42 Yrs , 3 Kids, 36h/I (Hoping for a C or D)

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I blossomed early and had DD boobs by the time I...

I blossomed early and had DD boobs by the time I was 14. I nursed all three of children, each time they would grow as large as cantaloupes. When I was younger I could exercise and stay slim, and could keep the between D and DD. I became chronically ill and no longer able to exercise. additionally some of medications cause additional weight gain. In the past three years, my breasts grew two sizes a year until I reached an H or I. This year my bathing suit had to be ordered from a company in the U.K. I was having trouble finding bras and clothes to fit. It hurt to wear a bra and they were to heavy not to. I was at the chiropractor several times a week, indentations in my shoulders, they would ride up into my neck when I laid down and it would choke me. It just became too much. I started to research doctors and came to real self when I had an initial consultation, to see if there were women who were similar to me and had good results. This site was so helpful, I want to contribute. I am one day post op, and I can say that I am thrilled with the results. I am so happy and so light! I know this will be life changing for me.

The procedure took 3 hours. They removed 4.5 lbs of tissue from my chest. I believe it was 975g from the right and 1075 g from the left. They reduced my nipples and I have the anchor pattern reduction. The pain medication is managing pain well, it's quite tolerable and I am napping quite a bit.

I am still bundled in the ace bandages, but can't resist peeking. I don't know what I was so worried about all these years! I should have had this done sooner.

48 hours out

I am 48 hours out of surgery. Last night my breasts swelled. They are very firm and taught. I know this will take time for them to settle. I slept with frozen peas on my chest last night. Still swollen this morning, but feels better. I have been taking my Percocet every 4-6 hours and that is keeping the pain very manageable, still napping a lot. I was able to fully unwrap the dressing, take a light shower and put on the compression bra by carefix. This one is called Anna and it's very comfortable. It is a surprise to see a different pair of breasts on your body. But I have to say they are pretty much what I had hoped for. I like the size and shape and they are perky!

Small hemorrhage and now hematoma on left side.

Going in for surgery tomorrow to drain the hematoma. There was a quick swelling on the left side on day three. I used ice to keep the swelling down. The left side became swollen under my arm and quite high on my chest. Called my doctor, he checked in regularly with me, advised we would need to remove he hematoma. Some blood has pooled under the arm. This is a relatively normal occurrence, just anxious to get on to healing, but still loving my new figure! It is truly liberating!

Hematoma Evacuation

I had a quick surgery this morning to remove the hematoma, approximately 1 cup of fluid. I now have a drain in that breast and I am back in an ace bandage, doing well! I'll keep you posted as things progress.

On the Mend

I was left with. Drain after the hematoma. The first 24 hours there was 80cc of red fluid. It has slowed down to about 40cc the second day and swelling is mostly gone. The drain is a little irritating, but it's doing its job.

11 days post op/ 5 days after hematoma evacuation

Just want to update my progress, since I have been using this site so much to search for others who have also had a hematoma. My doctor left the drain in on the left side and I am measuring out put daily. Initially it was bright red and mow it is dark red almost black and it has slowed down a lot. I think It was less than 30 ML yesterday. The left breast with the hematoma is still quite tender and feels bruised, but otherwise they are healing quite well. I was able to stop taking the percocet yesterday and moved on to Tylenol. I am having a hard time getting to sleep and would like to get rid of the drain. I am still so happy with the results. Its only been 11 days and I can't even remember my old breasts. I can't even imagine how i dealt with it for so long. My back pain is gone, no back spasms. I feel so light and free! I have a check up tomorrow, so I will update soon.

Drain removed today.

Since I had the hematoma, we skipped over my initial check up. So today was my first visit to the office and first day leaving the house. The doctor was pleased with my recovery and I had the drained removed. The output from the drain was down to 20ml a day and still a blackish red. I had heard the drain removal can be painful, but I didn't feel it all. The opening is bandaged and should heal over in 48 hours. I need to continue with the compression bra, -around the clock. I can now lay flat or propped on one side. No direct pressure, to aid in shape and wound healing. Next week he will remove the tape over the incisions and I will begin scar treatments. A small piece of the brown tape came loose in the shower today, And I was able to traffic it with the blow dryer. But I have to say that the peek at my incision looks amazing! Can't wait. To have the tape removed.

Just for reference, I am 12 days post op from reduction and 6 days pistol from hematoma evacuation. Up to this point, I have been in bed, resting, sleeping. The pain has subsided, its mostly uncomfortableness, some tenderness, some random electrical shocks and nerve related issues. Overall, it has been an easier recovery than I expected, but I have had Ana amazing support system. My husband has waited on me 24 hrs a day and friends have brought meals for our family the past few weeks so we didn't need to eat take out.

My PS said I'll start to feel better, but I need to continue to rest and not to overdue it.

4 weeks post op

Just want to give a brief update, for those who may be tracking their own progress or looking to set an expectation for healing time. I have been very pleased with my surgery and my progress. The swelling, tenderness and incisions were very sensitive up until the three week mark. The swelling began to subside significantly after three weeks, they are less tender and my incisions are 99.9% closed and healed. I have two small areas at the lower t that weep slightly. Once they have closed I can begin scar therapy. I am finally able to sleep on my side without tenderness. I am still wearing a compression bra at most times. I have the Carefix "Anna" and it is very comfortable. I purchase a few wireless bras for the rare occasion I need one. I found Bali had a nice selection at Target. It's so cheap compared to the contraptions I was purchasing. I'm still slightly swollen, and wearing a 36d. I have some asymetry, at the moment, because my left breast is a week behind in healing from the hematoma and is slightly more swollen than the right side. I am loving the transformation. I am able to order clothes online and they actually fit!!

Swim Suit Season, 9 Mos Later

Just a quick update! I am having the very best swim suit season! I couldn't be happier with my decision to have the reduction and the results. I have been settled into 36 D for the past 6 months. They dropped a bit and are very natural, cute and perky. I still have a few months before my final recheck. I wish I had done this sooner. Do not wait!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

He has been amazing so far and I have to say my results are just what I asked for. So far I am healing well!

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