Getting Boobies!!! - Newport Beach, CA

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Ok everyone, its round two with Dr. Jed Horowitz!...

Ok everyone, its round two with Dr. Jed Horowitz! I already have had a rhinoplasty with him and now I have saved enough to get a breast augmentation. Its scheduled for the 31st of may so no far ahead. My chest is ok but i want it to be fuller, even and perky! I am excited my Pre op appointment is on the 7th, cant wait! I am thinking of a full C to a small D.

Ok, now looking at my breast again in picture...

Ok, now looking at my breast again in picture form, it makes me want to cry, because OMG they look horrible. One is completely different from the other. Its so embarrassing! I Cant wait for Dr. Horowitz to work his magic. The 31st is fast approaching. So excited. Only 25 days away.

3 weeks till i visit booby town! I am nervous and...

3 weeks till i visit booby town! I am nervous and happy and and excited.

18 days and counting. Man I can wait! its going to...

18 days and counting. Man I can wait! its going to be nice to feel balanced.

13 days to go!

wow, in just 13 days i will have a balanced and perfectly normal chest. its coming..i want it to come now.

Coming down to the wire

10 days!!! Not this friday but next friday its on!!! I will be in booby town! hootersville, knockers burg. lol

1 Week to go!

Ok, so really in 1 week i will have boobies! Cute perky and same sized boobies. I need to check in 9:00am but will arrive early to prep up, get ready and just make sure everything is good to go. So excited.

4 more days!

Omg its so close, just 4 short days and i will be getting my brand new twins...scary but excited.

2 days OMG!!

Its just 2 days away...crazy!!! The day after tmrw.

Tmrw is the big day!

Tmrw at 9:45 it will happen. I am soppose to check in at 9:00am. There is not way i am going to be able to sleep tonight. So what should i do? hmmm...

Today is the day!

Wow I'm kind of scared, excited but scared. Only 5 hours away. I'll update as soon as I can after In case I don't update again before. Wish me luck!

It has been done!!

I came out of surgery and I am very out of it. I haven't seen anything but can feel tightness. I will post pics as soon as I can

Feeling pretty good today

It has almost 24 hours sense my surgery and I am feeling pretty good. I have been taking my pills and they have helped alot. I actually slept better than i thought last night. I did wake up a few times but other then that slept. I posted a after picture of my wrapped up breast

Day 2 post op

I am feeling better and better, doesn't hurt as much as it has before so I think i am on the right track.

More pics

Getting good cleavage...just have to wait for them to drop and fluff

He is the best, he did a good job on my nose i have no doubt he will be good for my breast.

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