Im Really Doing This ! I'm Getting Explantation with a Lollipop Lift and Lipo- flanks Upland CA

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I am trying this a second time, sorry ladies if i...

I am trying this a second time, sorry ladies if i sound repetitive. But I am starting a journal and what better place than rs for support as well.
My husband and I went to see two other ps yesterday and we have decided to choose one. She is available for surgery on 10/27/16. I just need to call on Monday and make my deposit. No turning back after that.
Here is my story, I am 47 my implants are 390cc under the muscle, Ive had them for 12 1/2 years. You can see my pics under my profile.
This decision is not one I'm making lightly. I've been on the off and on for over two years as with any surgery there are risk. But the pain i have after any pectoral excersise reminds me why I should do it. I am focusing on staying positive, looking forward to a better outcome and feeling free of any foreign object in my body. I still get nervous since my mini tt was botched long ago. But that is negative thinking I must stay away from that. Of course I do wonder how will my breast look? will I like my scar? will my husband like my smaller size.? (Even though he says he will be fine with the smaller size. I know he likes my DD. I was a full b deflated C before BA.)
All these questions go thru my mind. But in the long run I need to remember why am having the implants removed. So I may be pain free and symptom free, do any excersise without worrying about how much they bounce. I've learned thru this website that the ailments I am feeling are implant illness. It's a relief to know I am not crazy or alone.
The best part is my ps says I have a good amount of my own breast tissue for a lollipop lift. She is also going to do light lipo on my abs where I have rolls and will need to be careful to stay away from the areas that were over done by my first ps. I will also be doing my flanks. This is the one area no matter how much I diet and excersise never goes down. I am so looking forward to seeing that outcome.
Well ladies keep me in your prayers. Its time to start preparing by stocking up on any items I may need for scars, support etc. I must keep my excersise regiment, eat healthy, stay positive. I have six weeks to drop 5-10 pounds before my procedure.
If any of you have any scar treatment or support garments you used and loved please share as I know these six weeks will fly by. ;0

I'm implants free

There out resting now my right breast has always given me pains today is no different I'm praying for a great recovery.

Feeling relieved and free

Just got back from my first post op with the ps he says all looks well. I'm lucky I didn't need any tubes. I got my lollipop lift and some lipo at this point it's the lipo that hurts most. Today is One full day without implants I can't seem to get a hold of these pain pills. They just make me feel worse. I got a bad headache to rest today is just sleep and rest.


I'm really swollen but it's my first day. It's all progress from here.


10 days post op

Feeling much better. I get my stitches out tomorrow. Going to ask y I have a pucker or lip under my right breast. Loving my lipo to my waist, flanks and mid back. My bruising was so minimal it hurst but I don't have visible bruising. Pictures are from Monday to today.

17 days post op

I'm off pain Ned's and back to work.
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