32 Year Old, Two Kids, Active Lifestyle. 32A Hoping for 32B...Newport Beach, CA

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I'm 5'2" 110 lbs. I'm not interested in large...

I'm 5'2" 110 lbs. I'm not interested in large breast just filling out what I have. Breast feeding has taken a toll and I'd like to fill out a bikini top and boost my confidence. My hubby is super supportive and would be happy either way. My biggest fear is them turning out much bigger than I had hoped for. So far I am just researching and have gone on one consultation.

More before pics.

2nd Consultation yesterday!

I loved this doctor and I will be using him for my surgery. He actually tested my breast tissue (and lack there of) to see what would be my best option. I'm not considering 250cc-300cc High profile round implants. Now to find inspirational pics!


I'm *now* considering 250cc-300cc High profile round implants

Rice sizers

Rice sizers with 1 cup of rice = about 236cc. This seems to be my max. I think anymore would be too big for me. If I want this look does that mean I need to go higher if I lose 15% under the muscle?

Rice Sizer Questions

Did your rice sizers equal your results?

Surgery Scheduled, Deposit Paid, Pre-op 2 weeks from tomorrow!

I ask myself everyday, is this really something that I want to do? Any regrets or disappointments? Did anyone hate them at first then grow to love them? Ahhhh!

How did you break the news to your kids?

My daughter is 6 and my son is 2. I'm not sure what to tell my daughter about the surgery. We talk a lot about how health is more important than beauty but she's a smart girl and I don't want to give her the wrong impression.

Surgery in 22 days!

I have been wearing these large bra inserts from Joann fabrics and they are great! I'm hoping to ease the shock so that no one actually notices that I had surgery. I would be perfectly happy if this was my end result.

Recovery time?

How soon after surgery were you able to workout, run, dance, or whatever?

After surgery must haves.

What could you not have lived without after surgery?

One week from today!

Labs ??
medication ??
Schedule cleared, ready to go but freaking out!!

3 days...

Going shopping today in preperation for after care needs. Trying to stay calm but I have constant butterflies!


Tomorrow is the big day. I'm so nervous and scared!

Surgery is done!

Yesterday is a blur. No neasea before of after surgery but they are pretty painful and swollen. I can walk around and life my area to my head but that's it. Thanks to my subscribed sleeping pills I sept all night not problem in a reclined position.

Day 2 pic

Meet the new girls!

Here are my day 2 after pics!

So happy. Ended up with 240cc partial under muscle partially over. They didn't expect to find so much muscle so my surgery was about 2 hours.

Day 3

Wearing my top compression band and a support bra. Doing light stretches and massage several times a day. Feeling tight and sore but overall okay. Bloating is subsiding. Having mixed emotions but I think when I feel better I will love them.

5 days post op!

Feeling better everyday. No more pain meds. Anxious to get back to normal but taking it easy. Very little bruising but still pretty swollen. I think these babies are going to look amazing!
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