Im so happy with going BIG!

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I have always had relatively small boobs 32b...

I have always had relatively small boobs 32b before my daughter and 6 mo of breast feeding . I have always wanted bigger boobs since I can remember and now that I had my daughter and a fitness freak I no longer have any boobs. Right now I stand at a deflated 32 a/b. I am wanting to go pretty big dd hp silicone. What does everyone think?

Wish pic

I have always wanted bigger boobs..

Ever since I can remember I wanted to have larger boobs but now more than ever I want them! My husband has given me the go ahead to get implants and I am so excited! I am a 28yr old mama of a beautiful 18 mo girl who I breast fed for about 6 months. I'm 5"5, 112lbs, athletic built and a fitness nut. Ever since I had my daughter and began working out like crazy I lost what little breasts I had. I now stand at a deflated 32 a/b. I'm looking to go as big as I can without being obnoxious but I want to be at least a DD. I have done a TON of research and definetly want silicone, HP, unders, and probably around 550-600 cc, but of course see what the surgeons recommend. I have three of four consultations next week and can't wait to discuss in detail what I want to the surgeons and get this ball rolling!! I would love any advice from you ladies about the whole process and deciding what size etc would be best that would look good on my frame. I can't wait to finally be able to feel girly again and rock all those sexy summer clothes they have out!


Surgery scheduled!! :D

I will be having surgery on June 17, my 29th birthday! So excited, yet so nervous!! Thinking of achieving a full D now rather than DD. We will see.

Moms with toddlers

I was just wondering all the moms out there with toddlers how was your recovery with them. I'm so sad I won't be able to hold my 19 month old girl for a little while. I will have help for the first week but just seeing how everyone did it. She's 25 lbs. Thank you ladies!


So I am wanting to start getting a few things before my surgery and was wondering for those ladies who already have had their boobs done what are some things you recommend getting. And for as bras my post op instructions say a sports bra that fits now and zips in the front will I be wearing that one for a while where I should spend a little money on or will it just be for a couple days where I can buy a less expensive one? What is the instructions on the whole bra thing? Underwire? Sports bra? I'm sure my surgeon will go over all this in my pre op but I just want to start getting a few things. THANK U LADIES! :)

32 days left!!! :D

32 days left till my ba and 19 days till my pre op!! Getting more nervous each day actually just because I want to pick the perfect size. I'm trusting my doctor and know he will choose something that fits my frame and not make me look to bulky. My main concern is to have a lot of fullness in the upper pole area since that is non existent right now. I want very full round (not ball shape) implants and natural really isn't in my vocabulary right now. :)

15 more days!!

So in 15 more days I will be getting my ba!!! I'm soo excited and super nervous at the same time! I have my pre op this wed so it's going to seem even more real after that is done! Still undecided about cc but I know I want high profile for sure!

Pre op done!!!! ITS GETTING CLOSER!!

Had my pre op done today! They took blood, I signed a ton of paper work, they went over all the paperwork and what to expect day of and after, then I met with Dr.Kim he confirmed that I wanted to be a dd, he said tgat 600cc will prob be what he will use!!! He wants to actually film me and use me on his web site!! Ahhh super nervous for that, but of I can help other women out on my experience then I'm all for it!!! I also picked up my prescriptions..Vicodin for pain, Ceplexcillin for infection, and Emend for nasuea from the anstesica. I'm getting so excited, I can't wait to feel like a woman and actually be able to wear all of those cute summer clothes!! It's going to be hard not picking up my daughter but I have the SWEETEST husband who is taking a few days off and also my father in law is driving down to help, I'm so close with him and am so thankful for such a loving support system from both of them! Anyways ,I have to still get my zip up sports bra and a few things but I'm READY!!! LET'S DO THIS!! :)

What is the best bra to get after surgery and and soon will I need a larger one?

Hi everyone! My doc suggested a sports bra from dicks sporting goods or sport chalet. He said to get one that fits right now, I am just wondering if I should spend a lot on that bra? Will I need a larger one much sooner after my surgery? Thank you for your replies!! :)

Lounge set ready for surgery!!

I got this adorable lounge set from a local bikini shop near my house! It zips in front and is going to be perfect for my ba! I needed something extra cute because my doctor is going to film my entire surgery for his website! Ahhh I'm getting so nervous and already can't sleep and waking up during the night!

4 more days!!!!! ????

4 more days and I will FINALLY have my ba!! It really does seem still like a dream that I am getting them done, I'm so lucky to have such a supportive husband! He knows how much this means to me! What a life changing experience this is going to be! I'm so ready!!!

Less than 24 hrs!!!

Well tomorrow i get my new boobs!!! It's my 29th birthday and the best birthday gift ever!! I have to be at the office at 630 am for filming and then the nurse will take me back around 730 am then surgery will be at 830!! I'm so glad I won't be going that long without food (not sure if I will even want anything) because I'm hungry allll the time. I'm super nervous and prob won't sleep tonight. My husband and I will be leaving my house at 330 am because Dr.Kims office is 2+ hrs away! I hope the drive home isn't to painful, we decided financially and because I have a 20 month old that we arnt going to get a hotel and I will prob be more comfortable in my own bed. The post op apt the following day can be at really anytime so I can try and sleep in a little then make the drive again. I'm so excited, so nervous too!! I'm nervous to be filming but it will be cool to see my actual surgery being done!! Anyways I will keep ya all posted on my BIG new boobies ;)


I am so devastated and probably has been one if the worst days of my life, on top of it it's my birthday. I went in today for my ba. Didn't sleep all night because I was so nervous,anxious,excited, etc. Got up at 3 am drove 2 hrs to film my ba and get interviewed for my doc and his website which started at 630am. At about 830 the nurse brought me back, I changed into my gown and went over all the post op info and signed a couple more consent forms. I met again with my doc and weconfirmed that I wanted to be a full DDHp. Upon returning to meet again with my nurse my doc came back in and said my red blood count from my pre op apt 2 weeks prior was SUPER LOW it was 60 and the normal ranges is 130-440. He said with it being that low he wouldn't be able to do my ba. Hoping it was an error in the blood work he did another CBC blood work on me. My husband and i were so completely besides ourselves. We waited 4 more hours till 130pm and my blood test came back at only 72. He cancelled my surgery because if I went in I could possible bleed out. He suggested I see a doc and get I touch with a hematologist. I'm so sad I can't even describe the feeling to you ladies. After weeks and weeks of waiting, researching, and getting ready for today and then to have gone through all the filming and to get up to practically going in for surgery all to be cancelled and possibly having something seriously wrong with me all on my bday. I have been crying non stop and feel so sad, luckily I have the most incredible husband who has been there for me all day and throughout this whole process. So instead of going home with my new boobs I get to sign up for health ins and figure out what's possibly going wrong with me. Just wishing I would wake up from this terrible nightmare of a day. :,,(

Praying and hoping for good news!

So i have taken over 4 different blood tests and finally got one back last week that my platelets are in normal range! My doctor isn't sure why they were low.....maybe anemic, lack of bit b12, and iron...who knows. He okay'd me to get my surgery done but my plastic surgeon needs his own blood test done, which i did this morning. I rescheduled my BA for next Friday july 18!!!! I'm not going to be 100% excited yet until i get the results for my blood tomorrow. I was so let down last time i can't go through all that again, so we will see! Fingers are SO crossed........

Still doesn't seem real!!

I got the okay from my doctor to go ahead with my surgery for this coming Friday!!! This has been such a crazy experience so far!!! I'm so lucky to have such a supportive husband who has been there for every step of this process!!!

Last pictures of my itty bittys!!

Surgery done!!

Headed to my post op appointment. 2 hour drive last night right after my surgery was so incredibly painful..cried on every bump we hit. My husband has been so supportive and helping me through every step of this whole process. I'm so lucky and I feel so helpless and like a baby no joke. Anyways I will update y'all soon and fill you in on my actual surgery. Oh by the way I got 700cc hp!!!! BIG BOOBIES!!! So excited to have some of this pain go away and to actually be able to enjoy them soon....thank God for my pain killers!!

700cc silicone, unders, Hp!

LOVE my 700's!!!!! Just left my post op and got to see them for the very first time!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! this has been such an emotional experience and now I actually have the exact boobs I always wanted!!! I have a little brusing but other than that they r so perfect!! I am in a lot of pain because I had to drive home and drive to my post op. The bumps are no joke and have put me in tears but other than that I'm SO HAPPY!! :)

2 days post op

Today is my 2 day post op. I have been in so much pain more than I ever thought I would be. I am super swollen today and still bruised. I have been sleeping pretty good actually taking my pain meds pretty much every 4 hrs along with my antibiotic. I am moving around a bit more this morning. I still need help getting up my husband has been so incredibly helpful. I seriously feel like a baby and so helpless. Tomorrow I will be alone with my daughter so I'm planning on resting all day today so hopefully I will be ok by myself. I love my new breasts they are everything I wanted and even though they are swollen I know I'm going to love them so muh!! I will try and update as much as I can for all of you :)

3 day po

This is me 3 day op. I'm in still quite a bit of pain. Today will be my first full day with my 21 mo old daughter, husband is back to work. I'm hoping my day goes smoothly I'm so thankful for all the help my husband has been doing for us. He's been so amazing! Anyways my boobs are so tight and hard just like when my milk came in for nursing my daughter. I feel like they weight 100 lbs each also! Tomorrow I get to start massaging which I know will be painful, but I think it's going to release some of the pain as well. I love my 700, but I'm pretty sure my recovery has been a lot harder because I went so big. I know I'm going to love them as soon as the pain goes away. I do not regret going to big, I rather be on the larger size than to small. I will try and post some pics with some shirts and tank tops and different bras on soon, I'm just way to sore to keep switching outfits as of right now. Anyways yay for big boobs, even though I am miserable right now! Haha

4 day po

4 day op and I'm feeling a lot less pain. I havnt had to take a pain pill since last night. I think the Vicodin makes me super tired, and emotional? I'm going to try and kick that stuff if i absolutely don't need it. My boobs are still super swollen, high, and very tight/hard. I can only describe it like when I got my milk in when I was pregnant, but this is constant. I get to finally start massaging today yay!! I have been sleeping at a 45 degree angle with three pillows behind me and actually been sleeping really good like that. My amazing hubby has been setting his alarm for my antibiotics, he's seriously the best husband ever! I still havnt been able to go to the bathroom (5 days ) sorry if that's to much info..hoping I can go ASAP! I just feel so bloated and fat! Anyways, I feel like I can do a lot more with my arms today, but will not over do it. It's hard when I'm such a do everything kind of mama!

11 days po update

I am feeling really good still slightly sore but so much better then the beginning. I am no longer bloated yay, and I don't look like I'm 5 mo preg anymore, thank goodness! Lol I had my 10 day po apt with Dr.Kim yesterday and he said everything looks great keep massaging 3 times a day and to take vit e for my incision and I bought these scar pellets to help as well. I'm loving my 700s! I think they actually fit my body well and don't even look that big on me! I have never felt so sexy and girly in my life! If you look at my before pics I looked like a 12 yr old boy, now I defibetly feel like a woman! I have no complaints whatsoever and I know they are going to keep getting better when they d&f!!!

Got sized at Victoria secret today!

I know I am only slightly over 2 weeks po but my ps said I can now wear an underwire bra, so what do I first think of!? Victoria secret, duh lol I got sized a 32ddd I bought a Demi bra and hoping I can still wear it and be the same size in the coming weeks! How much did everyone's bra size change from 2 weeks to the following months to come?

Almost 4 weeks po!

Well it's been almost a month and I'm lovvvving my new boobs! I have so much more self confidence and feel so womanly! My right still needs to stop more but they are getting more fluffier everyday! My husband loves them just as much as I do ;) I am finally allowed to start cardio and resume leg excersie! Yay! I'm gonna ease into it though...hope everyone is doing good! :)

I love my wife's new boobies!!!!

Yes this is her husband hacking her account :).

I love her new boobies and her apparent boost in self esteem & confidence. She has always been gorgeous to me, but now she is out of this world hot!!!!!! I can't stop from touching and feeling them and looking at them!!! Wives and girlfriends out there be warned, you will have some serious trouble finding privacy when your both home.

More photos I took of her new boobies :)

YEs this was definitely a fun day

Little over one month po.

I am slightly over one month post op and my boobs are everything I wanted and more!! They are so soft and squishy! I'm still massaging 3 times a day my right is still higher but it's still pretty early. They are actually feeling like mine and not some weird add on lol. The lower part of each breast has become slightly numb but my dr thinks it's because of my nerves regenerating. My nipples are still numb free which I'm so happy about!! I love wearing sexy clothes and actually feel so confident now! I wanna show them off wherever I go! Lol I have been to the gym a couple times but taking it slow I'm only doing cardio and weight trAining legs when I go. I got to skinny there for a while with all the gym and now enjoying my new boobs along with some extra curves!! I think I have gained like 3 or 4 lbs oh well.....:) anyways hope all is well with you ladies ask me any questions you may have!

2.5 months post op!!

I can't believe its been over 2 months now almost 3!! I love my boobs! They are so big and everything I wanted!! They have changed dramatically from when I first got them! I am still massaging everyday, trying not to lift anything to heavy still and I still measure at at 32 ddd!! Yay hahah I love my 700's!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I enjoyed every process with Dr.Kim and his staff. He truly is an artist! I was very bummed he didn't catch my blood test results the day of my first scheduled surgery, but it was for the best because I figured out I needed a couple supplements that I was lacking from my diet. He truly is an artist and is truly the best plastic surgeon I could have ever wished for! I recommend him to anyone!!

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