32 Y/o 2 Kids Asymmetrical Breasts - Newport Beach, CA

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I have been wanting a BA for years!!! I have had...

I have been wanting a BA for years!!! I have had asymmetrical breast since puberty hit and always hoped they would even out. Never happened even after having 2 kids. I didn't breastfeed my kids for too long (never really got milk), but it caused the asymmetry to get worse. My right boob is almost 2 cup sizes bigger than my left.

I have my surgery scheduled for Dec. 16th but may need to push it back until January and getting nervous knowing that the day will be here soon. Still undecided on how big to go, but definitely want to be about a full D. Husband would like a DD :-)

Thank you ladies for all your reviews! Reading more about what to expect and the experiences you all had makes me feel more confident going into surgery. I hope my story will help someone too.

Change of surgery date

So excited that I didn't have to push back my surgery date, I was actually able to move it up a week earlier!!! Can't wait for Dec. 9th!!!

Pre-op today

Had my pre-op with Dr. Ambe today and feel confident as we get close to the surgery day. Right now we are going with 550cc on my left side and possible 450cc on my right. I did want to go bigger but PS did explain why it would not be the best option for me. Also got my list of medications and I'm a little overwhelmed by the list. This will be my first major surgery and never really taken anything more than tynenol or Advil, so hope I can handle these other medicines.

Surgery moved up a week

Had an event come up on the 17th so I needed to move up my surgery on week so I can try to make. Very grateful that Dr. Ambe was able to accommodate the change. Today was the big day for me. Took some pictures to show the before.

Today was the big day!!!

Went in today for my BA!! The whole experience was awesome. Dr. Ambe and his team were wonderful and answered all my questions. We ended up doing 550cc and the left and 350cc on the right. Got my first post op appt tomorrow, can't wait to see my new babies.

Day 2

Doing pretty good so far with dealing with the pain. Just a bit drowsy. Loving my results so far

Day 3

Feeling better today. Able to deal with the pain with just extra strength tynenol. Still feel a bit bloated.
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