Developed an Immunity to Botox and Immune to Xeomin - Newmarket, ON

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I started using Botox at least 15 years ago. I...

I started using Botox at least 15 years ago. I began with modest amounts of units with great results. I then wanted the frozen, wrinkles look for my forehead. I was given 45 units. It was spectacular and lasted 6 months. The next time, I received the same amount. I was fighting a flu at the time of the injection. The results only lasted 4 months. The doctor was concerned I was developing an immunity at a time when immunity was denied by the makers of Botox. The next time, I again received 45 units. It did not work. I tried 3 other doctors, using fresh bottles and no results. I went up to 80 units and no results. When Xeomin arrived, I was very excited, The doctor thought it would work as there is no/less protein in Xeomin. However, he warned that it an assumption that people who developed an immunity to Botox did so, because of the protein. He said there is one other possibility, the immunity is to the coating. After a total of 90 units of Xeomin, I had full movement of muscles on my forehead. The doctor said I am the only person he met who truly has an immunity. He thinks I developed it, when I received treatment when I had the flu. While my body was building immunity to the virus, it may have been confused and developed an immunity to the Botox?????? In my case the coating and not the protein??? Bad luck! I am so jealous of everyone else.

May try Dysport

I have an appointment to try Dysport next week. However, after reading the latest literature, I am not hopeful. F.Y.I: The same article does say that they have been successful treating people resistant to type A toxins. It involves transplanting plasma. The article can be found on the internet. It is titled "Neutralizing antibodies to botulinum neurotoxin type A in aesthetic medicine: five case reports. It is in the journal, Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. I am guessing that you would have to be quite affluent to have this done.
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He was willing to tell the truth.

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