Three capsules on right breast lead me to implant removal….what a roller coaster. - Newport Beach, CA

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I'm a 28 year old who got implants put in November...

I'm a 28 year old who got implants put in November 2009. I loved them and was very pleased with how they turned out. About six months later my right breast began to harden and I formed a capsule. I had the capsule removed December 2010. Like before, about six months later-the capsule was back. I was'n ready to have them taken out- so I went in again to have the capsule removed a second time…..unfortunately this time my breast tissue was so thinned out from the other surgeries that they had to put in cadaver to thicken up my tissue. I kept my fingers crossed that things would be different that time. Well……..Here I'm now with the capsule back as usual and I'm finally throwing in the surrender flag. I'm tired of spending the money, going into multiple surgeries and having to go through the recovery almost every year since I've had them done. I got married in August, started graduate school in September and am at a place in my life that I'm finally ready to close the chapter on having huge fake boobs. That being said, I have always struggled with body image issues, and know that this will be an emotional journey for me to walk down. I could use the support of women who have gone down this road ahead of me- and know what its like to go through these changes in body image.

night before implant removal. eeekkk!

nervous is am understatement

day of surgery

i hurt :((( im glad the pain is only on the side that had the capsule, but it still sucks. my PS removed ALOT of scar tissue she said-and that pain is expected.

Before implant and capsule removal

3 days post surgery

Drain removed today……Im trying to not cry when I look at my breasts.

Someone tell me this will only be a phase!

Swelling is going down but this indent thing under my right nipple is freaking me out. Does this go away? Anyone else have this? ahh! Why is my left boob always doing good things…..but my right breast is like its evil twin…it just refuses to do be normal under any circumstance.

Why do my boobs look so uneven! Anyone else have this happen?

I am not as depressed as I was last time I posted….But I hate that my boobs look so different from one another. The one that had the capsule is all smashed in and has a huge indent under my nipple. My left one looks all natural and normal. I'd love to talk to some of you women that had an outcome of two different looking breasts. I just need some hope or someone to tell me what they did.

2 weeks post op

Saw my doctor today. Everything seems to be going well. No infections, no fluid build up and my incisions are healed. I still have bruising, swelling and mild pain on my right breast but Dr. Chong said that she expected that with how gnarly my capsule was. I was given the green light to start massaging my incisions with oil and massaging my crease under my right nipple to try and smooth it out. I feel like all the news she gave me was positive and my Doc has been so gentle with me, but for some reason I got in my car and balled my eyes out. I feel hopeful and am in a much better place with how I feel about my results, but then I still have moments where I feel like Im grieving my "idealized version of myself" and trying to find acceptance that I am just as valuable and loved with boobs or with no boobs- This whole process has really made me look head on at how I perceive myself, and to see how fragile yet magnificent our bodies are in how they heal and change. Even though I had a break down and moments of self pity earlier today…..Tonight I'm full of gratitude and looking forward to 2014. Happy New Year all you beautiful ladies, and thank you for all the support and love. Its been a blessing. God bless all you xoxo

New Bras?!

have I mentioned how excited I am to go buy some cute and sexy new bras! I have not been able to wear a "normal" bra in soooo long!!!! I think I threw out over 6 worn out sport bras that I've been living in since 2009 (YUCK!) I walked through Victoria Secret yesterday just to get inspired haha. Ladies, I can't wait for the day that I ONLY pull out a sports bra when I'm planning on working out, not because I'm getting dressed for an ordinary day in the morning. It bothered my capsulated breast to be in normal bras before, and I also felt like I looked like a stripper when they showed, or I felt my fake breasts made me look heavier than I really am. Today I looked in the mirror at my slender body and petite chest and actually said out loud, "I've missed me!" Even though I have moments of frustration and dislike towards the results…..I think this whole process of healing has been a beautiful and needed experience for me.

22 days after surgery

Still sad that I have a strange right breast with so much tissue gone and an indent. uhhhhhhggg
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I love my Dr. she's amazing and has been wonderful to me.

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