20 Weeks Post-Op; 375ccHP - 32D

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I am 28 years old, have two children (aged 8 and...

I am 28 years old, have two children (aged 8 and 5), and breastfed for a total of 3 years. I've always had small breasts, and never considered having an augmentation done until I decided that I was done having children. Now that it's time to do it, and I am so giddy! I typically wear a 34A cup, however the top half of the bra is usually empty. I could easily fit into a training bra (in the cup part) but they are too narrow for me, so I opt for the bras that are too big to fill! Ideally I'd like to end up a full B or small C, though I'm not too "set" on the cup size. I've decided to go with silicone, high profile, 350cc implants...the hardest part right now is WAITING. March seems an insanely long time away. I am nervous for the procedure and scared for the recovery, but I know that once I've started healing I will be so glad I went ahead and did it. I do worry about cc's...originally I chose 325. I want to be sure I go big enough, without going too big. I am 5'4" and about 105 lbs, and I would like to avoid looking top heavy, or have my boobs walk in the room before I do. Heh! I will be posting a few "before" pics that are clothed, as well as a few after, for other women that are going to be going through the procedure as well. I know this website has been a huge help to me!

Yesterday was my 30 day mark until surgery...now...

Yesterday was my 30 day mark until surgery...now the serious countdown begins! I've wavered back and forth between nervous jitters, a little smidgen of self-doubt, and giddy, uncontainable excitement. Our travel plans have been finalized, my husband has taken a week off of work, baby-sitters are in place, Arnica Forte has been purchased, and bikini shopping has commenced. I still need to pick up my prescriptions, as well as some sort of comfy cozy clothing to wear post-surgery...but really there's nothing to do but wait! I will try to stay focused and busy with my schooling and my children, otherwise I'll go crazy waiting!

Last night I attended a benefit and needed to dress up for the evening. I had to wear jelly inserts in my padded bra just to fill the dress! All I could think about was how in less than 30 days I won't have to do that anymore!

What are the best recommendations for comfortable clothing to wear the first few weeks (as far as bras go, etc)?

Well, TWO more weeks to go until the big day! I am...

Well, TWO more weeks to go until the big day! I am so excited. My husband and I talk about it daily. I had a discussion about this with a dear friend of mine (most people don't know I am doing this)...she doesn't really understand why I'm doing this for myself. I've spent my entire life feeling like a little girl. I have the body of a young woman, which I am grateful for...but on the inside I always felt like my body matched who I was (in the past). I have had two children, and my body matched me then as well (swollen with child, followed by breasts full of milk). Now, my childbearing days are done, I am in college and doing well, and at the age of 28 am finally coming into myself! It feels wonderful, and it's empowering. I am ready to have my exterior match my interior...I'm ready for my young, girlish body to match my empowered, womanly, sexual being that I am inside. I know I don't have to explain myself to anyone...but it sure feels good knowing that this is REALLY happening!! Of course, there are many reasons why I'm doing this for myself, but that is definitely one of them :)

Let the countdown begin!

P.S. The more time goes on, the bigger cc's I am considering...

P.S. I added one more "before" pic without a shirt...

P.S. I added one more "before" pic without a shirt or bra. I'm seriously considering doing a bra-burning party with my husband and dearest friend a couple of days before surgery. No more A cup bras! I can't wait!

A week from today we will be taking off on our...

A week from today we will be taking off on our road-trip to get my boobies! It is finally starting to feel real. It's finally going to happen! My friends are all being very supportive and are super excited for me. We are going to have a "coming out" party towards the end of April where I can wear a sexy dress and go dancing and celebrate them! Hah. Sounds ridiculous, but I know it's going to be super fun. I don't really have anything left to do but wait. Crossing my fingers that this week flies by!!!

I am a little bit drugged up so I apologzie in...

I am a little bit drugged up so I apologzie in advance for typos and/or comments that make no sense.

I. AM. DONE. !!!!!!!!

Check in was this morning at 6:30am. Surgery began promptly at 7:30am. I received a shot of something, followed by a liquid "shot" that gave me amnesia. I remember nothing else, not even going into the operating room. Next thing I knew was the nurse was putting on my mask, I was so excited to get started! Surprisingly, she said it was just oxygen, and that I was already done with the procedure! What??? It totally tripped me out. I then slept for an hour, and looked at my boobs. LOVE LOVE LOVE them so far, in the bra anyway. Doc ended up going with 375 HP silicone, and said they'd probably be a very full C cup. I'll update more as the healing process continues. I am on valium for muscle relaxation, percocet for pain, and arnica forte for bruising/swelling, plus colace for constipation. Thank you all for your great support!!!!

One day post-op. Today is much harder than...

One day post-op. Today is much harder than yesterday. I imagine because the anesthesia was still in my system. Not today! I feel like someone put a boulder on my chest, and even through where my armpits are. Yeowch!!! I am THRILLED with how they look, but the pain and discomfort is icky. I only get up to go potty for now. I see doc tomorrow where she'll assess me and give me the go-ahead (or not) to do some light walking. There's a couple of restaurants that are located within a block, it'll be so nice to finally get fresh air. I am being well taken care of my by husband and my best friend (an ICU nurse) but for today I'm going to lay down, sip water or tea, eat light and healthy and nap.

48 hours post-op. Ouch :( It seems like as the...

48 hours post-op. Ouch :(

It seems like as the days go by, the recovery gets harder. Is this normal? My breasts are so swollen and painful...Meh. How long does it usually take to feel somewhat neutral?

I have a post-op appointment today, hopefully she'll be able to give me some insight. I'll post a few new pics of Day 2 post off. I'm sleeping just fine, the Valium seems to help me stay rested. I started taking 1/2 percocet pills last night and so far that is doing fine. I'm hoping in a couple of days I can use an over-the-couner pain medicine (hopefully by the weekend).

I've read so many reviews on here, but I can't pinpoint an average time that it takes a woman to feel better. Not normal, just better....I can't get out of bed to go potty without help, and I can't open cupboards or the refrigerator, etc.

I guess I cold just use some encouragement and kind words. I am such a worry wort, I hate for something to go wrong (like the swelling because caused by infection, etc) I thought breasts were supposed to get softer over time and eventually drop, where mine just feel like someone put boulders in my bra :(

Anyone want to take a guess as to what size bra I'll be by the pics? Pre-op I was *barely* a 34A, with surgery she put in 375cc HP silicones. I wonder if I'll end up a B, C, or D? I don't think I look big enough for a 32D...maybe a 34C? I'm secretly hoping I don't end up a B once I drop and fluff....

I have weaned down off of meds must faster that I...

I have weaned down off of meds must faster that I anticipated. It wasn't intentional, but one day I took a full percocet and it made me "high" feeling...where before, my pain was bad enough to cover the effects. Now I'm taking about 1/2 percocet every 8 hours or so, plus a valium once or twice aday to help with these tight muscles. I take colace three times a day, still no poop though. I also take Arnice Forte capsules to help with bruising (I only have one small one!) and an immune system drink once a day.

I can get up and walk around for in small increments, and my body feels so good that I keep thinking I can do normal things but then my chest, arms, and back tell me otherwise.

I love my breasts. Doc said to wait until Monday (one week PO) to start massages, and wait 1 month before going bra/swimsuit shopping.

Don't get me wrong, I love my boobs, and they are a hell of a lot better than what I started with! Sometimes I can't help but wish I had gotten 400s or 425s. But I'm not complaining, I just worry that once the swelling goes down they might lose their volume and curviness?

I am super excited and anxious to try on bras and buy some sexy ones. Yah!!

I had written a long 4 day-postop review, only to...

I had written a long 4 day-postop review, only to have it deleted. Meh. I am wondering if it's normal to get somewhat bluesy during this process. I'm happy I did the surgery. Super happy. I just don't feel good at all. I am usually fairly active, and I had it set in my mind I'd be weaned off of narcotics after three days and start getting back to normalcy. Boy was I wrong. I still need at least 1/2 percocet every 4 hours, plus my valium for my chest muscle spasms (that are extremely uncomfortable). I can go for tiny walks to the coffee shop but spend 90% of my day in bed resting/napping/etc. My husband has to wash my hair for me, and I can't get dressed completely on my own. I guess I didn't really mentally prepare myself as well as I should have, and I feel a little blue. My tummy is extremely bloated from surgery (I haven't had this much bloat since after having babies).

I'm also curious as to what will happen to my breasts as my chest muscles relax. Breasts will get fuller? Smaller? Who knows. I am wondering what size bra I will ultimately be in. All things considered, I'm doing well. I love LOVE my surgeon, I am grateful I have had no complications. The days just seem to move by so, so, so slowly. I put a few new pictures up from this morning. My bruising is at a minimum, I have been using the Arnica Forte supplements as well as the roll-on oil.

Morning boob sucks. Just throwing that out there!...

Morning boob sucks. Just throwing that out there! Haha. Every morning I wake up feeling super tight and hard. If I am up walking too much during the day, my side boobs swell a ton as well. I almost feel totally normal though, aside from those issues! I tried on my friend's 36C bikini top just for shits and giggles...and I ran around the apartment squealing with delight because I CANNOT believe I can fit into it! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself...by far.

Question. I'll wait a few more weeks before getting sized for a bra. Am I more likely to stay this size (34C) or am I likely to grow a bit after dropping and fluffing (32D) or am I more likely to shrink a bit because of decreased swelling (34B) ... ?

Phew. One week. I've made it through the hardest...

Phew. One week. I've made it through the hardest part (at least, I think so). I was supposed to go back to school today, but I just couldn't manage. I was so tired and I felt unprepared...I'm going to take today to get back on track so I can go back to class tomorrow.

So how does it feel? Well. Yesterday I tried taking Tylenol instead of Percocet. That was a no-go. I was only taking 1/2 percocet but the Tylenol just wouldn't cover the pressure/pain...so today I picked up Vicodin and that helped a ton. So far, so good! I still take Valium for the muscle spasms, which I feel intensely about once a day. I'm hoping that this will be the week that I can wean off of both of those drugs. I was in such a hurry before but I am allowing my body to heal at its own pace now...there is no one-size-fits-all healing time! I'm still taking my Arnica Forte and rubbing the Arnica oil on my bruises (they are almost completely gone!) I'm still sleeping on my back, at an angle, but by morning I have slid down and am laying flat = extremely swollen and heavy morning boob!

I am still wearing my surgery bra. It's quite pretty and comfortable, so for now, it works. I also notice that when I put on my regular t-shirts...my boobs look real and un-augmented! Craaaaazy. I'm able to do a little bit more every day for myself but I still need a lot of help from my husband.

You know that feeling when your foot falls asleep and it is all tingly? Then when you touch it, it feels strange? That is kind of what my boobs are starting to feel like. I'm starting to gain all sensation back so it just feels sort of..."ODD", but not bad.

Overall, they sure look like they are healing nicely! Since I am out of state, I'll be sending these photos to my surgeon. I can take the steri-strips off at any time now, but I think I'll leave them on just a while longer. Then I will start using my scar treatment (bioCorneum+).

I'm anxious to get sized a month from now....and what size I'll be! Guesses anybody? :P

That was a rough couple of days to get through. I...

That was a rough couple of days to get through. I made it out on the other side, I'm totally off narcotics, completely off valium, and didn't even need a tylenol today. I'm starting to feel more clear-headed, yay! Boobs are tight, but I have started my massages (4 times a day) and it relieves a ton of pressure. My steri-strips are coming off tomorrow *yikes* and they seem to be softening a bit. Swelling has gone down, and of course the first words out of my mouth today were "maybe I should have gone bigger..." like every. single. woman. on here has felt. Ack. I am trying to keep in mind that this is exactly what I wanted when I decided to get an augmentation. The size is perfect, and I would have wanted to go bigger no matter how many cc's I put in. That being said....I do love them!! It is so incredible to finally have breasts. I'm very excited to all of you out there who have yours coming in the near future. It is worth it!

Today I am 2 weeks postop and I am driving,...

Today I am 2 weeks postop and I am driving, washing my hair, and cooking meals again. Hooray! The little things matter when it comes to healing from a surgery. I really don't have pain anymore, unless I do something that makes me pull a muscle and that's just my body getting used to what I can and can't do at this point. Pressure is mostly gone as of today, but comes when I am too active. I lay down and massage myself, and then I'm better. Sleep is still a bit uncomfortable; in fact I haven't been sleeping well. I'm massaging 4 times a day, and my boobs are starting to drop and soften quite a bit. A noticeable difference in just a couple of days, really. I'm feeling pretty good now until the evenings when my body gets achey, but it isn't terrible. I was supposed to take my steri-strips off but I chickened out and haven't done it yet. I think I'll do it Friday when I pick up my scar cream, so I can start using it as soon as I take the strips off. I haven't started exercising at all yet, not even walking. I had a hard recovery (first week) and I really wanted to give my body a chance to heal and rest. I'll wait until I speak to my doctor next though because I am itching to start getting active now that I'm starting to feel better. Next postop appointment is at 3 weeks, I will update again then :) I hope I didn't forget anything major!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that it's only...

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that it's only been 3 weeks that have passed. I'm definitely still healing! I finally took my steristrips off over the weekend and have been applying a product called BioCornium twice a day to the scars. I went to Dillard's to get sized just for fun, and ended up buying a super comfortable bra. As of right now I'm measuring a 32D! I know it can change once they drop and fluff, and that it'll depend on where I shop, but I was crossing my fingers that I'd even fill in a C cup! I know a 32D is a reeeally small D...but it was still super exciting for me. I was all worried about going "too big" and was thinking of getting 325s, so it's funny to me that I think about how I maybe should've gotten 400s! Haha. I also bought a bikini, though my stomach is so bloated that I can't imagine wearing it at this point. I am normally super active, working out 5-6 days a week...so it's been mentally depressing to not be able to do the things I want to do during this period. I'm going to talk to my doctor this week and see what she is gonna give me the go-ahead to do. I'm ready. My left breast is quite a bit higher than my right, and I'm reeeeeally hoping that they end up more equal as time goes on. I'm still doing massages a few times a day, and I'm barely starting to be able to sleep on my side. My energy level is almost back to normal, and I feel very much like my normal self again. Sensation is coming back in spurts, and in random chunks. It's a little odd, but nothing too crazy. They are softening and getting squishy, but not like a real boob yet. Still get hard and swollen when I'm too active. I am interested to see how soft they end up. This size is easily disguised in my daily clothes. It looks like I'm just wearing a really padded bra. In a club dress or a bikini though it is like "BOOBS!!!!" hehe. I like that they are versatile.

4 weeks as of Monday. Progress! I feel totally...

4 weeks as of Monday. Progress! I feel totally back to normal. I can't feel my implants unless I do something that accidentally pulls the muscle. They are getting nice and soft and squishy. They are squishy enough that my husband says they almost feel like real boobs! I've been cleared to do anything I want, unless it hurts. Hooray! That means I can really get back into my workout routine now. Incisions are healing nicely, I'm still wearing that nude colored bra but I was told I can wear any bra I'd like to wear at this point (unless it hurts). Time to get me some sexy ones!!! I think that's about it to update. The only thing I anticipate from here on out is feeling even more "normal" (as my pec muscles get used to implants during a workout), even softer breasts, and D&F a bit more. I love them!!! Breast implants are amazing and I am so happy that I did this for myself! To those still waiting for their turn...it is SO worth it! Just get over the first two weeks or so...and you WILL feel like yourself again...only better! :)

I find it really hard to believe that six weeks...

I find it really hard to believe that six weeks have already passed. My implants have become a part of me. I can't feel them, and I truthfully can't remember life before them! I'm running again, and as long as I keep them "tied down" then it doesn't create a problem at all. I'm able to do weighted arm exercises again, and pretty much live life as I always have! The only thing I don't do is push-ups or chest exercises, which my doctor doesn't recommend at all for the lifetime of the implants. I don't mind, I'll take the "loss!" I hope everyone out there is feeling fabulous; those that are postop I hope you are healing beautifully and those that are waiting and/or considering...your time will be here before you know it and doesn't hesitate. It is so wonderful to be able to feel so womanly, and after a few weeks they don't feel foreign anymore. xoxo

10 Weeks Post-op!

It's been 4 weeks since my last update...mainly because there wasn't anything to update with! I imagine the next time I actually update will be my 4 month post-op visit with the doctor. Life goes on, and I don't even really think about the fact that I had surgery anymore. I absolutely love having breasts, and I can vaguely remember a time when my breasts weren't this size. I feel like I was born this way...when I look back at old picture of my barely-A cups, it seems like ages ago (and it's only been 10 weeks!) Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive on this journey! I will try to keep up with everyone's progress, and I will update again after my appointment in July :)

20 Weeks Post-Op; 375ccHP - 32D

I wrote a lengthy update...and it deleted. Dang it! Anyway...sorry that I have been a total slacker on updates! I'm 20 weeks post-op, and surgery/recovery is such a far and distant memory that I don't really even give it a second thought...I don't have much to even update! I feel normal, I have almost all sensation back, I'm back at the gym, and my bra size hasn't changed at all. I don't think they will change much from here on out. If you have any questions, post them, and I will do my best to reply ASAP! Thanks everyone!
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

I interviewed a few surgeons in the state I reside and never quite felt comfortable or at ease. As soon as I stepped into Dr. Lawton's office I felt a sense of relief...and once I met her I knew she was "the one." She is very personable, and down-to-earth...she never pushed me to go bigger, and I feel very confident in my decision to use her. Her before/after pictures look lovely, and I am more than willing to drive for 7 hours to have my breasts done by her!

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