22 Y/o Breast Reduction in Newport Beach, CA

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Hi guys! My name is Megan, and I'm 22 years old....

Hi guys!

My name is Megan, and I'm 22 years old. I have breast reduction surgery scheduled for August 1st. It's in 6 days!!! I'm FREAKING out. I'm so nervous, I keep having panic attacks every time I think about it. I've never had surgery before.

I'm a 34 I in US sizing. I like to think I was a late bloomer. I didn't start getting boobs until sophomore year in high school but by the time I graduated I was in a DD. I weigh 155-160 pounds, gaining around 15 pounds in the 6 years I've been out of high school, but gaining like 5 cup sizes.

I first went to a consultation to see Dr. Justin West at Finesse plastic surgery in Newport Beach, CA in February 2016. He stated that I was a perfect candidate, and that my insurance should cover it. I really like him and his team, they are all very confident! I got the call from his office late March that I was approved. I have Anthem Blue Cross fyi. I scheduled my apt for August 1st because I didn't want to waste my summer recovering. It seemed so far away at the time, BUT NOW ITS IN ONE WEEK!

I'm so nervous.

I think my biggest issue is that I like my boobs now. I've read lots of posts about people resenting theirs. I just don't like the constant back and shoulder pain, having difficulty working out, and not being able to wear the bras swimsuits and clothes that I want to wear. I know I will like the increase in capability after, but I'm worried I won't like the way they look. I also think I'm just psyching myself out.

Any one else have these feelings? Or a surgery date close to mine? Or advice? I'm all ears! (Or I guess, all boobs lol).

Before photos - 4 days pre op!!!

I decided to add some before photos! Kinda weird putting them up on the Internet, but all the women who did it before me have really helped me out. So I wanted to pass it on.

Less than 4 full days now!!! OMG!!!

'Twas the night before boob job

Surgery is in T-11 hours! I am so nervous, but so excited.

I have my nest all cleaned and cozy. I started taking arnica Montana today to hopefully help with bruising and swelling because I typically do a lot of that.

I have all my groceries ready to go and my boyfriend is ready to take care of me.

It's so surreal!

Hello from the other sideeee!

Something about being nervous makes me make bad jokes lol

I'm home from surgery and just woke up from a little nap.

Surgery went well! I was tearing up a little pre op cause I was nervous. IV wasn't too bad and my surgeon Dr. West was as pleasant as ever!

The anesthesiologist was nice too, and all the staff. My boyfriend said I was making jokes more than usual and I was so confident in them and he thought it was cute :) I love him so much, I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend like him.

I woke up from surgery and tried to escape lol the nurse had to calm me down. She gave me extra pain killers and then my bf came back to see me.

I had some irrigation leakage so Mychael my PA came to make sure everything was okay. She's such a sweetheart! She mentioned that I would be happy with the results and the nipple placement was great! Something I was concerned about.

I'm currently at home in a little pain. It's sharp more than sore and it it around my incisions.

I'll keep you guys updated :)

Love you all!!!

First day post op and lots of pictures!

Hi guys!

I had my post op apt this morning. It went well, got to take a peek at the girls! They weren't nearly as scary looking as I thought they would be. I really like them :) the best way I can describe how I feel is "cute sexy". I can tell they are going to be so perky! I'm guessing they are about a D, but who knows lol.

My pain comes and goes even though I'm taking my pain meds religiously. I just pulled one of my tubes really hard when I went to pull down my shirt... That wasn't fun at all :( the nurse today said I might get them out Thursday but I think it will take awhile longer.

I'm taking arnica Montana and I think that's helping! I'm normally a big dweller and bruiser and there isn't that much output in my drains.

I've been up and around a lot I feel super antsy and I don't like sitting still. I went to the grocery store too lol I got lots of stares.

I'm posting lots of pics! Some before, some from right after surgery yesterday, and some from today.

I can't wait for this healing process to be over! I wanna work out and wear cute things!!!

Thanks for all of your support ladies ??

3 days Post Op - Pics and Whining

I had my three day post op apt today. They said I am healing beautifully and took out my drains since not much was coming out anymore.

I keep going back and forth between loving them and then thinking that they are too small. I think that I am just so used to having huge boobs so it's really taking a toll on me psychologically lol I held an old unpadded DD bra up to them and it seemed to fill out the cup. They are pretty boxy right now and need to drop. I think once they do I'll be happier with the size (probably like a D cup). My tummy has less excuse now so I can't wait to start dieting and exercising!

I'm starting to bruise a little. Pain has been off and on. Sometimes I feel great and can go to the grocery store and chipotle... Sometimes I lay on my bed on the verge of tears until my pain meds kick in. I really have to stay on top of them and take them every 4 hours even if I don't feel any pain yet!

They didn't give me much post op instructions and my next apt is in a month... I guess I should have come more prepared with questions. I have a few but maybe I'll ask you guys until they become more pertinent and I'll give my doctors a call!

What are you guys using for scar treatment and how soon after surgery? How long did you wear your surgical bra? How long in a sports bra? How long before you could wear real bras? Sleeping on your tummy/side?

Thank you guys again for all the support ??

6 days post op update

Hi all!

What a loooong 6 days it's been.

I've had lots of ups and downs. Yesterday was probably the worst day. I am in a wedding in 9 weeks and the dresses I had to pick from are 8 weeks back ordered. I had to figure out what my new dress size was (8, I used to be a 10).

Getting into those things was PAINFUL! I swelled so much after, all my incisions burned, and I had a lot of fluid leaking.

I hardly did anything for the rest of the day.

I woke up today and had weird pulling sensations under my boobs when I move. At first it freaked me out but I think it's just from swelling.

Anyways, I took my 2nd shower and it went really well :)

I'm having fun online shopping for cute bralettes.

I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow... We'll see if that actually happens lol

I'm posting some pics, plus one in one of the dresses I tried on. So weird seeing myself look normal in dresses!

I hope everyone is healing well :)

17 Days Post Op

Sorry I haven't updated my review in awhile... I haven't felt up to it.

To be honest it's been kind of downhill.

I had a bad allergic reaction to the adhesive in the tape at 10 days post op and at almost 3 weeks post op I'm just not recovering from the awful red rash and itching.

I still think my boobs are too small (I promise they look way bigger in pictures I don't know why) I fit into a non underwired C cup the other day and cried in the dressing room. The left one has gone down in swelling and is a full cup smaller than the right which I think is making it harder for me.. Because I see how small the other one is going to go to.

I do like the weight lifted off my shoulders. It's worth it to get rid of the back pain.

Im going to give myself more time to adjust. But it's hard. Hopefully things turn around!

1 Month Post Op

Hi guys! I'm officially one month post op! I had an appointment yesterday and he said everything is looking good and he is happy with my results. I still have scabs where my vertical incisions start and stop. He says that's normal, I think I just move too much. I think a lot of it has to do with my reaction.. It was reallllly hard to recover from. I still have some redness 2 weeks later and I think it really irritated my incisions. Because of the scabs, my surgeon said I have to wait two more weeks to start working out.

I got sized and I'm a D, so there's that! And I love their shape. So much better than pre surgery lol. I'm getting used to them and am starting to grow quite fond of them besides all the redness. I can't wait for it to go away! I know my scars probably won't heal that well since they aren't thin lines right underneath my nipples but I'm okay with that!

All in all I'm so happy I did it. Life is so much easier with small boobs! I went out last week and wore the cutest top with no bra and my boobs defied gravity! I'm super motivated now to lose my little belly!
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

My journey with Finesse started a year ago. I had always known I wanted to get a breast reduction, but never thought I would actually do it. I changed insurances January 2016, so I wanted to see if it was possible to get it covered. I found Dr. Justin West through my online insurance portal, and he was the one and only doctor I met with! I know they say you should meet with a couple of surgeons, but I knew right away that Dr. West was going to be my surgeon. He worked with my insurance so well. My first appointment was some time in February 2016, I got the call that my insurance approved me at the end of May, and my surgery was August 1st. I can't even begin to explain how much better my life is now... My quality of life has improved so much! No more pain, I can wear whatever I want, I'm no longer self conscious, and working out is SO much easier! I was so scared to go through with my reduction, but Dr. West helped me feel comfortable the entire time. I also love all of the ladies that work in the office as well, they are always very helpful and accommodating. I had a couple of hiccups post surgery (none of it was their fault, I'm just not the best healer, and being allergic to paper tape doesn't help either), and they never got sick of my after hours calls, and would squeeze me in next day to see someone. I'm so happy with my new boobs! I feel like a new person. If I ever need any cosmetic procedures or surgeries done, I will 100% go back to Finesse.

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