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Hi ladies! I'm a 35 yr old stay at home mom to 4...

Hi ladies!
I'm a 35 yr old stay at home mom to 4 kids 17,12,11 and 6. I also watch my 7mo old nephew mon-friday. I've been considering back for years now but we are done having kids so its now or never. I nursed all my babies for a total of 7yrs and my poor breasts have had it....they are sad and depleted. I go for consult to row and will leave a down payment. I'm super excited and so happy to have support from my hubby and mom.
I Will make sure to keep you all updated!

Stats: 5'3, 127# athletic build
34a would like 350-400 silk unders

Nervous jitters. Have about a month until boob...

Nervous jitters. Have about a month until boob time but just feeling a bit stressed from the everyday bump and grind. I have help from hubby and friends thankful for that but it still stresses me. I am super active on the go mommy/auntie.I have a hard time relaxing and *taking it easy* ...this will be a challange:-)
On the plus side.... Bought a couple tanks to wear with my new girls. Have one on now can't wait to have some chi chis to fill them out!

Post op scheduled for April 4!

Post op scheduled for April 4!

Boob greed starting to commence.......grrrrr

Boob greed starting to commence.......grrrrr

Anyone try those Tonserio bras?? They look really...

Anyone try those Tonserio bras?? They look really nice and are made specifically for augmented breasts. Im definitely thinking about ordering one.

Nothing much to update....I believe I am 22 days...

Nothing much to update....I believe I am 22 days till surgery. Not worried or scared at all, I have some many PTO commitments, sports, kids and everyday craziness to keep me plenty busy. I'm more worried about preparing my house and meals for post op than anything. I'm pretty tidy in general but I want to make sure ALL laundry is done and put away, bedding washed,dogs bathed and all my vegis are chopped and ready to be juiced. I keep up with the sweeping,mopping and vacuuming as well as bathrooms so that's not a big deal.
Trying my best to tie up loose ends with my PTO commitments, I've let the ladies know that I will be out of commission for a couple weeks. I have scheduled a couple of big events at my kids school during my post op time, so hopefully they go off without a hitch. A mommy friend of mine is filling in for me and she"s great.....she has her boobs done too so its been nice asking her questions.
Its no secret I'm having my breasts done. I am pretty darn flat chests but stll wear fitted clothing(just don't fill out the top), any increase in bust size and its going to be noticeable!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not walking around with a sign flashing about my upcoming procedure but I am open and will not ever be offended if someone asks. My family knows, my girlfriends and their husbands know... Not a big deal here in the OC, kinda the norm.
Of course my loved ones don't think I need this and think I'm perfect the way I am..they understand this is something I've wanted for years. My biggest supporter aside from my husband is my 17 yr old...she's so happy for me. I am grateful for that. My surgery is the day after her 18th day....I don't feel old enough to have a child that age!

Been lurking the explant boards. Now I'm a...

Been lurking the explant boards. Now I'm a concerned about 10,15+ years from now and how I will feel and what my implants will look like. Granted I am done making babies but still..... Maybe I'll will err on the smaller side as opposed to the larger instead. I will bring these concerns up with my surgeon, she's truly a kind and genuine woman. Also, I'm worried my husband won't find me as sexy as he does now. Maybe he won't like them? While trying on sizes he preferred the smaller implants. Aaarrghh, I need to log off pour a glass of wine and take as soak in the tub.

Had my pre op this morning. All is signed and...

Had my pre op this morning. All is signed and payed for. I haven't filled my Rx yet because I'm waiting to hear back from my PS about which pain meds to take. I am highly allergic to acetemetiphen. Tried on sizers again, will get 398-425cc range. I am very happy with that and know that either of those sizes will look great proportionally. I am eerily calm and totally not excited. Weird. I just want to get it over with and get on with life.
I have a few surgical bras and a couple bralettes and sport bras in various sizes at the ready. Slowly stocking the freezer with easy meals. Need to stop by Sprouts to pick up my Arnica and Bromelain. Not much else! 14 days till B day:-)

My oldest daughter is already going through my...

My oldest daughter is already going through my clothes! She asked if she could have them all once I get my boobs....I told her I didn't plan on outgrowing my current wardrobe. I'm sure some things won't work but sheesh......

Okay, I've sucked it up and posted a topless...

Okay, I've sucked it up and posted a topless before pic. I've managed to come out of four pregnancies relatively unscathed, the most toll has been on my Breasts obviously and the thickness of my hair. I had the most beautiful long,thick and shiny Pocahontas hair! Here I am bare breasted, these are the real working natural breasts and body of a 34 ( almost 35!)yr old mother of four.

Oops...forgot to add that I got my Rx was...

Oops...forgot to add that I got my Rx was corrected so I will be taking oxycontin for pain and Valium for relaxant. I really hope I don't need to take the oxy, I would much rather take a high dose of ibubrofren instead. Narcotics totally skeeve me out.

Got my confirmation call from the surgery center....

Got my confirmation call from the surgery center. Was happy to hear that I can have a light breakfast up until 6:30 am the day of surgery and can have water up until 8:30am. Maybe I will get a workout in the morning since I can drink water! Also, I can take a Valium to help me relax while I wait at home. I have panic attacks so to hear that I could take that or a xanax made me hopeful. I will only take it if I truly am on the verge on an attack.
As long as I keep rested, hydrated,get my yoga in and stay positive I should be fine. My lexapro/wellbutrin combo helps a whole lot too:-)
Hard to believe that precisely this time next week I will be on the OR table being sliced open. I wish I could have my procedure video taped so I can watch it later...I like that kind of stuff.

My last weekend with teeny boobies! Ladies, I...

My last weekend with teeny boobies!
Ladies, I seem to have a little cough and sniffle. I suffer from allergies and we have some roofing construction going on next door. I'm assuming that this is exacerbating the allergies. If I take a benedryl( got the OK on this) it goes away... if by any chance I have a little cold does surgery get rescheduled?
I have no other symptoms what so ever...I'm afraid if I call PS they will
Want to hold off.

I just got back from CVS, picked up my oxycontin...

I just got back from CVS, picked up my oxycontin ,valium, colace, smooth move tea and a new lipgloss:-)
My freezer is bursting with easily prepared meals. All I need to do is make a trip to sprouts to stock up on fresh fruit and veggies for the week. I will pick up a couple of pineapples, swiss chard and kale to juice the morning of surgery so I can have that afterwards. I've been juicing with those ingredients this last week and a half with various other vegis to help fortify and aid in healing my body. Also been applying my self tanner:-)
I feel absolutely ready and prepared:-)

Thank you all ladies for the well wishes!! I...

Thank you all ladies for the well wishes!! I wasn't excited AT ALL today until reading all your messages:-) :-)
My house is clean and laundry is done, all the bedding is washed, pantry,freezer and fridge is packed. Now the hard part is not having the kids destroy my efforts.
Today is my oldest daughters 18th bday so on top of the last minute cleaning I've been preparing her day dinner. Thankfully its an easy dish!!
I'm posting one last pic of my little before boobies, tomorrow will be getting new boobies to fill out my dress.

The girls are here,! I'm at home now. Surgery was...

The girls are here,!
I'm at home now. Surgery was fine, ended up with naturlle 20 HP 400cc right, 450 cc left. Feeling fine so far, very tight and sore. Will update later.
Much aloha friends!

My surgery was uneventful and went smoothy. I...

My surgery was uneventful and went smoothy. I arrived at 12:30, checked it and then did the of my prep stuff. Nurse brought me back, weighed me and. took urine sample. Changed into gown and booties, had vitals taken and put the patch on behind ear. Nurse started IV , chatted with my hubby and was soon taken into OR. Once there I spoke more worth anethesiologist, and was out like a light. I awoke while being wheeled into recovery and stayed up since. My pain level was at around a 3 but as minutes sent by I could feel the tightness, pressure and discomfort spreading. I had no nausea thank goodness! Kept asking for my husband, my girlfrin came in and chkd on me. Mk y very attentive nurse gave me a fentynyl and hubby helps me get dresses and we went home! Easy peasy:-)
I'm pretty uncomfortable, I would say a6-7 on pain scale. Manageable but annoying none the less. My kids and hubby have been wonderful! My Lil man has drawn me so get well pictures and stuck thmw on my wall..love it.

Hi Ladies, I had my BA yesterday April 18. I woke...

Hi Ladies, I had my BA yesterday April 18. I woke up around 4:00 am( the 19) with itching all over my body. Anyone k now what this could be? I figruees its okay for my breasts to itch because is skin stretching bit that's not the case. My bely, back, arms and legs do. Anyone experience this? I will give my PS a call when later this morning?

Hi gals I was wondering if any of u had a...

Hi gals

I was wondering if any of u had a complete lack of appetite post surgery? The last solid meal I have was yesterday at 6:30 am. I've been drinking tons of water that's all I really want. I also drank a fresh veggies juice from my juicer. It was kale and pineapple. That counts for nutrition but I just don't feel hungry at all! Anyone else have this?

Hi gals I was wondering if any of u had a...

Hi gals

I was wondering if any of u had a complete lack of appetite post surgery? The last solid meal I have was yesterday at 6:30 am. I've been drinking tons of water that's all I really want. I also drank a fresh veggies juice from my juicer. It was kale and pineapple. That counts for nutrition but I just don't feel hungry at all! Anyone else have this?

Anyone straight up EXHAUSTED after surgery? I...

Anyone straight up EXHAUSTED after surgery? I literally dozed off with my cup of hot tea last night, my husband was able to snatch it right in the kncik of time.also, my meds make me hallucinate. Apparently I've been having converstions with kids and then fins out if they aren't there! There is plenty more but I can hardly keep my eyes open.

So today marks 72 hrs since BA. According to my...

So today marks 72 hrs since BA. According to my paper work I can remive acw bandage( thank goodness)
And bra to shower. Bra must go back on afterward but I can skip ace wrap. Did any of u ladies do this,? I've been looking forward to this day but now I'm nervous i will mess something up. Help?

POD 3: feeling much better as everyday goes by....

POD 3: feeling much better as everyday goes by. Bloating and exhaustion being my two biggest complaints. I have been taking colace two before BA and twice a day since as well as smooth move tea once a day. I have had a bit if diarrhea today as a result. I'm not do planing though. It wasn't so bad.
I went to Kolhs with hubby last night for those bandini bras and it was too much for me. In did get some but went straight home an he pout me to bed, bless his heart. He has been such a blessing and sweetheart, I don't know what I have ever done to deserve such a doll. The kids have been doing awesome and listening to daddy and helping wherever needed. My neighbor and good friends brought over a delish dinner over last night and my cousin and her hubby are bringing over sushi tonight.
The hubby and I took a small trip to Target for a few small things and I got a new dress:-) my husband says that in a few weeks when I'm all better he will take me to get some new swimsuits and clothes fr the new additions:-):-) :-) :-)
I'm feeling better just get tired SO easily and need to take naps here and there. I have my post op tomorrow and will update then. Take care ladies!
Xxoo nik

I had a great post op with my PS everything looks...

I had a great post op with my PS everything looks good and is healing well! One Lil 'probeml' is that my breasts are still a bit higher than shed like. She was not at all surprised by this. During surgery she said my specs were SO tight and my skin so taught that she had to use some muscle herself to get the mmplants in. True story:-) she looks over to my hubby and asks" geez how much dies your wife work out?". Hah! She gave me lots of massaging homework to bring them down,.
I also made a trip trip tpnwalmart and not some new bandini bras, a danskin front close and a tube top sexy49 raves about, thanks girl!

Hate to admit it but I am feeling the post op blues. No rhyme or reason, just do. I have everything in the world to be grateful for and I am! However I just feel down in the dumps. I will allow myslwf this feeling eat some dinner, tree take a shower and move on with my life.

Sallysuzi123- I bought the front at Walmart. They...

Sallysuzi123- I bought the front at Walmart. They were very inexpensive there and also had 5$ bandeau that's very versitale:-)

Post OP day 24- Boobies are achy, hubby and I...

Post OP day 24-

Boobies are achy, hubby and I are trying to wean me off the meds. I am taking half an oxcontin every 4hrs and half a Valium every 5 hrs.
Its is just hardly enough to take a bit of the edge off.in a few weeks I will be able be to take my motrin but I doubt I'll need it. Oh well, no pain no gain right?
It a nagging type of pain that makes me soooooooo tired. It makes me me feel pregnant tired, u moms know how that feels! Absolutely drained!
I have been lying on couch most of the day getting up to go to restroom and help my kids here and there. Still drink in my fresh veggies /fruit juices and doing my best to eat. I still haven much an appetite. Bloating and constipated still! Ugh.
I am massaging my beautiful breasts to get then to drop. My PS
Says they are doing wonderfully :-)

6 days no bowel movement, no bueno. I've prepared...

6 days no bowel movement, no bueno. I've prepared for this, bought my col ace( strtd taking 2 days b4 surgery), smooth move tea which I'm drinking now. My grilfrind came over last night and brought me some Seneqoyt(sp).
I've been taking my narcs and valiumn schedule along with WAY too much water and fresh veggies/pineapple juices. I'm bloated, uncomfortable and just want to $?¡±!!!!!
On a lighter note, apperently I am a riot on my meds and with mybpermission have allowed my hubby and my older kids to get some of my antics of video. I fall asleep every and anywhere. I have to be watched like a HAWK. My favorite place to fall asleep is the bathroom on the toilet.. My poor poor darling husband is doing such an amazing job holding the fort down I'm so blessed. He actually THANKS ME for doing this everyday on top of everything else.

I had two girlfriends visit today and while I adored their company I was left so tired and exhausted I slept for two hours and can easily sleep more. We r gonna go out for pizza and frozen yogurt for a fun kids night, they've been such sweethearts. O! I went tro Walmart and got a few bras rob get me thru these first few weeks so I'll get some pics up. Also, my right breast is taking its sweet time to drop just like Dr Tenley said. She said I have some ridiculously tight specs he he. Well, hope everyone is healing well and didn't fall asleep reading this long arise post. Aloha to all! Xxxxxoooo

I went poop!!!! 8 days, EIGHT days!! It was not...

I went poop!!!! 8 days, EIGHT days!! It was not nearly as much as I'd want to rid myself of but it's start. I'm still pretty bloated butt it gets better each day.
My breasts are getting squishier but righty is still a bit high. I massage daily:-) :-) I love how they look in my current clothing, they look even better! A few tops didn't fit my new boobs so my 18 yr old came up on some nice quality clothe:-)

Loving my new breasts more and more each day as is my husband, he's afraid to get a little touch which is fine.,,,,,,for now;) these are for him to enjoy just as much as me.

9 post op not sure if I'm just over doing it or...

9 post op not sure if I'm just over doing it or what but my sternum is extremely painful again and so is the let side of breast and rib cage. I've been trying to ween off my oxy but Dr. On call did not recommended since it was so close postnsurgwy and my placement was a bit more difficult than the average pklacewment. I will see my PS in morning to put my mind at ease. I don't like the way they look now. Looks funny. They look in clothes so trhats good. My rightly is so much higher and much much firmer. I massage 4 x daily and hubby likes to help:-)

Just got back from a walk in follow up with...

Just got back from a walk in follow up with another Dr. From. My PS'S office. Sternum and left breast is just fine and looking great:-)
He went into explanation about the muscles run along the inner sides of my breasts,under and on the top of my rig cage which is were the pain was very sever. Very nice, thoughtful and polite.

Now, here is what Is MY fault is. Silly old me thought that 'heck, I've delivered 4 babies all natural, not even an aspirin.' I'm 3 days PO why don't I wean myself from my pain meds, I'll do one oxy in AM oxy in PM, will continue my Valium every 5 hrs. No biggie right? wRONG!!!!!!!

My my poor poor hubby had to watch his wife suffer. He nnever was on board with my idea but he know better than to even try to talk me out. He was just glad that it only took until tp2 am the first D's day. I woke up crying in desperate pain, it was heartbreaking to see his face like that. He gave me a full dose of oxycontin and held me until it kicked in rocking me.

So, the night of agonizing pain probably set back whatever healing had happed until I screwed it up with my wonder woman syndrome. Silly old me...
Thats my post day #10 feeling the best today since my surgery dispute my ridiculousness. I can shower, shave(need Lil help with armpits) some help dressing depending on what it is. No lifting babay yet! I'm doing laundry With help, dishes, light clean up when my husbans Not looking! My hubby is very carful with me and if he isn't helping with my recovery someone else is here in his plac lol.
My mom WS here one day 4, night 5 kids had soccer so my bff was her, day 6 he took day off again... u get the picture:-) I am Lil miss independent so any chance he gets to SPOIL me with "babying' me this way he loves it. I can see it in his face

POD 11, everyday getting better. I'm still very...

POD 11, everyday getting better. I'm still very sore around incisions and sides of boobs, especially when I need to reach up. Careful hugs and cuddles. I still do need to take a nap or rest because I tire easily still ( sucks!). My breasts are looking better and bettwre each day, lefty is softer and squishier but we r still working hard in rigfhty. I still don't have names for them yet either haha....oh big, y'all should hear some of the names my family and friends come up with. Gotta run, have an appt with my therapist. Love to allxxxx

Just a little over two weeks. Feeling MUCH better...

Just a little over two weeks. Feeling MUCH better and more like myself. I still tire easily, my sternum and upper ribs still sore and still get spasms here and there. Nothing a motrin and some frozen peas can't take care of.
I am still quite high, my hubby and oldest daughter totally can see the changes but all I see are huge ass tits pardon my french. I actually said to my husband maybe I should have gotten a smaller implant size.....he just rolled his eyes and reminded me to be patient. Its my right breast that is still(IMO) SO much noticeably larger and higher. The massage my PS just has me doing is to help push the implant down into the pocket. I do them religiously. My boobs are the FIRST thing to tell me when I'm overdoing it. They get so hard. I just sit down for a bit and if I'm home will use some frozen peas. Still get morning boob too...booboo:-)
Not much else I don't think. Oh! I was at Nordys yesterday and got sized...36 DD! I knew I would end up a D and I am still hoping I will. My guess after a few ,months is 34-36D. I hope u all are well and are happy with your new editions. These first two weeks have absolutely been a challenge but I'd do it all over again. I cried when I tried on a bikini top and filled it out and THEN some. All but one of my bikini tops do not fit. The one that "does" is super uncomfortable and I won't wear that out with my boobs hang in out like that with my kids in tow. I get enough attention as it is.
One more thing. Anyone shy about going into public now? I am!
I went on errand and wore my usual gym/yoga apparel and all I did was try to keep breasts covered with my long hair. My husband and I had a charity event to go to and I was so shy! I've gone from AA to DD(for now) and its a huge change.

My left boobie has a sort of sloshy feeling when I...

My left boobie has a sort of sloshy feeling when I squish it. Is that normal? Everything looks good otherwise. Anyone else have this?

My lefty ( the smaller boob) all of a sudden seems...

My lefty ( the smaller boob) all of a sudden seems to be catching up with my bigger righty. It looked bigger this morning and figured its just swollen since I still get morning boob and occasional swelling.
Its also achy, not bad at all tho. I'm assuming this is all good and part of process so no complaints...I will be 3 weeks out Thursday may 9.
I cleaned my house yesterday, taking breaks here and there. Also did laundry but needed my daughter to help take the wet clothes out. We have top load machines. Took care of some work at kids school, did pick ups. After making dinner I was beat and quite sore. Needless to say I'm taking it a bit easier today. Just going to run a couple errands and try and clean up patio. It rained a little yesterday and things are soggy and there is debris.
Everyday I can do a bit more, I'm just slower. It gets better and better each day and I feel I rebound quicker from the annoying breaks I have to take to keep from overdoing it.
Have a lovely day ladies:-)

I am 3 weeks out and am about 98% back to my...

I am 3 weeks out and am about 98% back to my normal self. I seemed to have picked up a cold during my first wk PO and I cannot seem to shake it. If not for that I would say I'm 100%. If I go overboard I my rib cage will start to ache and boobs harden, icing and just plain slowing down relieves it. I still wake up with slight morning boob but once o start moving it subsides quickly. Also, i have developed a small mondors cord under my right breast, it doesnt hurt to touch so id say its getting much better and soon will be gone.My breasts are getting squishier everyday and are continuing to drop thank goodness. Its been so lovely to be able to wear my strapless sundresses without a bra!! I go to see my PS tomrw morning:-)

Had my 3 wk post op and got the green light to...

Had my 3 wk post op and got the green light to resume my normal activities, but still listen to my body. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it basically. I can't wait to hit the gym. I have no intention of working my upper body though. I just don't feel comfortable with yet. I did some planks today and went thru a few vinyasas.....I don't want to use my upper body yet. My bottom half is another story:-)
I am still sitting pretty high especially my right so I will continue to do the one massage she showed me a couple times a day. I go back to see my Dr in 6 wks.

one month out!

Its been a month already since my BA. The time has gone by quickly and I am continuing to heal better everyday:-)
I bought a new bikini today and was so thrilled to buy a Large top. My girlfriend who is busty and a bit larger in size than me thought it was the funniest thing. " I've never in my life seen anyone in my life so excited to buy a large bikini top" she had joked. I've always bought xtra small/small bikini tops and didn't EVER fill them out and had to wear the waterproof cutlets. Now, to fit and fill a large bikini is thrilling to me:-)
I'll be sure to post a pic tomrw. I've been back to watching my nephew, a 25# 9 month old...I'm quite sore and tight from lifting him so I broke down and took a muscle relaxer, I'm kinda sleepy now.
Good night ladies xxxooo

6 week update..new pics:-)

I will be exactly six weeks post op tomrw. I feel great, back working out and my normal busy self.
I need to modify some of my poses and transitions during yoga, I can feel my pecs kind of pull on my implant and its weird. No pain at all and I'm sure once I gain more strength and flexibility it'll be gone, or I will just get used to it. I have NOT taken a weight lifting class or even done any chest specific exercise though.
My boobs are finally starting to drop and fluff up a bit thank goodness. I like the size (32/34 D) but feel that now that they are larger u can really see how much damage my kids have done to my nipples especially my left. That's the side they all preferred:-)
Everytime it bothers me I just think back to what my PS said" whatever your breasts look like before is exactly what they will look like after, just bigger". I can't agree more, for me it also made it more noticeable. I have such a teeny nipple to crease ratio too so that doesn't help. I wouldn't do anything different though, I appreciate it actually. I was afraid that I wouldn't get used to them but I absolutely have! The DO look like my before boobs only bigger:-)
I hope you all are continuing to heal well! Good luck to you ladies gearing up for your day!!

10 weeks + pics

Not much to update, my breasts continue to get softer and squishier everyday. I have my 2.5 month follow up this morning and everything looks great. I have the green light to do whatever I fancy:-) underwires are fine to wear too but I have no desire. My PS says its perfectly fine for me to go braless as my breast pockets are very strong and holding up very well. I prefer my Cami bras above all.
As for exercise, I can do whatever as long as I feel comfortable. She doesn't really advise any chest specific exercises though, Im fine with that, no pushups, chest presses etc.
All in all I feel great, my small breasts are a distant memory:-)

Couple more pics in clothing

I am really enjoying being able to throw on pretty much anything and not only fill it out but FEEL confident. I have bought several new bikinis because none of my old tops fit, so I felt no guilt :-)
My kids and I are in the water daily weather its in our pool or at the beach so having several swimsuits is a necessity.

3mos post op

I am just a few days shy of 3 mos post op and feel like my new boobs have been with me forever. They bounce,jiggle and are super squishy :-) its hard to imagine that with even more time they will get even softer!
I'm back to my everyday life and then some, my kids are out for summer so its always busy at my house..I am mostly doing my workouts in the pool since that's where we spend a lot of our days or biking to the beach.
I am more than happy with my breast size results and still find myself admiring them in my bikinis and am having so much fun filling out my strapless dresses:-) everything fits better!
My husband has really begun to enjoy them too. I was worried that he wouldn't like them and would find me less attractive with fake boobs, he's big on natural beauty. I don't wear makeup daily or color my hair and overall am pretty low maintenance so it really was a concern for me. He's been very supportive of my decision and by my side every appointment and my biggest cheerleader during those retched boobie blues! So finally, with the ggirls nice and settled he is not "afraid" of hurting me anymore. I'm super glad and relieved he is having as much fun with my boobs as I am, maybe even more:-)
I am so glad I did this for myself, I really really am.

LOL!! My early Post Op posts?!

I was just reading some of my posts I made during the first couple weeks post op.....whhooaa. Man was I drugged up! I didn't even remember a walk in I did 9 days out for rib/sternum pain. Wow. I was so happy to get all those meds OUT my system.

Almost 4 months PO:-)

I will be four months out this month. My breasts continue to soften and look better with each month that goes by. Its incredible. Ive started back running 3 x week and have zero problems. I'm totally fine with a sports bra, nothing fancy, my inexpensive target champions work just as great as my pricey Lululemon ones:-) I feel 110% back to normal. However, I have been experiencing neck and shoulder aches when I'm in a bikini top more than 4 hours. I have actually avoided being in a swimsuit this week because of it. IDK maybe I need to start wearing tops with thicker straps or something, I don't even " feel" the weight of the implants at all but I've never had this problem with my flattys. I have a few bandeau bikini tops but I reserve those for just hanging around our pool..I don't trust them at the beach! The discomfort subsides once out of swimsuit and my hubby is good about giving me massages:-)
I'm still very happy with my results and size.

oops! 4 mos pics cont.

7 month review

Oh my I've somehow managed to delete not one but TWO of my updates. So now I'm just going to post updated pics and log in later. Soccer pickups :-)

7 months post

Sorry..these lagged behind

7 month review :-)

Seven months have flown by! I'll try and keep it short and sweet. Hopefully I won't delete my post...again.
Okay so, not too many changes going on really. I've been consistently measuring and wearing a 34 D. I am still more than happy with my results, I haven't had any boob greed post surgery. If anything, I play my chest down which I find ironic. I mean, I'm not hiding my chest but I'm certainly not "showing them off". I don't care for the extra attention.
I get boob sweat now! Haha! Not too crazy about it but hey.....;)
My one and only gripe is that I am experiencing some neck and shoulder aches.If I wearing halter style tops and racerback bras. It isn't terrible just annoying. Immediate relief once I take off the top/bras off so that's good.
Still very happy about my decision to have breast augmentation, very happy with my surgeon. This was the perfect time in my life and I am glad I waited. Every time I get the urge for another baby I just think of my lovely new breasts. I told my husband new boobs or new baby. We have four already, so I went with boobs :-)
Thank you RealSelf for this wonderful community of incredible ladies. I am SO thankful I found RS. It kept me so sane during the crazy few weeks pre op.I poured incessantly over the many helpful reviews. Love love it here!

7 mos

Here are a couple of topless(eek!)
They aren't perfect, but they are MINE. This is for the ladies to see and understand that whatever your breasts look like before surgery is what they will look like after.....just bigger. Some imperfections may even be exaggerated. If your nipples pointed outwards, they will STILL point that way. If your breasts are spread far apart implants will NOT automatically create the beautiful cleavage we desire. However, a great pushups bras will help :-)!
I read lots of posts with ladies not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts after implants when in actuality they look just great and very much like their befores.
I feel that great surgeons will bring this up and really give their patients a realistic idea of the potential outcome.
Hope this helps:-)

Fall/Winter cleavage!

So.glad.to.have.fake boobs.
That's all. I know it's petty and vain but I really love them.


8 mos, deceiving boobies:-)

I was fresh out of the shower and caught a glimpse of myself from a mirror across the room. I was a teeny bit taken aback from what I saw. My breasts looked so small! They looked exactly like my pre surgery breasts while engorged to be honest. I wasn't upset, most ladies want to bigger,smaller or decide that implants all together are not got them. In my 8 mos post op, I have experienced none of the above.
Never in a million years did I think I would have "my" breasts back. My cute perfectly round orbs that were perfectly perky. Unfortunately, the implants did not resurrect my pre pregnancy/nursing nipples. Rosy and erect they no longer are but that's OKAY!
They don't quite feel like they used to but the last time I wore a 34D I was nursing. You gave those babies a squeeze and they gave YOU a surprise! Now my breasts squish and squash bigger than my hubbys face.*sorry babe.* I've always enjoyed my breasts being stimulated but over the years I have avoided it. That is DEFINITELY a pro that I didn't ever consider! My surgeon Dr.Lawton gave me back that confidence.
I realize that it hasn't been a year since my surgery. I'm still new to this but my experience has been wonderful.

1 YEAR POST :-) :-)

Hi Ladies!
Hard to believe it's been a year already,April 18 to be exact.
I feel fantastic, so happy with my results :-)
I'm still wearing 34 D consistently and a M/L bikini. Before surgery was 32/34 A. I cannot believe how soft,squishy and bouncy they are!!!! I'm always jiggling them around at home, my husband thinks it's funny. He's enjoying my breasts almost as much as I do lol! I'm MUCH more frisky and he loves that I'm so happy.
I'll add a couple pics for now. I need to go and get the kids ready for school!
I sure hope all you RS ladies are doing well!!
Xxx niki

12 mos...again

Sorry, this pic didn't load

12 mos

This is a more accurate picture. I don't walk around in bikinis! I live in jeans and tanks.

Early Boobday gift

I just couldn't resist this top;)
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tenley is everything I have ever wanted in a plastic surgeon and more. Not of only is she a talented doctor with credentials to back Back it up.Her entire staff is warm, so very sweet and accommodating.I do have to say that everyone, and I mean everyone in her office is absolutely gorgeous. No joke. I absolutely love my breast augmentation results with Dr.Tenley. Her consults are very thorough and never rushed. She took her time to explain both me and my husband which implants would be best for me. I love them! They are not so obviously overdone but rather leave one wondering " did she have her breasts done or was she born with that rockin bod"? Exactly the look I was going for! Thank you Dr. Tenley and staff! OK love you all!!! Aloha xxxxxxooooo

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