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I am 34 years old soon to be 35yo this month. My...

I am 34 years old soon to be 35yo this month. My boobs are a desperate cry for help. My boobs pre kids were a C/full C. I have never been super perky but after having kids they deflated to a small B and I can hold a sharpie under them :( I am so bummed I need a lift. Most of the results i see that i think look great all have not had a lift. I am super nervous about the recovery. I have a 2yo daughter and 4yo son who both still like to be picked up and to snuggle in the morning. I have set up for them to stay at friends houses for the 1st four days. I am hoping that is enough time for me to start feeling better, even though I still wont be able to pick them up. Fortunately my husband works from home so i wont be home alone.

My biggest fear is being too big. Like i mentioned i have two kids, snowboard, mtn bike and work out 5 days/wk. I don't want my boobs to interfere with what i love and I don't want to be that person where people stare and say THOSE ARE FAKE!!! like i do to others all the time. Nor do i want to feel like i am constantly covering up to look appropriate at the park.

My PS wanted me to go to 400cc but we compromised at 375cc then i called the office back and went down to 350cc after talking in length about it with my husband. My husband was right, if i felt they were too big after surgery and i went off the Dr.s recommendation and not my gut i would be really unhappy. Thank goodness for my husband being so supportive.

6 Days and Counting

I can hardly wait. The anticipation is killing me. I just want to see what they will look like. My PS said not to remove the bandages until the post-op visit. So I won't get to see tell the 5/12/15. Here are my before pics


3 more days

Got dressed today and tried to wear a top with just a camo bra. It looked ridiculous. My chest muscle protrude more then my breast did due to sagging. I'm so happy to be getting the BL and implants. Counting down!!

10 more hours

So excited to get this done. I hope I'm happy with my results. I took a couple pre pics to compare results. I have all my stuff ready for tomorrow. It's going to be hard not to put lotion on after showering. I'll manage though.

3 dAys post op

I'm 3 days on the other side and feeling great. I started taking pain meds when we got home from surgery center. I forced myself to eat when we got home and I ended up throwing it all up. I slept for about two hours and when I woke up I felt really good. Of course I was sore but I had no nausea and only pain when I would move. So far I am loving the boobs. They look perfect. I'm anxious to see the results of the lift which I'll see on Tuesday. I can't really feel the incisions and my boobs feel a little numb and very itchy. I've read this is normal especially with a lift. I decided today to start spacing out the pain meds. I took a pain pill at 6:30am it's now 12:30 and I still haven't taken another pill. I think I'll take another one around 2 when I'm scheduled to take my anti biotic. I am able to move my arms pretty easily. I'm trying not to move them to much so I let the pockets heal properly.

5 days post op

went to my post op appt today and had managed removed. Everything is healing well but dr wants the tape to stay on another week so I'll bee washing hair in the sink and taking shallow baths to wash the bod. I am so happy on the results of the lift. I feel like my boobs overall look amazing I just wish they were a bit smaller. Today is the 1st day I have worn actual clothes and gettingnready dressed I just felt fat and the boobs make my posture look bad unless I stand with my shoulders all the way and then it's projecting my books which makes them look bigger. I am hoping once the swelling goes down and the implants drop a bit they won't look so big to me. I also think getting back into my gym routine will help me not feel so chubby.

7 days post

feing pretty good. My boobs still feel like foreign objects. I have a sharp pain in my right arm pit that goes down my arm when I first wake up in morning. I'm taking one pain pill at night and the. Tylenol during the day. I'm able to move my as so freely up down all around. My dr said that's great and that I don't need to restrict movement but Iso many other drs tell their patients the opposite so I'm trying to use them less. My girlfriend just had a lift, no implant, and her dr told her to movement above shoukder. I don't know. Just worried about the implant shifting.

I had a dream last night that I went to the gym and was doing everything I wasn't suppose to. Lol. Missing the gym. Going to the gym keeps me focused on eating clean. When I don't work out it is so much harder. It is Deff evident in my stomach that I've been eating bad. I have lots of
Bloating :( im getting back on the program Sunday since we have stuff going on Friday and Saturday. Anyways here are my 7 day post op photos

2 weeks post

I'm late to post my two week results. Meet with PS he said things are looking good. I got
To take my bandages off and take a shower. Scares are healing well. The implants are still high so he gave me muscle relaxers to take to help them come down and I need to get better about massaging them more throughout the day. I forgot to ask him if it's ok to take Advil now and if I can sleep flat yet. Oh and I can do light cardio!!! So excited for gym. Overall I don't have pain just annoying burning encouraged boob feeling which is relieved when I massage them.
I'm doing pretty good. Housework and kids wear me out and my back aches towards end of day. I took the muscle relaxer last night and it was amazing, I was so relaxed. Overall I'm very happy besides the feeling i have my boobs being too big. I honestly wish I would have gone 275 or 300. They just seem huge and in some shirts I feel like I have fat people boobs. Nothing I can fix for now so I'm just trying to not think about it.

3 Weeks Post

Feeling good. I still have uncomfortable burning in my boobs almost like I have a rash or a shirt is rubbing me wrong. It comes and goes. I've been back at the gym doing light cardio, I am super envious of people lifting and feel kind of lame doing light cardio but it has helped me mentally feel better about myself. My right boob is still high. I've started wearing a band at night after I take my muscle relaxer and a massage them 6 times a day. I am hoping as the implants settle my nips will come up higher. We shall see. I don't see my PS again tell June 10.

4 weeks

cant believe it's been 4 weeks. Everyday I feel better then the previous day. My two year old took a foot to the mouth on our trampoline and I picked her up with out thinking and then realized while I was carrying her that I wasnt suppose to be, she weighs 30lbs. I'm back at the gym. Still not lifting but increasing the intensity gradually on the rotating stairs. I take arnica before and after I work out to avoid swelling. My incisions are healing great. I'm applying grapeseed oil with feankencense, melaleuca and hyrechisna oil two times a day. I have my next follow up visit next Wednesday and I'm looking forward to my PS saying he is comfortable with me resuming upper body work outs. I am super happy with my size. Initially I thought I would be going back to have them removed and a smaller implant put in but I'm getting use to them and they only look big to be in a bathing suit. Granted if I could do it over I would have gotten 300cc instead of 350cc. I know the amount of cc's aren't much but that's what I would do.

7 weeks PO

im doing great. My boobs are awesome. My right is still higher then left and my left areola is a bit bigger but overall I am very happy. I've been back to doing more at the gym but very isolated movements along with massaging the breasts A LOT!!! I really want my right side to come down a bit more to match up with the left.

I have a visit in two weeks with Dr. S. We'll see what he says.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sajjadian's is very nice along with his staff. He spent lots of time going through the procedure and making me feel comfortable with it He recommended doing a lift along with the implant which I was pretty sure i was going to need after breast feeding two kids for a total of two years . One thing I appreciated is he did not over sale. He was very informative answering all my questions making sure i was at ease.

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