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I wouldn't have been as confident about my...

I wouldn't have been as confident about my decision to undergo a breast implant removal if I hadn't found this website! There have been countless photos and personal stories shared on here that have really helped me follow through with what my gut feeling has been telling me for the past 8 years. So thank you all soooo much!

Firstly, I got my implants put in at 19yo (about 8 years from today). Completely for the wrong reasons might I add. I was always happy with my small natural boobies but being 19yo and with little to no confidence, I made the decision to have implants put it. I got 450cc saline through the areola. Immediately after surgery I had horrible bright red stretch marks all over my new big breasts. (I am 5'7", 125lbs, and went from a 32B to a 32D. I have never had kids/ breastfed.) I was depressed for months after surgery until the stretch marks started to fade. I was never truly comfortable with my large chest and constantly trying to cover them. It wasn't for a few years of having them that implant removal was even an option. I had never heard of people removing them so it didn't seem like the normal thing to do. But becoming increasingly burdened by the weight, constant back aches, difficulty working out comfortably, and tender breasts 24/7, I consulted with 2 different plastic surgeons, friends, and family. Everyone told me that I would regret the decision, I would look deformed, they would droop and I'd then have to get a lift with more scars, etc... I was so disheartened by everyone's response that I put the option of removing them aside. Until now!

Doing more research on my own a couple years later I found this website! Seeing all the brave women on here with amazing explant photos and who all seem to have no regrets about following through with explant surgery made me feel confident that I could do it too! That I didn't actually need a lift, I wasn't going to look deformed, and how amazing our bodies are at snapping back! I started to look for posts that were closely related to my age, cc's, length of time with implants, etc.. and in doing so led me to find Dr. Lavinia Chong. I soon called her office to set up a consult. My consult was just yesterday and I couldn't be more at ease with my scheduled explant surgery! Dr. Chong had the most sincere bed-side manner that I've ever experienced with a plastic surgeon. (I used to work for many surgeons so I have had my fair share of condescending Dr.'s) She explained to me that I definitely don't need a lift, I will most likely go back to my pre-implant size of 32B, the procedure can be done under local, and that she was confident I would be happy with my results. I am extremely nervous about having 'empty socks' once my implants are removed though. But I am trying to remind myself how much and for how long I have wanted these out!

My surgery is schedule in 9 days so I will post again with pre-op photos as well as post-op photos. Again, thank you to all the women who've paved the way for more people like me. I can't wait to get my little boobies back!!!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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