27 Year Old, 5'1, 98 Lbs, 325 CC Sientra Implants - Newport Beach, CA

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I recently relocated to Orange County and after...

I recently relocated to Orange County and after thorough research, I chose Dr Larry Nichter because of his extensive background and positive reviews online. Meeting him at our initial consultation, he was very knowledgeable and calm and I was very excited to have him as my plastic surgeon.

I went back for my pre op and met with Lynne, she was very kind and comfortable and responded to my emails very quickly. I also had to wait about 20-30 minutes to meet with her for my post op.. She was quite thorough during our meeting, but didn't have the correct photos that I sent in ready in my file. During the pre op she gave me my vitamins, ted hose, bra, and other ointments.

About a week before my surgery, I had developed a cough which took a turn for the worst 3 days prior to surgery. Lynne told me to see my primary care physician if it doesn't get better, so I stopped by Marque Urgent Care and had the worst experience. The doctor spent the entire time telling me it was ridiculous I am getting BA, that it's a stupid decision and does not understand why I am doing it. She was absolutely so rude, so negative that I was taken aback. She told me I had a fever (99) and also I was underweight. She gave me some antibiotics and didn't even explain what she was giving me or when to take it. This is the worst treatment I have ever had, I don’t think she even wanted to treat me. I left the office feeling terrible and pretty helpless.

Thankfully Lynne was always reachable by email to answer my concerns, and called me to talk to me about what was going on and her advice. She told me to stop taking the prescribed antibiotics because it was giving me bad side effects and to proceed with the other antibiotics she had prescribed. She calmed me down and I decided to go forth with my surgery as I knew I didn't have a fever and I just had a cough, no colored mucus or any other symptoms.

The morning of, Dr Scott (anthetistloist) spent time going over my medicine, my diet, and everything else post surgery. I voiced my concern about my cough and he said the antibiotics will help kick it away. Dr Nichter came by and had a quick chat. The next thing I know I was wheeled away into the surgery room and after a brief dream, I was up with a new set of boobies :)

Waking up was tough, my vision was blurry and I was extremely jittery. Dr Nichter was gone and the nurse was there to help wheel me out to the car. Chest was tight but wasn't too bad. I made sure I drank lots of water (especially since the pills made me thirsty) and made sure I sat upright as much as possible (so that it wouldn't hurt as much to get up). . The pain wasn't super bad, I was able to go to the washroom alone and walked around without assistance. Breathing was a little tough and I lost my voice at night, but I just took it slow. My vision was pretty blurry throughout the day and I kept dozing every so often, but it wasn't too bad. I was eating pasta at night and I had a pretty good appetite. Dr Nichter called me that night to ask how I was. He said everything went smoothly and I felt the same way.

Day 2 was still a little tight, but the worst was my bra and ace wrap. It scratched me and left red marks by my armpits… It was so painful we put handkerchiefs in between so it was stop rubbing my skin. I had to take it off every so often as well. I also became extremely bloated which subsided around day 4/5. Thankfully I never got nauseous and had very little bruising which I think was attributed to the arnica they provided me. My colodine patch fell off around day 4 and I began experiencing anxiety attacks which was something I didn't anticipate.

On day 3 I took a shower which wasn't too hard, I was able to wash my own hair and clean myself. Everyday, my arm movements get better and better and I don't need to sit with a pillow anymore. I started taking tylenol around day 4 instead of the pain meds. The only time it is bothersome is at nighttime... I haven't been able to sleep a whole night through without waking up to take tylenol.. I hope I will soon.

On day 6, I went back for my first post op visit and was given a compression strap to wear instead. I was given the clear to stop wearing the bra and to wear a sports bra instead. Things feel great and I am very happy. My boobs look great, they are symmetrical and proportionate to my body. They look like the photo I sent to Dr Nichter and I had very little bruising and bleeding. I cannot be happier. I sent my photo to my friends and a few of them want to get a boob job!

I am on day 8 now and feeling great. They are still a little tight but it gets better each day.I am itching to work out but learning to take it slow with just walking first and maybe some lower ab exercises. I cannot be happier with how smooth the surgery and the aftermath has been.

one week photo

3 month later...

I can't believe it has been 3 months since my surgery and the recovery has been a lot easier than I thought. For about 5 weeks, they still felt pretty funny but now I am not experiencing any pain or complications besides a random tinge when I lie on my side sometimes. They have dropped a lot and are soft and looking really great. My scars are still red but I am dutifully putting scarguard on in hopes it will fade. Thankfully, they are small and are covered up with a bathing suit.
I get a lot of compliments and I cannot be happier. I have been back to see Dr Nichter for my 2 week, and now my 3 month check in and all is great.
For everyone that is thinking about getting a BA, I would highly recommend it as long as you do your research!! I don't think I would have had such a successful and happy surgery if I had chosen a different doctor. Further, I spent a lot of time googling my problems on Real Self after my surgery. I know this is probably the stupidest thing to do but it really helped calm my nerves when I found others were going through the same random little symptoms as myself and also reading professional certified surgeon responses were the best. Thanks Real Self Community!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I am so happy and impressed with Dr Nichter's work that I cannot stop looking at my boobs everyday! I was definitely nervous at first as my interaction prior to surgery with Dr Nichter had only been during the consultation. We never discussed what I wanted together but my boobs look just like the photo I had presented him. They are symmetrical, proportionate, and look great on my body. Lynne, the nurse who I interacted with most, is fantastic. She was always prompt to answer all my questions and concerns. The consultant I had, on the other hand, was a little more disorganized. She missed my email initially with my paperwork, and also did not have my consultation appointment in the calendar correctly. The wait time was also quite long, I had to wait about 20-30 minutes for my pre op and my consultation once I checked in. Other than that, I would highly recommend Dr Nichter! A few of my friends want to get their girls done now after seeing my results! I can't be happier!

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