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I had the implant procedure when I was too...

I had the implant procedure when I was too immature to realize that the body I had was beautiful as it was. Now I'm spending money just to undo the procedure I thought would make me happy. It's cost me a total of $8,000 just to put these foreign objects in and take out. In any case I had my consultation May 2, 2014 and scheduled my explant surgery appointment for June 10th (3 weeks).

In truth there is nothing wrong with my implants. They look nice, and they have a bounce that fools 100% of people who look. But I am tired of knowing that they are present when I hug people, lie on my chest, run or jump, attempt a pull up, etc. Looking forward to dealing with the real me.

Despite my aims to obtain my natural body again, I feel anxious. I know there will be an adjustment period that will last a year. At least that's what I gather from the real self posts from women who have helped me take the step towards explanting. I'll post after explant photos shortly! Wish me good healing vibes please!!!

June 10th Surgery

I was given Valium to help me relax and waited for about an hour for the pills to kick in. Then I was taken into the surgery room where I was given an injection to numb the area that the Saline implants would be removed from. Two clean snips under my breast and two punctures holes to two implants is all it took to drain the implants. The procedure itself took about an hour. Relatively painles until the meds wore off. Then the dissolvable stitches burned a little. Other than being a little uncomfortable, it was completely bareable.

Post-Op Photos: Day 5

Not bad... I have mini identity crises from time to time but I remind myself that health is valuable to me.

Post-Op Photos: 2 weeks

Looks like no one at work really noticed. Here are some updated photos for you.

Photos at 4 weeks

Pleased with how it looks thus far. You can expect improvements in the months to come. I can't wait to work out... My follow up appointment with Dr. Lavinia Choung is coming on the 21st. Yay.

4 week update


January 2015

I'm very pleased with how much they have changed. More to come.

A year and two days later

I'm still happy.
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