Perioral Rhytids

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I went to have upper lip lines taken care of. I...

I went to have upper lip lines taken care of. I was told by the woman who made the appt. it would be $400. so I brought cash. During the consultation, the doctor said he couldn't do anything for the upper lip lines and I would need a facelift at the tune of $12,000. I'm still looking for a doctor who is familiar with botox and fillers for the perioral rhytids. The office girl was in my the room with the doctor and she mentioned a lip lift. The doctor negated that idea too. I have been researching on Real Self and contacted three other doctors to schedule more consultations. I also discovered on one website that face lifts do not solve perioral rhytids. I am grateful I learned of lip lifts as well as implants for lip augmentations because I was only aware of fillers and fraxel (of which I've had three) and chemical peels, (of which I've had two). I haven't given up hope regardless of the fact that the first doctor I saw indicated that my case is hopeless. I'm 55 years old and a cancer survivor. Hopeless isn't in my vocabulary. I am sure there is someone somewhere on this planet who can solve the problem. It just wasn't the first doctor I consulted. I appreciate his honesty. I don't expect everyone to be capable of everything but it seemed to me that it wouldn't be very complicated and a cosmetic surgeon would be capable of the job. I am confused as to why the woman who scheduled me and was well aware of what I wanted taken care of, didn't know the doctor wasn't willing to do injections. Of course everyone has to have their priorities and I'm sure clients who drop $12,000. are far more welcome than someone who just wants some filler a couple of times a year.
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