45 Year Old Mommy of Three Wanting to Be Proportionate. 5'5, 117 lbs. 365 cc's -345 cc's Newport Beach, CA

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I have been wanting bigger breasts since I was a...

I have been wanting bigger breasts since I was a teenager. I wear 32 a, but I think I'm actually a 32 aa. I had stopped breastfeeding my last child four years ago. I had enjoyed the brief time I had actually filled out my bras and had to even buy bigger ones to accommodate my growing breast during my first pregnancy. Unfortunately, those breasts never returned, even with my third pregnancy!

So now, after three pregnancies my breasts were not only flat, but the nipples were in need of help as well! I've not really gave breast augmentation any serious thought before because I was afraid of what people might say and think when they see me. After talking it over with my husband, who said he likes my breasts just the way they are, I've decided to seriously look into what breast augmentation is all about did some research. I spoke with some friends and scheduled several consultations. I was tired of not finding clothing, especially dresses that would fit my pear-shaped body and small chest!

I have decided to go with one plastic surgeon based on several factors: 1). He was referred to me by several people because of his results, 2) his Real Self high reviews, and 3) the overall interaction I had with this surgeon, from his front office staff, patient coordinator to himself. The other consultations have been negatively affected either by the staff's haughty behavior and/or the surgeon's brusque manner.

My surgery is set for mid-June. I will post more as the date approaches. My bwd is 11, so I can only go as high as 325 cc's in Natrelle Inspira. I hope to have some cleavage as mine is nonexistent!

On The Other Side

First of all, I wanted to thank you too the ladies on RS. Reading about your experience has helped tremendously! Now, onto my ba journey... Hooray!! Although to be honest, the past two weeks leading up to this day were filled with cold feet and looking for post-op women with similar stats. I still had questions when the doctor was marking me. I am one of those people that need reassurance, especially when it comes to doing something that costs a lot of money and affects my body. I woke up today at 6 am, left the house at 8:30 am to arrive at 9:50 am for my 10:30 am appointment. Can we say I was a little anxious to be there on time? I was in the prep room by 11:30 am. The nurses, Aurora, Tom and James, and anesthesiologist, Dr. Woodward, were really nice. I have had general anesthesia, but this is the first time I don't even remember having them put in the anesthesia drip! Somewhere between getting the antibiotic drips and the actual anesthesia, I drifted off! I was already tired from the limited sleep that I had the night before. I woke up several house later, the surgery was set for 11:30 am, but I woke up around 3:30 pm! I was so tired and groggy and wanted to go back to sleep. The nausea was noticeable this time time. I'm curious to know what was used because my recovery is not the norm for me. I do remember asking about the cc and no answered my question. That's really strange. My husband asked and the nurse said I will find out during the post op Tuesday, because the ps wanted me to see how the implants look, I guess without any bias? My husband says he likes the size and thinks I will like it too when the swelling goes down. I have to say, having not eaten since 8:30 pm last night has made me extremely hungry. I've been snacking non-stop since 7 pm. So I'm eating grits and almonds while drinking a lot of water because my throat is sore. Of course, I could have picked softer and smoother food to eat, but I am craving these two thngs! My husband is checking on me and making sure I have ever thing that I want and need. My younger kids are asleep, so I'm hoping I'm doing better tomorrow. My range of motion sucks, but at least o can go to the bathroom without any assistance. TMI. I will post an update later this weekend. I am not posting any nude pictures because 1)my arms and breasts are sore (wow! I've never referred to my top as breasts because is as was flat you couldn't even call them breast!) and 2) I had bilateral nipple reduction and I'm a quesy person so blood, especially my own freaks me out.

1st Day Photo

Just for reference, I'm 5'5, 116 lbs. and wore 32 a bras.

Day Two Post Op

I am still sore and feeling like I had gone through some sort of boot camp for building upper body strength! The best way for me to describe the uncomfortable feeling is like doing hundreds of push-ups, pull-ups and bench pressing. I was prescribed pain medication, but I hate taking them because of the side effects. I'm just taking Tylenol ES for now. I tried to sleep today, but the tightness in the chest and soreness prevented me from finding a comfortable position. I have four pillows stacked up behind me, but I have to shift every so often because of the discomfort. How many more weeks does this last? My kids are too young for me to tell them why I cannot play with them today. They just know that "Mommy isn't feeling well." Thankfully, I have a fantastic husband who is taking care of the kids. I am wondering if I will ever tell my kids about my ba, especially since one of them is a girl and my family genetics does not include well-endowed women. Neither does my husband's family. That's it for now. I will post more tomorrow. My ps says I can take a shower so that will be an interesting experience! I hope it's not the case where I am washing just one-half of my head since I still cannot reach above my head for an extended period of time! I definitely think I should not have written so much in that other post; I had typos everywhere! Oh well, I'm going to blame it on my eagerness to share about my surgery day and my auto-correcting smartphone. Too bad RS does not have an edit feature.

1st Post Op Appointment

I finally discover what size cc's I have. My left is 365 cc and my right is 345 cc. Both are Natrelle Inspira smooth, round, full profile. The strange thing is that prior to my BA, I had thought my left was the bigger of the two. I had spoken to the patient coordinator about this and she looked up my chart. It had my right as the bigger of the two. She assured me that the PS is very detailed-oriented and would have looked carefully at my overall look and would have raised me upright several times on the operating table to make sure the implants looked right. Now that they are both swollen, it's hard to tell. I'm going to ask my husband if he has noticed it in the past and now. I'm not going to say anything because I don't want him to have any bias. Overall, I'm very happy with my look. When the PS took off the strips covering my nipples, I was expecting a lot of blood. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. I'm healing nicely and was amazed at how much better my nipples look. Both are much smaller than before, although I'm hoping that the right one will get even more smaller since it is protruding a little still. The PS said that with time they will get smaller! I now need to find a comfortable sports bra. I've been wearing this same surgical bra that they had discharged me with. Any suggestions for one size fits many? I used to wear 32 bras, but even the medium sports bra feels tight. Thanks!

7 Days Post Op

Since many RSelfers have posted their progress, I'm paying it forward as well.

Week 2 Post Op

The uncomfortable feeling has been lessening with each day. Although, I still have that weird numbness/super sensitivity sensation in both breasts. My range of motion has increased and I am able to do more; I can wash my hair and back without missing any area, hooray!!

I still have the frankenboobs look. Funny enough, I look better when I'm wearing v-tops than regular t-shirts. I'm looking forward to looking better when I'm naked :)

2nd Post Op Appointment & Bra Fitting

Saw my PS today and he said I could start wearing a regular bra next week. Hooray! Well, I headed straight to my local Nordstrom and got fitted. I was in shock when the sales associate said I was a 30 DD! The first thing that went through my mind was, "wow, I wasn't even a 32 A before my BA. I was wearing the wrong bra size all these years!" The second thought was, "uh, are you sure I'm that size? I can't possibly be that big." For me, going up a couple of sizes was my goal, but seeing the tag with the size and having that bra size fit is kinda surreal. I'm sure my size will change as the weeks/months progress. I'm hoping that at the end of the day I look proportionate :)

5 Weeks PO

The implants are softer, but still high and firm. Since I'm not massaging them, I'm wondering when I will see and feel the final result. A friend told me hers took one full year!

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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