5 weeks post-op & went for my first run - Newport Beach, CA

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After a decade plus of mulling over whether or not...

After a decade plus of mulling over whether or not to get a BA I have finally decided to go through with it! I am 28, 5'9", 160 lbs, and a 36 small B...alright lets be honest full A :/ In all honesty if I could loose the weight I've gained and maintain my oh so discreet "larger" breasts, I probably wouldn't be getting a ba. Unfortunately my upper body is the last place I gain weight and the first place I loose it.

I am doing periareola, submuscular, smooth silicone and giving a range of 450 to 500 cc...I hope that’s not too big. I want a natural looking full shape but I don’t want my breasts to be the first thing noticed. On top of getting a BA I decided to get a little lipo hehehe I figured I’m already under, why not! Even when I was in my best shape I still had saddle bags :( It’s a part of my body I’ve never been able to tone up.

Well that’s it for now and my next post will be post surgery. I’ll post pics shortly too.

Day 1 1/2 post surgery and I'm doing really well....

Day 1 1/2 post surgery and I'm doing really well. Yesterday I had a total 1 1/2 Vicodin and today I've only had 1/2. I've been sleeping A LOT, which has felt amazing!! I've been walking around a bit when I'm awake.

The only complications I've had so far are do to the anesthesia. I was violently ill post surgery (one of the nurses said I looked like Linda Blair from the Exorcist...). I wasn't in pain from the surgery itself, I was just sick. Finally a nurse working on another patient suggested putting an oxygen mask on me. It helped tremendously. My other complication is a swollen uvula (the hanging thing in the back of your throat). I read that this can be caused by general anesthesia or from the breathing tube. It's very weird & uncomfortable...it feels like I'm swallowing my uvula (it hangs past the back of my tongue...yuck I know). Fortunately from what I've read this will go away on it's own, but could last for a week or more.

Two weeks post-op and what have I learned...I...

Two weeks post-op and what have I learned...I can't take selfies. Sorry for the poor photos. I went back to work 4 days post-op and did rather well I think (I have a desk job). Driving was probably the most complicated, I had to move my seat rather close to the steering wheel. I have felt like a pumpkin since my surgery, mainly b/c I have been wearing loose fitting tops w/ scarfs almost every day to work. I only told three people I was getting a BA.
I'm still wearing an ace bandage to help my implants drop. They have dropped significantly since my surgery, but when I wear a t-shirt w/o a bra they still look moderately lifted. My breasts still feel rather firm but I can't feel the implant itself, unless I'm doing my massage exercises. I can't wait for these suckers to drop and feel normal!

P.S. this is what I ended up with: 475cc Mentor...

P.S. this is what I ended up with: 475cc Mentor moderate plus gel

I had my 1 month post-op w/ my surgeon last week....

I had my 1 month post-op w/ my surgeon last week. I've been cleared for exercise! I was even told I could start running again. I haven't tried it out yet, I'm a bit nervous. I was told by a co-worker (w/ implants) to try Moving Comfort sports bras for running. I'll try and post better photos. I'm really not good at taking photos of myself.
Now that my swelling has gone down, I'm getting boob envy...I wish I would have gone bigger. I just keep telling myself I wouldn't be able to find cute bras had I gone bigger. I was sized by Nordstroms, 32DD. I'm happy to say they have started to feel more normal but still aren't as squishy as natural breasts. I'm still self-conscious about showing them off. Even more so now. We had a regional meeting at work 2 weeks ago and I went out drinking w/ some of the guys. I dress very modestly (or so I thought) at work, I always have a jacket and most of the time a scarf on. One of the guys got really drunk and called me out on my recently acquired assets. We had only met twice before, so I was shocked he even noticed. But now I'm self-conscious and afraid you can tell I have fake boobs. Ughhh why do some guys have to be so crass!

I was very nervous this morning going for my first...

I was very nervous this morning going for my first run. I started out with a intermittent jog and then built my confidence up to a full fledge run! I'm so excited to be able to run again. I definitely had myself strapped in. I had on a high impact sports bra (Moving Comfort Fiona) and a tank w/ a built in sports bra. The ladies weren't moving at all, just how I wanted it!
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. and his staff probably think I’m crazy hahaha I came into their office like a freight train! The reason being, I had consults with other doctors and had thought that I found my Dr. and had a tentative surgical date of Feb. 14. I did one last search on Realself for local doctors and found a post by another user with the breasts I wanted. They are in my mind perfection! Here’s her profile http://www.realself.com/review/newport-beach-ca-breast-augmentation-ing-the-new After reading other reviews and Dr. Anton’s CV I decided right then and there he was the surgeon for me. He and his staff have been so unbelievably accommodating and helpful!

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