23 y.o, 5'2" 114lbs, No Kids, 345cc High-Profile Natrelle Inspira (Allergan) Unders. Newport Beach, CA

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I had my consult 4/10, paid my deposit yesterday...

I had my consult 4/10, paid my deposit yesterday and scheduled my BA for 8/5. My pre-op date is 7/20. The PS said I had great elasticity, symmetry, and breast tissue, so round or shaped implants would achieve my desired look. He suggested inframammary incision w/ a sub muscular placement, with either Sientra textured shaped or Allergan smooth round silicon implants. I haven't decided on size but am considering 310 or 330cc. I have no clue of which shape to choose at the moment but hope the Vectra imaging at my pre-op will make up my mind. Anyone have any feedback for shape or size?

According to Victoria's Secret I am currently a 32C, but I am actually a 32B. I've always considered BA, but am finally going through with it as I have noticed a loss in volume an size since I've began weight training in the gym (I've witnessed my mom go from a C to A cup as a result of vigorous exercise over the past year). I'm happy with my breast shape but have always wanted them to be fuller. I'm hoping to finally have breasts proportionate to my frame (currently 32,25,38). I'm really excited and can't wait, and am glad to have the support of my mother and close friends throughout this exp.

I've learned so much from the testimonies on this site, and even found my surgeon on this site as well, so I hope others considering BA will find my experience and pictures helpful.

Also I was told to bring a lightly lined bra (no padding or pushup) in my ideal size to my pre-op, but don't know how that translates from cc's. Can anyone with implants in 300-350cc range offer any suggestions?

pics- wish and current

Rice Sizers

After speaking with Julie, Dr. Savalia's patient consultant I was told to find my ideal bra. She clarified the cc's we used at the consult were 304 and 335cc and that each would look 10% smaller under the muscle than just placed in the bra (makes sense). After a struggle at the store to translate cc's into a cup size I settled on a 32DD as 32D provided very little room for added volume. The bra size was daunting because It sounds so large but agter trying with my rice Sizers I'm happy and even more excited for my BA. Here are pics wearing the bra with my rice approx. 335cc rice sizers.

IBTC bucketlist & bikini pics

Have been reading through reviews like mad and it get's me so stoked for my surgery it's unreal. The excitement is too much, my 23rd birthday and graduation from university is this month, and yet I'm way more excited for August (lol priorities). I'm considering moving my date up, but then again one of the reasons I scheduled it so far away is because of my workout regimen. I workout 5 days a week 1.5-2 hrs a day, weight training. I'd like to get in as many gains as possible before surgery renders me unable to lift for a few weeks. My bustier roommates (natural D cups) have suggested I a list of thing I can only do with small boobs... I call it the IBTC (IttyBittyTittyComittee) Bucketlist. "Going braless all summer" was their unanimous pick, but I have a feeling I may still be free-boobin once I'm healed. Enjoying no underboob sweat is all I can think of really, and maybe running vigorously? Lol I guess they view their boobs as limitations or maybe I'm being naive and just have no clue about living with big boobs. All the same, I can't wait to upgrade my girls and join the big leagues! I also really appreciate all the feedback and tips from other realself women. Thanks ladies! :]

Here are some current pics of me in a bikini, not much going up on top. Would have included photos with rice sizers but my roomie's puppy ate and threw one up when no one was looking, so need to make another lol. Also total coincidence I happen to be wearing orange & black again in my pics -_-

I'm back! The countdown begins...

So life and other fabulous changes happened! My original procedure date (Nov '15) was pushed back a whole 5 months due to starting a new job and moving. Now that things have settled down, I'm excited to say my pre-op appt is a little over 2 weeks away with my procedure scheduled for the first week of April! I'll be on here more often with updates following my pre-op, procedure, post-op, and beyond :)

A brief summary of my stats: Currently 32C hoping to fill a 32DD (see rice sizer photos above). From my consult (almost a year ago, jeeze!), Dr. Savalia suggested inframammary incision w/ a sub muscular placement, with either Sientra textured shaped or Allergan smooth round silicon implants. I am leaning towards the Allergan round implants perhaps 320cc, but the final decision will be made @ my pre-op appointment with the Vectra imaging so stay tuned!

new wish pics for the new year :)

Go big or go home!

The most common advise I've researched & received so far is to not be afraid to go big. I was initially conservative about size because I associate larger cc's with the "fake look." The initial response of my friends to my plans to pursue a breast augmentation also contributed to my conservative feelings; "Why?" they'd ask incredulously or "You don't need it..." followed by whatever opinion they had to share. After asserting my reasoning, they all got on board and have been supportive since. With the support & extra push I've received from realself users, close friends & family, I'm becoming more confident with choosing larger implants. I've seen amazing transformations with larger cc's and can't wait to make my final selection @ my pre-op appointment in 2 weeks!

Is it Monday yet?

Only one weekend inbetween me and my pre-op appointment! I can't believe I'm just about 2 weeks pre-op! I'm nervous, but excited. It's like that feeling when you have a new crush ;) This has been a long time coming and I'm just so ready! I'm thinking of putting a post-op care kit together to make those first five days easier. I'm sure my doc will give me a few recommendations, but do any of you ladies have any post-op product faves?

Pre-Op Day!

So I had my preop appointment today and am beyond excited. The Vectra 3D machine is so cool! I loved seeing my potential results and decided on a size. Since I have a narrow chest we've got to go by diameter recommendations. 255cc was the max (and conservative) Vectra recommendation but Dr. Savalia approved up to 345cc. I initially settled on round, high- profile 325cc implants, but then I switched to 345cc to 335cc.... To 345cc. Lol it was a little hard making up my mind as you can see. I hear breasts may shrink by 10% after the drop & fluff phase ends. I figure with 345cc, that if they shrink a little, then no problem, and if they don't well great! Side note: I'm trying to convince myself I made the right choice and not flip flop again. Anyway, next step is getting my bloodwork & Rx's in order and just mentally preparing myself I guess. T-minus 18 days to surgery! :D Vectra pics coming soon.

So this happened...

Today I went to have blood work done. Since Dr. Savalia is out of my insurance network it's been a bit of a hassle. I went to a family physician within my network, Dr. C, to get the lab referral but during the exam, the doctor felt the need to pass judgement on my decision to has a BA. She began by going over the risks (nbd), to which I said I was aware because this process has been long and well researched on my end. She then said only people with A cups needed it, and since I was a B cup I didn't need it and years down the line I would regret it because of the added risk and complications for replacing implants every 10 years. So then she launches into this personal narrative about how she's thought of having a BA herself, but didn't want her kids to think she died for vanity if something happened to her because she's "never had surgery before or have been under anaesthesia... what if I had an allergic reaction?" PS this is the first time I've had surgery and she is well aware of this fact. She then asks what my mother thinks and that she hopes she doesn't have to have this conversation with her daughter, etc. etc. She then asked if I still wanted to go through with the procedure, if my mom was paying for it, and that I should "just remember this conversation when you're 60 years old and having regrets." What the actual f*** was my thought but I very curtly said my family supported my decisions as I am an adult, and if she could please get on with the exam. I don't need to validate my decisions regarding my body to you, a stranger. Crazy! Anywho, I filed a complaint and that was that. It's just mind blowing how people feel they are entitled to a judgement of the way you live your life and try to persuade you to change your mind via scare tactics & personal stories, especially a physician at her place of work... sooo unprofessional! This negative experience with Dr. C only further highlights the excellent bedside manner I've already experienced from Dr. Savalia, and my confidence in pursuing a BA. 17 days left :)

4 more days!

Today I am officially 4 days away from surgery and have started taking my Arnica tablets :D It's been exactly a year since I began this process, and after numerous reschedulings and life events, my BA is fast approaching. Woah! Where did the time go?!


Whelp! I'm on the other side! The surgery center staff, my anesthesiologist, and Dr. Savalia were amazing. I did a round of yoga before leaving the house and felt very calm prior to surgery. I don't even remember going under but woke up immediately requesting Cookie Connection, Pasqual (my bf), and my mom. I was very adamant about getting to Cookie Connection (if you haven't been, GO!) and my nurse kept asking me to lie back down. I took my sock off at some point because there is footage of me in the car saying "Dobby is free!" All in all the procedure was fantastic. I've been chasing the pain with my medication but I'm otherwise very relaxed. My boobs look fantastic from what I can see in the surgical bra (must wait 48hrs). Thanks for all the support and well wishes! ????

Thanks Dr. Savalia!

I'm a little delirious from the pain killers, but all in all I'm so happy with my results. Recovery is going well, I haven't felt too much nausea and my appetite has been fine. Around 4AM I slipped from my propped pillows in my sleep, and woke up flat on my back, crying from the pain and pressure. I couldn't get up but was swiftly assisted by my angelic caretakers. My breasts and nipples are numb when I touch, but the surrounding muscle is sore. This is so surreal, can't wait to see what they look like after the final drop & fluff :)

Shower Power!

Whelp 48hrs have come and gone, and healing is going well. No sign of bruising (yay Arnica!) and I'm feeling less pain. I was allowed to shower today and not was it glorious! A friend of mine braided my hair today as well, so I'm feeling FRESH from head to toe. Sleep has been restful but random. My body knows what it needs, so I'm just going with it.

Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment so we shall see what's in store. I absolutely LOVE my boobies! I just want to look at them all day. Can't wait until the squish kicks in :) Aside from the pain meds & my wonderful caretakers, two things that have made my post-op care amazing are my Gilligan & O'Malley jammies from Target, and my husband pillow from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I'm one comfy girl for sure.

Old Bikini, New Boobies

Day 5

Let me be super real for a moment. I haven't pooped in ages and it feels awful. Now I was warned and prescribed Colace to prevent consolation from al the post op meds but damn! I look pregnant, that's how bloated I am. I'm not exaggerating. I am 6days (I should've gone pre-op -_-) preggo with a food baby.... Multiples.

I'm so over sleeping on my back. I caught myself many time trying to shift to my side to sleep but corrected myself.

The pain has subsided. I now mostly feel pain around the incision site (it's kind of itchy), as well as soreness in my rib and pec muscles. It's definitely uncomfortable but not painful enough for meds. I've been weaning myself off the medication in the hope of vanishing this constipation.

Whining aside, I'm so in love with my boobies. My post-op appointment on Monday was just to see if there was any bleeding, but everything is looking good and healing well. My true post-op is next Monday, when my stitches come out. I can officially say my IBTC (ittybitty titty committee) membership has been revoked and I couldn't be happier.

1 week boobiversary

It's officially been a week! I can't believe it. It went by so fast. My antibiotics are all gone, and I am off al medication save for the arnica gel. My boobs are no longer numb but with that, my nipples hurt now. Some soreness around my ribs and mid-chest but nothing too bothersome. The small bruise near my left incision already looks old and yellow so everything is looking great. I drove today with no issues or pain, making turns can be a bit uncomfortable but so far so good. Yay! :)

Sayonara Sutures!

I had another post op today and this time my sutures were removed! Yay! No scar treatment yet, as Dr. S applied underboob support tape that he wants me to wear until my next appt in 2 weeks. I am now in the massage phase of post-op which is pretty exciting. For me, he recommends 20 reps, twice a day. That's all for now :)

Support Tape

2 Weeks!

It's been two weeks since my BA! Not much to update: massage is going well and painless, my boobs kind of feel softish, and the support tape is holding up well (no pun intended). I've been going about my life and feeling 100%. Post-op muscle soreness is a thing of the past! My nipples are still sore, and sleeping on my back feels terrible, but everything else is great! I must say trying on new and old clothes is 1000x better with boobs. :D I can't wait to be cleared for bra shopping... And side sleeping... And sex! Lol

3 week Update!

Hullo ladies! So today marks my 3 week boobiversary and I have just a few updates. Nipples are now only sore if fabric is touching them, and my aereolas no longer hurt. Sleeping on my back is dreamy, as I have no more discomfort. My boobs are very soft now with some jiggle. Still somewhat conish looking but of course I'm only 3 week out even if it does feel like forever. My right boob is still a bit sluggish compared to my left, but all in due time :) Dressing boobs was harder than expected. I tried on a few maxi dresses that I would have chosen in past (backless, cute front cuts, etc) and they looked so bad! I looked like a porn star in everything! There was sideboob, cleavage, and nippin through the thin fabric. Not to mention the dresses were of those drapey material so it hugged the rest of me ( I have a bit butt so that was highlighted as well lol) and nothing was left to the imagination. Thin material is out I guess. Fortunately, the clothes I already have fit well. I'm getting antsy about these sports bras though, and can't wait to be cleared for regular bras! P.S- Sex is like 100000x more amazing!

An unexpected update!

My bandages fell off in the shower! Tbh I'm kind of glad because those things were annoying. My next post-op is in a few days, but I called my PS to see if the bandage sitch was ok. But anyway, I can finally see my incisions for the first time and wow what a work of art on Dr.S' part. Can't wait to begin scar treatment :)


Good news! After today's post-op I am cleared for exercise, swimming, bathing, side sleeping, underwire bras (no push up), and scar treatment! Basically the hard part of recovery is over! :) Dr. S said scar treatment was optional as my incisions healed beautifully and weren't visible, but if I wanted to pursue treatment then he recommended silicone strips. I decided to try the strips, because why not! He stressed the importance of the next two months of healing and the need to supportmy breasts with underwire bras to prevent further dropping. I'm to continue massaging my implants 2x a day. I'm so glad I can finally wear cute bras, sleep however I want, practice yoga, and take baths (I LOVE Lush products). I went shopping today and had so much fun. I've finally gotten the hang of dressing the boobs. Finding a bra was a little complicated. I measure 32DD, yet my 32DD Calvin Klein was too tight/smal and when I went to VS PINK nothing fit! I went there first because I didn't want to splurge on bras and have my size change from the drop & fluff phase. I was told their bras run small, so I popped over to VS and scooped up a practical/comfy nude bra and a sexy/supportive lace bra. I'll measure again next month to see if there's been any changes and then buy more. I will probably be updating every other week now or if anything new and exciting happens regarding the boobies. My next post-op appt is in August.

Hello hello!

Well time sure does fly! So many wonderful things have been happening in my life and I've in a whirlwind! The boobies are doing well. I'm a 32DD in VS bras and am still very much happy with that! Still doing my 2x daily massage. They're softer and bouncier each day :) I feel like the scar treatment has made my scars look more prominent but time will tell.

Week 8

It's almost been 2 months since I've upgraded the girls! Wowowow! As anticipated they have shrunk a bit as the swelling has decreased. I'm still happy with the size and am still a 32DD :) it took awhile to get used to wearing underwire bras again but a little end-of-day-soreness isn't sooo bad (read: I can't wait to unleash the boobies when I get home from work). I've made it a habit to check myself out in the mirror before getting dressed each day. It was a long journey to arrive at this point and I love the way I look in and it if clothes ;)

I've been more diligent about wearing my silicone strips for my scar. After 2 weeks the lumpiness around the incision site has decreased and the actual scar has faded.

At first, I noticed some men behaving piggish, particularly some friends who believed it was somehow okay to remark on my breasts just because they were considered a friend and privy to the fact that I've had breast implants. That nonsense was shut down swiftly and those "friends" since removed. Gross. But all normalacy has resumed and it's like they've always been there :)

I will post some update pics soon and catch up with you ladies :D

Pic update!

Busty Milestone

Lol so just now at work, as I was reaching for a kcup I made my first cleavage catch as I dropped one of the kcups. Expecting to hear hear a clatter on the ground, imagine my surprise when the little thing bounced on and settled itself between my boobs. Lol the little things.
Just thought I'd share that fun little tidbit. Happy weekend! :D

4 month update

So even though my next post-op isn't until August, I went to see my PS last Monday for a question about my boobs. Long story short, he was concerned with my breast firmness at this early stage in recovery. I've noticed they were a bit firm during massage, but figured it was just part of the process. He believes Im exhibiting early stages of capsular contracture (dreaded words) due to genetics since its evenly present in both breasts. He prescribed Singulair and aggressive massage as much as possible for the next 6 weeks. I'm hoping this medication and rough massage will help, otherwise Dr.S said we could leave them as is or entertain the possibility of revision surgery to insert somethings to remove the scar tissue and place something (I forget what) inside the pocket to prevent it from happening against. Ita really great I went in when I did, otherwise I would have gone 2 more months with C.C untreated. Silver lining :)


So after 3 weeks of Singulair and aggressive massage I've noticed a dramatic increase in softness. Phew! 3 more weeks until my 4 month check in (Typo on the title of my last post as that was my 3 month update not 4). Anywho, life with boobs is still fabulous. Hope everyone is doing well :)
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Savalia and his staff at Newport Beach Center for Plastic surgery, as well as the staff at the Newport Beach Surgery Center where my procedure was done, has been phenomenal throughout my BA journey. From consult to post-op, Dr. Savalia and staff have been kind, professional, and readily available for all my questions & needs. He helped guide my decision in choosing the best implants for my body to achieve my desired look and I am so ecstatic about my results. I look forward to my future post-op appointments with Dr. S, and highly recommend him if you are pursuing a cosmetic transformation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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