ops

My have things changed


Wow my boobs is flaking like crazy! And boy oh boy it itches!! While massaging I notice some fluid coming out, is that normal? Anyone has experienced this before ? If so tell me its normal and that it's not an infection?!!!

Tomorrow is my 3 weeks

Hello ladies. Tomorrow is my 3 weeks so I will just be updating it now since I have time. Not much have changed but its getting soft and jiggly. Still itchy but no more fuild. My skin is peeling. My left nipples still have no sensation but everything around it is extra sensitive. My right nipples on the other hand is super duper sensitive. But there's some area that is still numb. Wow can't believe its been 3 weeks I can say it's been breezing by. Haven't workout and haven't had sex. Lol! Dr say nothing that raise heart rate for a month. Husband is going crazy! But he will have to be patience. Still in my surgical bra and my brace and it's on religiously. Welp that's all for now.

Going on 4 weeks

Hello all, going on 4 weeks and today I saw my plastic surgeon because I was concern about the leakage I get every now and then. I actually sent her a pic of how the Breast looks and her response was looks like a possible infection. And I need to see her asap! Ugh! Fml! I left work to see her. She finally took off the seristrip and say it might be an allergic reaction to the strips cause it look like it was on both Breasts. So she cleaned me up and put some cream on it and prescribed me antibotics. She also say I am dropping enough that I don't need to wear my brace anymore. That's a relief! She also say I don't need to massage couple days since I'm being treated for now. I see her next Thursday. Gosh I am feeling depressed! this was not how I want this chapter of my recovery to go. :/. I hope this is the end of it and that I won't have anymore problems with them. I am worried. :/ if anyone who is in the same situation please give me some insite of what happened. Thanks!

4 weeks

At 4 weeks I decided to go bra shopping ! Oh how fun. A little pick me up after the bad news I guess. So I got measured and come to find out I am a 34 DD!!!!!! I love love love it! They are so big and I somehow find that a good thing.! Lol

One month ago today i had my surgery

So it's been exactly one month. Everything is better! No more pain or stiffness. Boobs are soft and I am wearing regular bra. Still taking my antibotic for the infection. And everyday it looks better and better. Being a 34 dd is fun! Feels good and looks good. I am very happy with my decision with the whole process.

5 weeks

5 weeks has past. Wow! not much has changed just that I have cleared up my infection and I love my boobs! I flash my self every time I walk by a mirror and I touch them as much as I can lol

I had time

I had some free time so decided to take pic of my girls.


6th week post ops

To think 6 weeks ago I was at the surgery center nervous as hell!!! Went to see my plastic surgeon last week and everything is turning out fine. She tells me to keep massaging them. And I asked about excersize she say no running yet. And no workout with pecks. If any kind of workout just do treadmill no run or jog Lol fast walk? And not to hold on to the rail? Idk but I have put on a couple pounds. 2 to be exact! I tried to shop for sexy dresses but realized I can't be wearing these stuff on a daily basis (not around my daughter anyways) all in all I love the boobs. Going thru this Ive always asked my self would it change my confidence? It has, not by much I was just how I was but with a bigger bra cup. I could of lived with my saggy boobs and not go thru all the money and pain. At times I feel like I'm just fake. But sometimes vanity take over and controls . We all strive to be perfect in our own way. Lol anyways I'm just rambling on. Happy healing ladies! It's a progress but like anything is always gets better.

Happy mothers days ladies

Im going 2 months now. And the boobs are doing just fine. Still redness around the incision and some bruising. Dr say it's not common for the redness to stick around this long but it happens people just heal differently. I see her in 2 weeks. But as far as how I feel I feel great! No pain. Itch here and there love the girls!

2 months post ops.

Hello guys! It's been 2 months since surgery. And the girls are doing very well! They don't give me problem or trouble. They are a tad big but I ain't complaining. lol. Saw my dr today and says everything looks great and to keep massaging and putting the scar cream. I see her in 2 months. Let me tell you I love them babies. I wear less makeup now I don't know if it has to do with having nice big boobs. Lol! As I say in my previous updates they are so worth all the pain. Now seeing how good they look I def would do it again. That's all! Have a great day everyone.

9 weeks

9 weeks

Couple more pic of boobs in clothing without bra. God why haven't I done this long ago. Haha

It's been awhile...

Hello girls. It's been a while since I did an update. Not much has changed but they are getting much softer and no one can tell they are fake! Still wearing a DD bra. I'm going on vacation next month to Hawaii so I am going on a diet lol. I gained a few pounds since surgery so hoping to go back and lose a couple more. It's tough. I love food! Haha.

Going on 3 months.

3 months

Just pix update.

Hello guys! It's been a min, but I'm stil here Here's a few bikini pic i got for my vacation to Hawaii in a couple weeks. Have a great day all.


5 months

I had work done with Afifi before that's why I went back to her cause I trust her and I believe she is there to make me get the results I want. So far I'm very happy with my result so far.

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