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Where do I begin? Well I’ve been on this site...

Where do I begin? Well I’ve been on this site for a while reading about other ladies experiences and sorting out what to expect IF I ever got it done. I’ve thought about this for a few years and knew I’d want it before I got into my later 20’s but I never put a date down into action until one of my close girlfriends told me she wanted to get it done and wanted us to do it together. We call it the Breast Friend Pack. At first I was stoked but then she changed her mind. Although it didn’t deter the idea of me getting it, the “when” I’d get it done was still up in the air until a turn of events happened and we landed in our first consultation together. We ended up going to a few consultations and visited different doctors but both decided on our own doctor. What a deal if the drs got us together!

So on April 2nd 2013, I had my pre-op. I didn’t have it with my PS but instead had it with whom I assume is the resident nurse. Although to a degree it makes me question my surgeon because I’m not entirely sure if HE’LL understand what I am looking for I have confidence that from our consultation he has an idea and his resident nurse will clarify details. Also, I know the day of surgery we’ll be going through sizes again and he’ll have a collage of what I want and what I don’t want created by my nurse.

I am 4’11” a hair away from 5 feet and currently 101 pounds. Last I checked I am 32, 25, 34. Not very curvy but currently working on gaining muscle! I like the shape of my breast but I want to fill myself out more without depending on padding/s. An incident that comes to mind as I write this is when I had to wear padding to fill out a dress at a club but the padding kept peeping out of the dress and I had to shove it between the fold of the couches before the end of the night. Although no one knew of it, minus you all now, it brings me a bit of embarrassment and shame. I want to look bouncy and perky without fear of bra slips or readjusting tops to fit my none too full chest. As a personal stylist I am so deeply aware of my body type and shape. I know that a fuller chest with a deeper bottom slope and close to teardrop shape would accentuate me and my closet in just the right ways. To be honest, I find myself limited in expressing myself outwardly because of this.

For those who have/been/are judged/criticized/scrutinized for their BA I say its a waste of energy to invest in their reasoning. If you’re doing it because its another form of expression or enhancement of the image of you then why hold yourself against their standards of what’s appropriate. I mean we all do things to bring ourselves out more: spend hours dolling ourselves up, push our chest out a bit more, or don higher heels. BA’s are another form just simply more aggressive. Don’t be brought down. I had a very close girlfriend tell me she had less respect toward me for just “accepting the idea” of BAs (imagine how she’ll feel after she sees me with it!). Happy to tell you all that when our mutual friends heard of this incident they all agreed that someone’s personal opinions and choices shouldn’t be held by another’s standard. So stay strong (:

In less than 12hrs I’ll be on my way to Coachella Music Festival in Indio Valley. I know you shouldn’t be putting your body through strain or trash it before a surgery so I’m taking this music festival very calmly and soberly. As it is I don’t drink much so it shouldn’t be too hard & the line-up this year is an orgasm to my ears!

After the festival ends I’ll be on my way home and in less than 36 hours on my way to surgery. I feel a concoction of emotions right now from nervous and concern to thrilled and ready to get this over with! I had a small window of time I could hide myself away and heal without having heavy duty and tasks to do.

If any of you ladies have advice about some things I should be doing pre-surgery that you wished you done or have done that helped you a lot I’d be ever so grateful. I’ve picked up my meds, and cleaned the house but know that I’m far from ready. Monday will be both my recovery day and my “get ‘er done” day before my one&only (my boobs) arrive.

For those ladies on their way to surgery or will have their surgery this weekend best of luck!

So today's the big day and I'm not sure what I'm...

So today's the big day and I'm not sure what I'm suppose to feel right now.

This past weekend has been amazing and I don't regret my decision leaving for to Coachella for the weekend. If you havent had the chance to go to Coachella you should take that step and watch it on youtube as they'll be streaming it live again for weekend 2! I digress but right now all I want is for it to happen and to head home and rest. I'll be posting before and after pictures as soon as I sort myself out. Neither of my parents are suppose to know and nor do I hope for them to find out. Let's see how this fares. Any pre-op advice or post-op advice ladies?
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