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Just want to start by saying a billion thanks to...

Just want to start by saying a billion thanks to all the lovely ladies on here for sharing your stories. Your courage gave me some of my own and inspired me to post here so that maybe i can help someone like all of you have done for me. Words cannot begin to say... Again a Billion thanks!!!

I got my first BA at 18. I was 5'7", 122lb, and a 34A. I felt really insecure about my body from being teased by everyone from my classmates, to my brother, to my friends! I got saline (mentor?) , "under the muscle" 350cc on the left, and 360cc on the right to correct an asymmetry in my breasts. Post BA I was a full C/small D. I never really got comfortable with them, and I honestly don't think u can. It feels like exactly what it is, a bag of water under your skin. I feel like somehow I became less confident. Almost as if I was showcasing my insecurities? Anyway, I went from wearing kid-sized tank tops/"training" bras and being super active in sports/spontaneous physical activity (if that makes sense) to wearing underwire bras for support/clothes with more coverage because i have a fairly active lifestyle. (horseback riding, martial arts, etc) I even had a friend say "if I had em, I would show em off! Not cover em with baggy sweaters!!!" There was also the sharp pains I would get sometimes that my dr would say were "normal to get for the first year" but they never stopped. I also had a few other issues I believe happened as a result of my BA, but my brother had stopped picking on me, my friends said they looked great, and no joke, I ran into more than a couple guys after high school who had made me cry myself to sleep on more than one occasion during those four years, and were now asking to "hang out sometime"

Around 3-4 years after my first surgery, I started to grow a brain, and see that in real life, nobody has to live with the consequences of your actions but you. My brother didnt have to get shooting pains in his chest at random. My friends didn't have to miss work or school to address my medical complications. Guys (boyfriends/teasing jerks) didn't have to feel the pressure and pain of feeling like your implant might pop while youre training jiu jitsu!

I had to turn it around. I decided to be single to avoid letting other peoples bad energy influence me anymore. I got some real friends, and I even started researching "cell assisted lypo-transfer" where fat from a selected part of your body is transferred to your breasts. I decided that when it was time to remove the implants (dr said about 10 years) I would probably persue this type of procedure. It was about year 7 then, and one day I noticed something different about my left breast. It looked like it was more "jiggly" and less firm like it usually was. I went back to the surgeon, who confirmed it was a ruptured implant. I told him about my research, and my desire to explant. He strongly discouraged both plans I presented to him saying, "the procedure for fat transfer is relatively new, and there hasn't been difinitive research" He went on to say that the procedure wouldn't be effective as "the body will simply re-sorb the transplanted fat" and "it could likely cause cancer".
Then he said, "-and If you remove and don't replace, you will definitely have lasting deformities" and "have you seen a mastectomy patient? You will just come back and ask to have them put back in"

At the time, my family and I weren't talking, and I was single with 2 good friends (great friends) so I didn't want to risk physical or emotional complications ( I didn't know what to expect from explant) when there wasn't anyone living with me to care for me. I asked if I could "go smaller" and finally my dr. agreed saying that the new silicone cohesive gel implants would prevent issues with rupture in the future. I decided to get i believe 332 in both sides (I have requested my med records and will update)

After the removal and replacement, I woke up and I could feel that I was a bit smaller, and it felt better definitely. Less "side boob" immediately, so they felt less "in the way" and that was nice. I did however notice within a few days that the internal "stitches" he said he put in to "prevent my breasts from falling to either side when laying on my back" seemed to create an immediate (though still somewhat mild) create a "bottoming-out" effect on one side. He informed me it would "settle" (?!) and that if it didn't, he could give me a revision. (at my cost)

Meanwhile, I have bigger things to think about than what's on my chest, and I still had to work, and take care of my responsibilities. About 6 months ago, ( about 18 months after the 2nd BA ) I noticed a hard tender mass near the top of my right breast which I thought might just be a result of hormonal change because sometimes they feel that way before or during my period. But it didn't go away. It's only gotten gradually larger, and more sensitive. Now it will hurt at random throughout the day. I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing encapsulation. Last week the left one started to exhibit some of the same "lumpiness", and a mild discomfort. Around 3-4 weeks ago, I decided I had to do something. I decided I didn't care what I ended up looking like after explant, I just wanted to find the right surgeon. I started researching and came across realself , and I swear it's like I could feel this mini depression I've been in beginning to lift almost immediately after I began reading post after post. Looking through all of the pictures here has made me realize that not only will I not be "disfigured", or "deformed" post explant, but I will look natural and beautiful like all you ladies here! You all look so lovely and healthy! It helps a lot to know that for the most part, everyone here has had quick, safe, and beautiful results.

I am from Orange County , CA, so when I read the post from Wantmylittlesback in Irvine (where i lived for many years) I was excited to see her lovely results were the work of a well reviewed and highly respected surgeon here in Newport Beach by the name of Lovinia Chong. I called her office and set up a consult for Monday , May 13th 2013. I am sooo excited to be moving forward, and I have to say again I have been so motivated and inspired by everyone here, Drs. Included.

Thank you all for your support and courage. I will post pictures and updates as I take them. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I would be happy to help anyone if I can.

Anyway, just thought I would mention it. So even though I wasn't

Having my explant done tues 8/6/13

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I've been so busy, and trying to focus on preparing myself for my upcoming procedure, but I felt like I should stop by and touch base with everyone here. I am going in for my explant in around 24 hours, and I am definitely feeling anxious. I definitely felt the same anxiety right before my two augmentations, only this time, I am comforted by the fact that I feel (for the first time) that my surgeon truly has my best interest in mind. Before, I almost felt as if my surgeon was working on my breasts, and not on me as a patient. This time around, I was blessed to find Dr. Lavinia Chong. Words cannot even begin to describe the quality of service, and attention to detail that is executed in this office. The staff are kind, and patient and comforting, and Dr Chong herself is a calming presence who instills confidence with her knowledge and extremely personal service. She is so supportive and genuine. She answered every question I had with patience, and I never felt rushed or intimidated by the process. No matter what procedure you're considering, or what surgeon you choose, I recommend your first consultation be with Dr Lavinia Chong. She and her staff set the bar high.

I have yet to post pictures, but when they are available, I will post the ones that were taken at my pre-op appointment. I felt they would be best to post, as they were taken by another person, whereas I may have gotten an angle that looked better or worse if I had taken them myself. I will also be posting post-op pictures just as soon as I am able.

Thank you all again , and again for your support and inspiration.

1 hour post explant

Today was the day :) I'm not really sure where to start, as I'm a bit tired, and somewhat dizzy having just come out of th O.R. There is so much I want to say, but I will start by saying that Dr. Chong and her staff are some if the most genuine, caring, considerate people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was so anxious this past week, but I received a phone call yesterday from the anesthesiologist that really helped to put me at ease. Then in the evening, I got a call from Dr. Chong, and as dramatic as it may sound, talking to her gave me a kind of inner peace. She was so caring, and reassuring. She talked to me like a friend, and went over what exactly I could expect from start to finish. When I got off the phone, I burst into tears and had a good cry :) I think it was from a combination of a release of tension, and from being so grateful to know I was in good hands.

When I arrived, I was treated so well, and every single person treating me explained every single thing they were doing, and why they were doing it. It was so comforting. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I've had two surgeries prior to this one, and the difference in the service I received was like night and day. If I remember correctly, one of the first things I said when I opened my eyes was: "you are amazing, I'm going to go on 'Real Self' and tell anyone who will listen that you're the best" - or something along those lines :) I got a few minutes of rest, and then I was about 90% coherent. Feeling tired and maybe a little dizzy, but no nausea at all (so far, so good) no pain, just some very, very minor discomfort.

I still have the recovery phases to deal with, but I can already say that I feel I made a great choice. Not just in regard to the explant itself, but In my decision to undergo this procedure under the care of Dr. Chong and her staff. Infinite thanks to them, and to all the brave, beautiful women of Real Self for the inspiration. I will update as I progress in my recovery.
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