5'7- 135lb- 24 Year Old Athletic Build. 375cc mod+inframmary-submuscular- Newport Beach, CA

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Today is the day! Went in at 6:30 to check in- got...

Today is the day! Went in at 6:30 to check in- got ready with the pre op nurse. Got tucked into a cozy heated bed. Met my OR nurse and anesthesiologist- Dr Lawton marked me up and wheeled me back. Knocked me out and I woke up with new girls! Chest is very sore so far but more so the actual sternum and muscles. Actual breasts don't hurt.... Yet.
Eating apple sauce in bed. I'll post some before pictures and bandage pics.

Before pictures

Before pictures

This app pisses me off that you cant delete reviews? I just have a blank one it wont let me add pictures to

Day One- night time

Its almost 11pm. Its possible the anesthesia is still in my body but I have been *knock on wood* way more comfortable than expected. Chest is very tight, muscles are sore but I dont have any achey pain or sharp pain.
Im taking the pain pills on a consistent basis every four hours whether im in pain or not and Im sure thats whats making a huge difference.
Ive been eating all day as well- no nausea :)

Woke up in recovery asking for french toast haha.

Day one

My new chin rests. Ignore the iodine and belly bloat. So sexy.

Second day

Woke up with a mild burning sensation I think because I was leaning to the side when I woke up. Swollen today but no worse than yesterday. Still staying current on pain pills but skipped the Valium last night because I didn't think I needed it.
My sweet mom brought me breakfast in bed and I inhaled it. Took a sneak peek at my incisions aka the steri strips because that's all I can see.
Can't shower until Sunday- using wet wipes for my armpits until then????

Day 3

Oatmeal and miralax... Help me out here.

Got a little too brave and skipped morning pain pill and Valium because I think I'm way more tough than I am. Very tight burning sensation in my sternum/ bottom left cleavage. Snuck a peak at incisions and there's no blood/ hard spots or anything unusual. Maybe pulled/ over did it trying to sit up on my own. Whenever I lay down for too long it starts to hurt and I can't sit back up without calling my sister to come lift me up like an infant.
No more hero stuff- sitting up in bed for the rest of the day.
Tomorrow we shower and no more ace bandage from hell!

Muscle spasm

Wtf is all I can say.

Left boob is so angry- spasms are so painful and frequent. Valium isn't relieving them at all.

Chest muscles too strong. They are winning.

Day 4

Omg they're huge but also adorable haha so excited to shower. Mild bruising and all pain went away as soon and I sent that ace bandage back to hell where it came from!

Natrelle Inspira


Post op 7/12

No pain pills and cleared to drive! Yay! Not a lot of sensation in my left breast on the outside yet and left nipple is pretty senseless.
Sensation should come back if it's going to in 3-6 months doc said.
Getting anxious to work out but trying to be patient :)

The thing I'm most excited about.... Sleeping on my side!! Two more days!

Wedding/back to work

I really hate when you have to go back to work and have less time to take topless pictures... But I still have some for ya!

Like a watched pot never boils, a watched boob doesn't drop.... Trying to be patient.

Today is Sunday and I'm 10 days post op. Went to my friends wedding last night... Bra less and it was amazing. No dancing for me, but you know I wanted to!

Past couple days have been great- Friday I went to Victoria's Secret after work because my surgical bra is pressing on my incisions and I had to get something similar that was bigger!
Measured at 32DDD.... So wild they definitely don't make that in sports bra side so I got a 34DD
They're so big and swollen. I told the gal measuring me I am going to wear this for a couple weeks just until my swelling goes down and I hit my month and can wear real bras so I don't need anything fancy. Got a front clasp and zip that sits below my incisions which was a HUGE relief. (No underwire no push-up- just cozy)

Otherwise feeling good- end of the day I'm exhausted as all hell and sleeping so hard. Averaging 9 hours and it's amazing.

I go to bed at 7pm like an old person and I don't even care.

Haven't seen my incisions yet because they're still chilling under steri strips but they're itchy which I'm guessing means they're healing.

Ignore all the redness I'm itchy and was scratching myself haha
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr Lawton is incredible. Very professional and very kind. She answered all my questions, she explained the entire procedure listing every time she changes her gloves, she goes into complete detail which gave me full confidence in her. She specializes in reconstruction and a very natural look which I love. She didn't just have her assistant do all the sizing. She came into the room and gave her opinion and made sure I was getting exactly what I was looking for. A lot of quality time spent with someone who cares at my consult. As well, her office staff are unreal. Nicest group of gals at the front desk and Erin her assistant is just wonderful. Could not imagine having gone to anyone else!

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