600cc implants removed!!- Newport Beach, CA

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Hello ladies! I have been reading all of your...

Hello ladies! I have been reading all of your reviews for the past few months now. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and explant journeys, they are extremely helpful! I am 25 years of age and I have two children, both of which I breast fed for around 6 months. I had 600cc saline implants placed under the muscle summer of 2013. It has been just over a year now and I can no longer stand these implants. I am around 5'4" and weighed 118 when I got them, I was a big b before surgery and only had the implants to help fill out the upper breast area since it was less voluptuous due to pregnancy. I did not want to be bigger in size (I wasnt brave enough to get a lift, still not!) but my surgeon said I would need a larger implant to achieve fullness in the upper breast area. I was told by my surgeon that I would probably be a large D, possibly a DD. Unfortunately my breasts ended up being way bigger than that. They were a 32 E after surgery and since I have gained about 15 lbs trying to look more proportionate they are probably around a EE now. I am very modest and their size is so embarrassing for me. I always went to the pool and swam with my kids, this summer I only went twice and did not take off my bathing suit cover because I feel innapropriate. I also used to jog 5 days a week about 3 miles each time and now... I hardly exercise at all because they are so heavy that even heavy duty sports bras don't help much with bounce. I am not overly worried about how they will look after they are removed because life will be so much better without these big bags getting in my way. Hugs will be so much sweeter once the implants are gone. My shoulders/neck pain will be gone! And I will actually be able to buy stylish tops again! Good luck to you all on your journeys! Thanks for reading. My surgery will be on Nov. 20th, I am so excited you guys! Ps. Wasn't brave enough to post pics without blockage, I hope they are still helpful!

Not long to go!

I Forgot to mention that my implants are high profile and I will be having them removed with local anesthesia. I realized this morning that in six days I will be having them removed, only six days left! Ahh! I went and bought a zip front champion sports bra yesterday, hopefully it will be the correct size and constrictive enough after surgery. I'll update the morning of surgery and the day after to let you guys know how I'm feeling. As of right now I get a little nervous when I think about the surgery but I'm more excited than anything. How can 6 days seem so soon, yet, so far away?

Surgery in the morning!! goodbye implants

I was going to wait and update in the morning but I'm not sure if I will have time. I was taking a longer than usual, relaxing shower today (since I'm not sure how long it will be before I can shower again) and it suddenly occured to me that today is the last day I will have with these implants in my body. I'm happy they're going to be gone! I will be driving myself home from surgery as I do not take pain medications. I'm going to be listening to relaxing music on the way to the Dr.s office and keep going over all the reasons why I am wanting them out, if my boobs look like flap jacks afterwards... it'll be just fine by me, they can be all natural... just as they should be. (Too bad I didn't realize this before, but you live and you learn, right? :) ) The thing I'm looking forward to most is being able to wear tops that actually fit. I don't like clothes shopping as it is, so not being able to just walk in and quickly pick something and have it fit is just so frustrating. Oh and i just can't wait to sleep on my tummy. I didn't realize how many other women felt the same until i read other reviews on here. Tummy sleeping is the best! I felt a little nervous earlier when I realized I only had one day left, but that has subsided. Now I am just thinking how thankful I am that I am able to have them removed, I am grateful to my husband for being so supportive and understanding. He's lovely. And i am so glad I found this site and all of you brave ladies sharing your stories. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning, hugging my children without the implants being in the way, exercising again in a few weeks to lose the 15-20 lb I put on trying to look more proportionate, and just loving and accepting my body as it is. I'll update tomorrow after surgery and let you all know how it went! Here's a side shot photo, I would never wear that top in public right now because of how big they look, instead I've just been wearing t- shirts that make me look way heavier than I am.

They're out!!!

Well, ladies I did it. I am so incredibly happy and relieved that it is all over with and done! I was pretty nervous this morning and my tummy was a little upset. My mother went with me just in case I didn't feel up to driving afterwards, I'm so thankful for that. She drove the first half and I ended up driving the rest of the way home after I ate lunch and it was fine. When I arrived the nurse put a numbing cream on my breasts and my body apparrently did not like it at all as I have some pretty sensitive skin. My skin turned really bright red so Dr. Chong cleaned it off. I went back to the surgery room where there is a beautiful view of the ocean! The nurses put warm blankets on me and things on my legs that alternately applied pressure to them. Dr. Chong talked to me the entire time, which was great because it felt like the surgery only took 10 minutes. She is so down to earth, compassionate, and sweet. It's awesome! I caught a very small glimpse and could see that my nipples were small again. I'm so happy about that! I'm really happy my breasts are small again and proportionate. I only peeked enough to see the top of my breasts, what I saw looked better than I expected. Right now I have on a compression bra and a tight ace bandage. Even though they're all squashed down I can still feel them kinda jiggle and I poked the top of them... they are squishhhhhy in a great way. Yay! The pic says it all :). Looks so much better. Thank you ladies for all of your kind words and beautiful comments throughout my journey, I appreciate it. I have a post op appointment tomorrow :) I'll update y'all then.

Hello all

I had my post op appointment this morning. Everything is looking good, my skin has shrunk down a lot. I'm just gonna be relaxing all day now. As far as pain goes, it just feels like I have a sunburn. I get to shower tomorrow, I will upload a couple of pics then. Xx

Had a shower!

Hi all! I had a shower and it was fantastic! My breasts are not sore at all today. I'm very happy about that. I think they don't look that bad. Of course they look a lot different than before but, I think in time they'll be just fine. I'm loving how much smaller they are :). My little flap jacks!

One week down!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today marks one week post op and I'm feeling pretty good! I no longer have to wear the ace wrap. I had planned on wearing it for two weeks straight but, to be quite honest... I'm over it. Lol. My left breast was completely numb underneath my nipple and below after breast augmentation surgery and the right was slightly numb underneath my nipple and below. I can say I now have a little more sensation underneath my right breast but, my left breast remains pretty numb. I'll let you guys know if that changes. I feel like I have a little more sensation in both of my nipples now. My right is 99.1% and left went from 30% before explant to about 58.9% after. Overall I'm happy and so excited to be back to normal. Oh and plus... shaving my underarms is so much easier now! Heres a pic of how I look now at one week post op! They dont look like they did before but, I don't mind. I'm just happy the implants are out. I feel normal, whole, and like i lost 15 pounds. I've been asked if I've lost weight, too :). I see a huge improvement thus far. Y'all have a wonderful day and I'll update at 2 weeks post op.!

2 weeks and 1 day.

Hi all. I'm doing well and healing just fine. My right breast is a little more full than the left. It isn't that noticable in person but seems more noticable in pictures. I guess its always been that way. I just did not notice before. I bought a bra at target. Its cute. I'm waiting until I'm back down to my normal weight to splurge on some fancy bras. Overall I am extremely happy. I start exercising Monday. I was going to start yesterday after Dr. Chong said I could begin exercising however, after my appointment I got an aura migraine which I still have today. I get them once or twice a month but they have never lasted more than a day so this is a first. :/. Here are a few pictures. I'm happy and healthy ...also, I am too excited about them being squishy and jiggly. I'm very blessed. I'll update at the 6 week mark. I hope you all are well and I hope you all have a great Christmas. Happy healing.

6 mo. update implant removal!

Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well. I am back to my natural weight and I've gotten back into shape. My breasts have lost even more volume due to my 10 lb weightloss! The only lingering effects I have is slight numbness under my breasts which is not a big deal at all. I can do all upper body exercises now with no strange sharp nerve pain like I was having before. So all in all, everything is great. My implants were too big for me and I am in the process of saving up for another ba, this time going with silicone under the muscle and around 300cc. Or maybe a little smaller (will have to try on sizers!) I have the same insecurities I had before my ba and can't wait to have my breasts filled out again. This will be my last update, however, I will be creating a new review once I have my ba. I wish you all well on your journeys and happy healing :)!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chong is very caring and sweet. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked into the office. She took her time and explained everything to me in depth, I never felt rushed, and her staff are all very friendly!

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