50 Yrs Old, Like the way they look, hate the way they feel!

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I never wanted these to begin with just wanted...

I never wanted these to begin with just wanted bigger breasts, now im feeling trapped. I just want to go back to me, but feel my body is ruined and will look horid if i take them out. I have a consultation in a couple weeks to discuss. Many people tell me how natural they look etc. And that there's nothing wrong with them they're not ruptured etc. But psychologically I don't feel real I don't feel me! I'm so sad and feel like there's no going back. I'm afraid I'm getting caught up in the site and everybody making it sound so great just like when I looked up getting them and everybody made that sound so great! I am in a deep hole right now and just really don't know what to do. I'm on my third major back injury from what I feel are these breast implants. The last mammogram I had apparently ruptured the capsules around my breast implants and that hurt like you wouldn't believe for at least 2 months. That's what got me started on reading post on the site. I appreciate any advice.

back pain

Hi ladies. I have mentor cohesive gel 350 cc under the muscle. I have severe back pain for the 3rd time since getting my implants 5 1/2 years ago. The latest came after a routine mammogram ruptured my capsules. I had severe chest pain and back pain for about 2 months. Ironically my breasts now feel fairly soft as a result of what was essentially a closed capsulotomy from the mammogram incident! I continue to have upper back pain and am in physical therapy. I'm convinced my implants pulling on my pec muscle are the cause. My physical therapist thinks that the implants in the back pain are highly correlated but says she doesn't think I should go as drastic as having an explant. Does anyone else have thoughts on back pain being caused by implants? Most doctors that answer my question on this site say it has nothing to do with it. I've had two consultations for explant the first one said I would probably get some relief the second one said I was a very knowledgeable patient and she thinks my shoulder pain and my lats will feel a lot better once I take them out. Afraid I'm being sold although she was an excellent and caring doctor I think I just fear the worst. A little advice would be really appreciated. I think I really just want them out but am so afraid I'm just making another mistake (putting them in) ????


Has anyone experienced overall body or just breast inflammation with silicone implants?

Surgery scheduled, finally!

Well ladies, after reading all your stories and getting very loving and encouraging PM's from a lovely real self member ryli6464, I have scheduled my surgery for June 14. I'm both nervous and excitesd. My back pain has been relentless and has brought me to tears often. I'm certain its from these implants, particularly after my capsules were ruptured back in December, making my implants "loose" and putting tension on my pectoral muscles. I'm in severe pain and would give up anything to just be pain free! Thank you all for your stories, your bravery, and encouragement. I pray that I return to me and don't look deformed or have caused any irreparable damage to my body, makes me sad. I'm looking forward to working out again, I've put on so much weight since my back pain has rendered me inactive to a certain extent.

10 days to go!

I've never been so sure of something I'm not so sure of! I keep telling myself, I don't want to grow old with something toxic inside of me, that's why I'm doing this, I addition to relieving my relentless back pain and shoulder pain. Most of all, I just want to be comfortable being the woman God made me to be. But with the day approaching, I keep thinking of all the friends I know who have implants and those who have recently gotten them and I think why am I so different? Why are they not having any issues or simply okay with having something artificial making you whole? I over think everything, so is that what I'm doing here? I am so unsure of the outcome, just hoping I can get back to my original body. I'm freaked out by some recent posts about muscle never going back to normal, about sagging, bras not fitting. I guess some of these things I was already experiencing prior to augmentation so I shouldn't expect that to be too different. Just questioning so much, but sure I want to do this. So nervous I will regret it.

1 week to go!

Nervous but excited to be done with these things. I truly hope my back pain resolves and this burning sensation goes away. I will be devastated it not, not that I took them out, but that they ruined me for life. Feeling pretty optimistic about my outcome, not sure why, hope I'm right!

help! not so sure all of the sudden

Help please. My surgery is on Thursday and I've been so looking forward to getting these out finally. Then today I wake up and of course they feel totally natural,look totally natural, and aren't feeling as painful as they normally do. So now I'm asking myself why I'm doing this. Maybe I will be just fine with them? I don't know how I could have given all the positive advice out the last week and now feel this way. I'm just so concerned that I will regret this and feel bad about myself like I did before.

two more days till surgery

Feeling nervouse, more about general anesthesia than anything. My thoughts are racing. Can't wait for this to be behind me. Feel surreal, can't believe I'm really doing this in 2 days. Prayers please!

surgery in 3 hours

I couldn't sleep anymore, slept ok last night but now asking myself a lot of questions. My breasts feel the softest and most natural they ever have. This has, of course , occurred over the last week. Was all that horrid tightness, my skin stretching? Eeeks, I'm questioning all right now. Will I regret this, hate not having boobies? I don't want these in me though. Just doing the dance I suppose, wondering how I will feel around all my BA friends once I don't have any. My back is still killing me, but were my breasts really the issue? Why am I doing this now? I felt so good last night. Why can't they be hard and hurting right now? Feeling super confused and just questioning everything

well, that's done

Just got home about 15 min ago. All went well. Felt like I was on some crazy acid trip. They got me ready, put iv in and next thing I'm waking up crying, and all sorts of jibberish. No pain. Just groggy. Flat as a board but am bound tightly so we'll see. She said I have good breast tissue, there was really no capsule to speak of, very thin. Implants were intact. Nowthe waiting game. Thanks for all you lovely ladies support and encouragement, def helped me keep on track and do what I needed to do and made me feel human. Xoxo

ace wrap binding

Has anyone else looked like they had a mastectomy when bound in the ace wrap and still had positive results? I don't even have 2 humps at all! How long were you bound? She said she is taking off today, so 24 hours for me. I'm scared. I'm really going through all the 2nd thoughts and reasons why I did this. I can get there when I reason it out but afraid I'm gonna miss boobs.

day 2 post op - time for a shower

Ski slopes with all tissue at bottom right now. First time out of bandage. Hoping for much improvement. Photos are more flattering than realitu

back to work today

Went back to work today. Took the ace bandage off so it wouldn't be noticeable as it's so hot here. But had a surgical bra and some inserts. Not sure that was a good idea or not enough support as I came home and had some burning sensation today. Put the ace bandage back on as soon as I got home I was only without it for 4 hours so I think I'm fine. One thing I've noticed is my back pain is still pretty bad and it's hard to stretch with the stitches Etc but I know it won't happen overnight just was hoping for some relief sooner. How long do you need to keep the ace bandage on I see my doctor on Wednesday again

12 days post op- feeling a little down

Hi ladies I'm 12 days post-op. I have my ups and downs mostly ups though and very happy that I did this for so many reasons. The main happiness comes from just being me. I feel more beautiful with my own breasts and feel this inner satisfaction and strength come through. My unhappiness comes when I think what I've done to my body. I keep comparing my old pictures to now wondering if they look the same. I'm not real happy with the swoop and the jiggly mushy gushy. Not sure if that will ever firm up. I'm also afraid that once I lose these excess pounds I put on since having them I will look even worse. Just having a bit of a Down moment I suppose to be expected?

3 weeks post - no regrets

Hi ladies I'm 3 weeks post-op today feeling great! I started walking again 2 weeks post-op went back to my physical therapy for my back yesterday and rode the bike and got some soft tissue work she worked on my pecs which were very sore but I feel great this morning. I wear push-up bras again and have people tell me I look exactly the same. Those who don't know I've had this done, interesting enough always stare down at my chest when they're talking to me it's kind of hilarious. I am very happy I did this, I sleep so much better at night both physically and psychologically. I posted some pics my scars are still raise which I think is normal. I do have some teeny-tiny puckering or stretch marks when I raise my arms but overall I feel like I'm back to myself. Thank you so much for all the support on this site it has really been a godsend!

5 months post op - couldn't be happier

I haven't been here in awhile, honestly, I had to take a break from focusing on my breasts. I have no regrets other than having implants in the first place. I'm so happy to be me again and feel like a natural woman. My confidence is so much higher now, I've lost almost ten lbs and feel like I can do so much more without those things. Nobody even noticed and my breasts are never a topic. It was never for me and I knew that, I guess I had to go through it to confirm that, sadly. My back pain has subsided a lot. I massage all the time, and can tell that the adhesions are correcting. It looks less weird when I flex now. As soon as my scars fade, I will have no evidence of having this done, at least in my minds eye. So happy I got rid of those things and am happy. Wishing you all peace and happiness in being the best you.
Dr. Lavinia Chong

Dr. Chong has seen me twice for consultations because I had more questions and was nervous. She is very compassionate and looks at you as an individual. The biggest impact was when she said 'these aren't for everyone." Her office staff is very understanding and helpful. Dr. Chong was just very human and very knowledgeable. I'm very comforted having her do my surgery. I am now one day post surgery and I can't say enough about my doctor she is a human being who treats you like a human being so nice to have a woman to talk to a woman who identifies with your needs. She made me feel my decision was right for me and continues to encourage me to be positive and move forward. She says "I think you're going to fly !!" I would recommend her in a heartbeat. In my recovery room there's an award on the wall for most compassionate doctor I couldn't agree more!

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