51 Year Old Enjoying my Lollipop Breast Lift Without Implants. - Newport Beach, CA

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I am an active 51 year old that works out...

I am an active 51 year old that works out regularly for my health. I consider myself a conservative dresser and work in a professional environment. Although i feel that i have stayed in good shape, with age, and after two kids, my breasts have really deflated and become very droopy. (I will be adding pics to this soon). I was not very large, 34D, but with the increasing droopiness I was having difficulty finding clothes that looked good, I always had to wear an industrial strength bra, no strapless bras could hold me up, so I was wearing things that I felt make me look much older then how I felt. About 6 months ago I really started researching a breast lift procedure. I was not adamantly against implants, but I did not want to go bigger, I did not mind going smaller, and I did not need to have that upper fullness that you get with implants. I was fine with wearing bras, but I wanted to be able to wear cute bras if possible. That is what I told Dr. Sajjidian when I met with him. After his examination, he said I could do just a lift without implants. So, that is what I scheduled to go with and what I ended up having on June 6. It turned out that he did not do an anchor lift, he only did a vertical lift. The 1 week post opp visit that I will post was a real surprise. He had me wear my surgical bra for the entire time and not take it off even for a peek (no showering). I followed the advise, the first time I saw the girls was at the post op. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I even had to confirm that he did not use an implant, because to me, it looked like he had! Now I know they are still swollen and that they will settle in overtime. But as of now, I am very happy with how it is coming along.

As for the Recovery: day of surgery, very groggy and do not recall anything other then tightness and a bit sore. On the day after surgery I did have pain and panicked a bit when I took my pain med and it felt like I was still in pain. I called Dr. Sajj and He asked me to double up on the pain dose that one time, then go back to regular schedule. All was fine after that. I d/c pain meds and went to Tylenol on day 6 without a problem and went back to work. I do get tired easily and I am very conscious of limiting activities and eating a low-calorie/high-protein diet.

9 days post op

I am 9 days post op. I am seeing a couple of spots of blood from the right areola and some inflammation on the nipple. I called my PS and he said to pit some aquaphore ointment and clean gauze on it. I will see him in two day and I am trying to stay calm and positive. I am focusing on a low cal high protein diet to help with healing. I will keep you posted.

Added Photos

At about 10 days post op I had some darkening around the left nipple and areola. Now I am 14 post op and it is flaking off and there is healthy pink tissue underneath. So, I am keeping it clean, placing ointment and keeping non-stick gauze pads on it. I still like the results. I look so different in clothes. I am starting to really miss working out, but I want to take it easy for another couple of weeks until the nipple and areola is fully healed.

Update Post Op Pictures-feedback appreciated

My recovery is continuing. The darkened areola turned out to be superficial necrosis , which means the skin died from lack of circulation. I am told this is a rare complication, but so be it. So, to prevent infection my routine has been showering in the AM, then a layer of Bactine ointment, non-stick gauze pad (I am still using the gauze for the other breast as well, but no ointment), I change the gauze at noon without ointment to allow it to dry, then ointment, and gauze before bed. The routine seems to be working. Most of the dark skin has sloughed off and (thankfully) new pink skin has developed. So, it looks like I am on the mend. You can see that the areola is going to have a pink scar that will affect the shape of the areola, but I am just focusing on healing for now! I still really like the shape of the breast. I still have steri strips on to help healing, except for the healing area and I still use a bra all day and night, except during shower, of course. I think they look ok, even with the healing areola. Let me know what you think. Thank you.

No more steri strips and new bra discovery

I am 25 days post op now. Took off steri strips a couple of days ago. Recovery is going well. PS said I could wear underwire bra. Wore one to work and i was in a lot of discomfort by the end of the day. So I have been experimenting with wireless bras. Found a great one, the Genie bra. Got it at Walmart. Love it. Here are some pics with me in the bra. It gives me the band support I need but does not rub against any incisions. I still am using non stick gauze pads. Looks like the incisions are healing well. The side view is the areola that has been healing. Still a couple of areas with scabs but looks like it is repigmenting so all good. Also, I did a 20 min low impact cardio work out, and I am starting to feel normal.

Things I am enjoying with my breast lift.

So I am still recovering. I have another follow up appointment in 3 days. Healing seems to be going well but I still have a couple of scabs on one areola so I am still using ointment (1x/day) and non-stick gauze pads (just to keep the area clean until healing is totally done. But, while I am healing I am already enjoying my post-op look. So, I thought I would share- it may help those who are nervous about their upcoming surgery and recovery.

Things that I enjoy about my breast lift:
I can wear t-shirts again without layering anything over it;
I don't slouch;
I look slimmer in my clothes;
I can totally wear all my swim suits again (even the bikinis !);
I do not have a "double boob" (the part that squishes out the top of the bra.

Hope all you you lovely ladies are recovering well and also enjoying the "perks" of your breast surgeries. :-)

Updated post op photos pre scar treatment.

Hi all,

I am posting some updated photos. I am really loving how the girls have settled in. They look natural but perky. I wore a bikini this weekend, and my husband said I looked great, that made me feel good. I wanted to post new pics because I will start scar treatment this week and wanted to show pre treatment photos.

Three month post op update

Here is my 3 month update photo. My right areola is the one that had some necrosis and I don't like the shape. I will be talking to dr. Sajjidian about tattooing to make it look more like my other breast. That breast also seems smaller to me then the other one. It's the one with a side view posted above. I wear a sports bra to bed and still sleep on my back, but I am used to it now and it's better for my face, so i don't mind sleeping that way. Still using the scar sheets during the day and bio oil at night, not sure I see much difference, but the scars are not a big issue for me. Not sure why the photos are upside down, sorry about that.

8 month post op update with photos

Hi All,

Thank you for your comments and your reminders for me to post updated pictures. I tried to get you some close up pics so you can see the scars. I have not done anything to minimize them. They are visible but are flat. They really do not bother me at all, but I do understand that some may be concerned about their appearance. Others have had good success with scar treatments. I just didn't have the patients to try them. I really like the shape of my breasts. They look great in clothes and I feel more confident about my body. I am not happy with the areola shape which is a result of the scar tissue (which on my skin tone shows up white). I want to see how they look 12 month post op and, if I don't like the result, I may go in for a tattoo to even out the shape.

I still have my same bra size, 34 D and I do use the same bras for the most part. I do not need the full coverage heavy lift ones any more. I also am not using my Victoria Secret Demi style ones. They are a little low now for me and my nipples are too high for that style.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I know I had many before my procedure. Bottom line for me is : I am thankful every day that I had this procedure done. It has totally changed the way I feel about myself. For me, the results are such a significant improvement.

For all of you considering this procedure I wish you the best of luck. I hope this update was helpful for you.

One Year Post Op Pictures

Hey everyone. I have been asked to post pictures at the one year post-op mark, so here they are. I actually don't see much difference from the six month pictures so I think this is the final product. I did not do any scar treatment because I was lazy but the scars are fading on their own. I like the size and position of my breasts but you can see that the areoles are a bit uneven. But to me it's no big deal.

I like sleeping in a comfy Cotten bra. I think I am just used to it and I want to keep the girls perky as long as possible. I remember reading on one of the reviews here that sleeping in a bra was just protecting your investment. That kind of stuck with me.

I still love everything about my new breasts. The biggest change for me was how I feel about my body when I am naked. Before, I used to feel like I was hiding these terrible flat pancake breasts that made me feel like I was 80 years old. Now when I take my clothes off I look at myself and I feel great about my body. I feel healthy, fit, and pretty .

This is probably my last update so I will conclude by saying this. A BL may seem like a superficial, maybe even vain, thing to do. At least I felt that way before my surgery. But it has changed the way I feel about myself, how I interact with my husband, and my confidence level at work. I may have said this in prior comments but it's worth repeating: it was life changing. There is a lot of sh*t out there that you hate! but cannot change. This you can, and I am so glad I did.

Good luck with your journey.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sajjidian is professional and honest with his opinions. He spent significant time with me during the consultation to make sure he understood what I was looking for, then he examined me, he then gave me an honest opinion about his recommendation and what I could expect. When I saw the results at the post-op visit and said how I could not believe the result he got without an implant, he said that he "under promises and over delivers." And he really did. On the occasions that I have needed to speak to him about a concern or a question he called me back in 20 min or less (even on a Saturday, and even from OR) and reassured me. He is always willing to have me come in if I have questions or concerns. His front office person that I worked with, Liz, was friendly, knowledgeable, patient and very kind (even when I was freaking out prior to surgery).

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