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Hello Real Selfers and Those Exploring! When I...

Hello Real Selfers and Those Exploring!

When I was little, I was fearless. Everything could be conquered, even flying! So I set off on my pink BMX, found the steepest hill in my neighborhood and gunned it.

You can imagine what my face looked like when I flew over my handlebars and kissed the concrete. My teeth managed to escape any damage, but my nose? Poor thing didn't stand a chance! It was a little unique to begin with, but after the flying incident, it was blessed with even more character!

Well, the mirror and I shared a few laughs over the new bump on my bridge, the slight lean to starboard and the existing bulbous & droopy tip...until the laughter became a lot more one-sided.

So, I finally worked up the nerve to request a consultation with Dr. Rival. He listened to my concerns, explained how he could help me address them, and created a digital image of the proposed changes to my nose. He was patient, professional and informative. After speaking with him, I felt confident in my choice of surgeon. However, I wanted a week to discuss the pros & cons with my spouse before making any commitment.

And so, I arrived at the same decision as many of you and am now on my own journey to improve my nose. While I'm understandably nervous about my pending closed septorhinoplasty, I'm ready, set and waiting to go :)

Ice Ice Baby!

Well, I did it! After wrestling with guilt for wanting this procedure, and weighing the regret I would have should I not go through with it, yesterday morning I had my closed septorhinoplasty with Dr. Rival. It was a quick one hour procedure and I even walked from recovery to my car (with help from my hubby of course)!

Dr. Rival and his team were wonderful! I honestly can't say enough about how friendly, caring and accommodating the staff at Southlake Regional Hospital are. Hoping my result is as positive as the care I received! From what I can see of the tip and the bridge, I'm already encouraged!

To date, I have minimal bruising, swelling and pain. Icing every half hour with a bag of frozen peas seems to be helping. My nose runs a little bit of blood if I move around too much. After climbing up and down stairs twice I had an intense, nausea-filled dizzy spell. So I'll echo the advice of so many Real Selfers on here: take'r'easy and ice ice baby!

Pics to follow once I can remove my gauze-stache ;)

Pics As Promised

3 years post-surgery

3 Years Post-Surgery

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