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I am such an indecisive person!! I have wanted...

I am such an indecisive person!! I have wanted boobs for years now and I just can't decide whether to get them or not. I am really scared. Terrified actually. I am so unhappy with the way my boobs look I am constantly sad about it. Here is a lil intro on me
....I had a baby when I was 19 and was clueless about breastfeeding. I only breastfed on the left side which now you can clearly see is different than the right. I was forced to be a single mom because her father was extremely abusive and I finally had enough courage to leave :)! Best decision of my life......It seems easy to leave a situation like that but trust me it wasn't. Anyway I moved from the midwest to LA and I have found the love of my life!!!!! Well....he loves BIG boobs...Ok I know most men do and trust me I have always wanted boobs way before I met him. Sometimes It makes me sad though that I feel not attractive in the boob aspect enough for him. He says he loves me for me. He also assures me I need to get them because I want them and not because its what he likes. I totally get that and I do want them for me!

I'm terrified :( I think my biggest concern would be CC....The Dr said that basically this is one of the only things that he cannot control and that is something that can just occur. I also just read of this calcium deposit stuff....Its weird but I have actually had that in my ears before from wearing cheap earrings and I wonder since it happened in my ears am I more prone to it in my breasts? My last hold up is for work I am a print model and actress. I am afraid of not getting roles if I go too big because a lot of the work I do is commercials.
I can't imagine how it would feel to fill out a nice bra (without having to wear the Miraculous bra from vs that pushes them up 2 sizes) or to fill out a bathing suit!!!! I just want to feel sexy and beautiful :) What woman doesn't ?? I checked out this Dr in Bev hills DR Yamini I really liked him and Dr Aboolian. They both quoted me at $8500 which is really high for me but they both seem good. I also just saw some girls review on here Lissa who went with DR Mark Anton in Newport beach and her Boobs looked amazing!!! OMG they actually just called me back while I was writing! My consultation is monday!! They were so nice! I am even more excited now! Has any of you ever been to these Dr's I listed? Please chime in with comments!

Just turned 30 :/
5'3 113 lbs.
1 child
I think I want around 300-325 ccs, SIlicone ( not sure what type) Under the muscle, and incision through the nipple AND moderate profile plus! From the pics on here it seems those are very natural looking!
I want to be a Full C
ALso ......Some DR.s mentioned bc of the slight difference in my boobs my left one may need a lift. DR Aboolian said I didn't which I like because I do not want to do a lift at all! And Dr Yamini said he could do a small incision inside that corrects the one nipple without additional scarring. When I have my period they go up a half size and they are so full they look even so hopefully I could do without a lift :)

Had my consultation today!!!! I need a crescent lift :(

Ok I had my consultation with Dr Mark Anton today! He was sooo amazing! His staff was also very friendly. He spent almost 2 hours going over procedure , anatomy and questions with me. Now my only decision is to whether have the crescent lift or not :( I started crying when he told me this. I kind of expected it bc there is a major difference between the 2 girls. I have seen pics of girls who have had it done and some look nice but I have also seen some discouraging photos. Has anyone had an experience getting a crescent lift on here who can share their advice? Or who were told they needed it and didn't get it? I would appreciate it. I have had about 3 consults 2 years ago when I first started thinking of surgery. 2 Dr's said I didn't need it and 1 did. Other than that seeing the pics and being with The DR. made me feel extremely comfortable. Hopefully I can make a final decision on this lift thing and make my appt for surgery!

Flax seed??

My Dr told me to fill up flax seed and stuff them in a bra I would like to fit into. A cup measuring out to about 100 cc's Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Also I am going to add some photos so you can see the difference in the boobs...
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