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Well I am on this path again. In 2013 I meet with...

Well I am on this path again. In 2013 I meet with a surgeon who I felt really put me down, he convinced me that I would just be happy with a lift and brushed off the fact that I wanted smaller breast. So I meet with Dr Andrade after that and went ahead with a lift. I am really really happy with how my breast look and how high my nipples are, but the size of my breast in my opinion are too big. I am about 5 feet tall and 130 pounds (I am trying to lay off the donuts but I work at Tim hortons).

I have an ankle that has been causing me grief for years so my pain in my back, neck and shoulder's might be because of it. Not that the pain is a lot just something I notice when I get a chance to sit and relax. 6 months ago I bought custom-made orthothics which are not helping at all. and all the hospital wants to do is an X-ray but I know nothing is broken as it has been years I believe its something else so I want an MRI. I work two job's so what is sleep? Any who not what this site is about...

Before my first surgery I was falling out of my DD's, After the first month I felt comfortable in a A/B cup ( I am fully aware breast size does NOT change after a lift) I bought bathing suits from Ardene's and bra's, I kept one hoping one day I would stay that size again. I have recently bought a bra 34DDD! I do have a little room in it but unlike my DD's I am not constantly fixing myself.

This time around I actually have a little bit more support. The first time Although I had someone stay with me for a week it was a friend who I entertained so no relaxing for me. I even stayed over at their aunt's and uncles place. They did not know I had any surgery. This time I have a friend driving me and letting me stay at their place while they baby me. As much as I am dreading being babied I am looking forward too it.

My hopes for this time around?
A small chest I can keep for more than a month or two (LOL)
A quick and easy recovery like my last one. I was no word of a lie RUNNING around the next day with no pain meds what so ever.
Not ball my eyes out hating my breast size, thinking I can't wear anything pretty as i would not look "right" - This recently happened trying on my DDD in the middle of the mall. how embarrassing

My fears ?
Everything they tell you that could go wrong (loss of sensation, nipple loss ect ect) I have pretty much discredited.

I am booked for March 9th at 740 am taking 40% off. To be honest I don't really understand in terms of weight or size taking off all i know is that is the max they can take off. I do plan on having kids... probably... ten plus years from now... so I know they might/will get larger after. I also know they change with hormones and weight changes.

Where it all started

here is a picture of my breast before my breast lift feb 25th 2014.

my breast now

My breast Feb 17th 2016. 3 weeks before breast reduction.

my dream size.

yes that is my breast shortly after my lift back in 2014 Summer time Julyish. hoping for a tad smaller and better symmetry but I loved the way my breast look in these photo's. You couldn't get me to keep a shirt on!! I wanted to show the world my pretty cleavage.

10 DAYS!!!

So I am ten days until the big day! I am really excited, not so much scared as I have been through this once before. I am 2 years out from my lift as of Feb 25th!!!
As it gets closer to my surgery date I keep thinking, "Will I be small enough?" Do I have enough tissue to close the wound ?" " Are my breast really that big?"

I know I am no where close to some of the other women here in terms of size but I really hate my boobs. I have always said if I could look like a 12 year old boy that would be great!

I really hate bra shopping as stores like Lasenza and victoria secret carry up to a small D it seems and I never fit into anything "nice". My bra straps never stay on and always fall down making the band of the bra fall with it. I tighten it every day and fix them a couple times a day and they always fall

I was actually in a bra store and was told that the T-shirt bra in my size was discontinued! Lame I can't wait to be on the itty bitty titty team !

I never spend more that 10 bucks on a bra as since I hit back into my D/DD bra I knew I was going to try one last time to be a small, which is probably my issue with my straps, I should be in a 32 and never seem to find them!

B bra!?

I really hope a B is realistic! I kinda fit in it right?

Sports bra

My doctors office called just to confirm my surgery and reminded me to bring a front closure sports bra/surgical bra. Last time they provided me with one so I wasn't expecting that, I did order one online be wasn't going to be getting it until the end of March. It would be something I would use after so and I would make due as I kinda looked and couldn't find anything in my band size. They all were 36 in band size at the lowest. (I am between a 30 and 32 in band size, according to being measured at lasenza, the same place that told me a was a "C" cup meanwhile falling out of my "D" bras)
I found a size small front closure sports bra and it was 7 dollars AFTER taxes!! Who knew boob holders could cost so little!?

I will admit it is a little tight... Well If i breathe it unzips. I am being made as small as he can safely make me so if he takes 40% it should fit, I hope.

I have 5 days until my surgery, I can't wait. I am not really scared, more anxious.
If I lose sensation I am getting my nipple pierce! I try to find something positive out of every situation that could go wrong. I apologize to anyone who has lost sensation and is having a hard time with it. Just think it could be worse it could always be worse, the grass is never greener on the other side. Although I hope the grass is greener the other side of surgery but I am aware of the complications of this, and I will face them head of IF they arise.

jsgfliugejrgr F***K boobs. F***K my boobs being the centre of attention, F***K people commenting all ways commenting on my boob.

I am happy I haven't been "blessed" like most of your guys be fore's.

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is the day! I am excited. I saved all my cleaning for today yippy!!! I am also seeing my foot specialist today as well. And I will be taking everything i need to my friends house, I figured i would be more comfortable sleeping in my own bed tonight. I work 2 full time jobs so I actually don't get to see my bed too often, or for too long.
I wasn't given a cup size that I will go down too, just a percentage that will be taken away, so I have been trying to figure it out what I will look like.

I am hoping to lose some weight after, in my hip area. I didn't want to be that much more in debt so I paid for everything up front myself, so I have been spending between 7 - 25 dollars a week in groceries. Plus working all day and all night I don't find too much time too cook. But I will hopefully be cutting down my midnight job, and only work 4-5 days a week instead of working 7 in a row.

But i do have a tiny frame, just got a lot of hip and ass.

hello from the other side.

Well I'm home now.

Everything went fine.
My recovery nurse told me a sat up from the operating take, I don't remember doing that but that's kinda funny.

Last time I wasn't in any pain what so ever but this team when I woke up I was balling my eyes out in pain. The gave me three shots of something and then I was fine.
I'm not as sleepy as I remember I was last time.
My breast do hurt a little, they kinda sting.
I keep "forgetting" to breath. So it's just short little breaths.

new before pics

Well I am very itchy EVERYWHERE not sure if it is the anastetic or the fetnyl or the morphine (I'm assuming as i was in so much pain they gave me something but I didn't care to ask) but I'm itching everything from my face down. My breast are not itchy as they haven't start really healing.

I had the change my gaze as I bleed through them too my surgical Bra. My right breast actually bleed so much it worked it's way down my back to my white pj's. .. should have wore black clearly lol
They put the surgical Bra I bought for surgery underneath me as they would for anyone but I ended up bleeding so much they are washing it and trying to save it for me.

First real look

Well It has been 48 hours, finally. I can shower. I don't look very small at all. I am very sore and tender though. For the most part it looks like most of you guys can tell how small your going to be right after. Hope it changes as this is my second time around so if i don't have small breast now I never will. my right nipple is kinda tender but i can feel it. everything else is so far so good.

I have taken probably 4 or 5 laxatives since wednesday evening and still nothing hoping after I shower I will poop. lol

healing is boring

The one steri strip around my nipple keeps getting stuck on my nipple so it had to go, after the third time. It hurt peeling it off so I have sensation! I am yellow and my breast still burn. They are also pretty hot to touch. I slept for 11 hours last night. But I want to get out and do things. Anything besides laying on the couch.

It's been 48 hours since I took any pain med. I needed to get off them before I started back at work as I need to drive myself there and back.
I can't wait to get back to work Tuesday after my doctors appointment. It is only a 4 hours shift but start back on midnights the night after for 5 nights in a row.

Looking at my breast lift two years ago my healing wasn't like this.
My bras fit better, my D bras fit kinda well actually. Where my bra bands connect they are all busted up and bras all fit differently.
Me being all yellowy bruised means I have swelling so hoping for a C.
I was smaller at this point when I had my lift. For a few months I was wearing a B bra. I don't understand why either does my surgeon but you can tell my breast look really small. ( if you search under reviews for missreese you will find my breast lift review)

5 days

Nothing to report still bored. Here are some pictures. Hopefully bruising means I have swelling. I see my doctor tomorrow.

Feeling a little better about my size !!

I live in a really small town, we actually don't have any big name department stores. When I was in the city I got a size small front closure bra. hoping it would stay zipped up after surgery. But I think its never going to fit. So I put on my bralette ? Just because I do need to wash my surgical bra at some point while I wait on my front closure bras to ship to me.

Still hoping for a wee bit smaller, still pretty bruised.
but Loving the way It looks!

Diddn't have to Squeeze into this bra

I know I am less than a week and I am still healing. but I am at the point where I am pretty happy in the size... This is the "B" Bra I was hoping to fit into.

doctor check up one week

Got my scar treatment. Doctor said i can go back to both jobs, with weight restrictions. He said I should get a little smaller, which I'm so happy about.
I go back for 5 months which I'll book closer to September because I want to move for september, go back to school for september and I'll more than likily need ankle realignment surgery... I'll know in April if I need it but it sounds like I'll be needing it.

I actually went back to work tonight right after my appointment it went fine. I knew I couldn't do garbages or lift things down from high shelves but there are things I didn't think about... a box of coffee or the container of ice coffee. But it was fine.

7 days

Holy shit they look big. Please be swelling. Both nipples hurt still.
Apperently eating protein helps with healing.

I was told I looked lighter. Which is nice. Now to get rid of my belly!

I am back home by myself now and I cant cook... And I don't like the look of red meat I'll eat it as long as I don't have to cook it. And I need to start losing weight, the wedge my foot doctor put under my orthotic seemed to help yesterday. I probably need to wait a little longer to start exercising but at least I can start eating better I just added flaxseed to my diet. And I no longer have to live off 7 dollars a week in groceries. I think a healthier diet to start with will do wonders. Yes I am totally aware I still need to exercise but I want to wait until I am healed a bit more. If I end up with more hours this summer at my day job I'll quit my night one so I can add like a kick boxing class to my week. I find it hard to do anything working two job and that's why I eat way too much take out.

Yeah yeah yeah I should have been closer to my goal weight as I could saggy due to weight loss. But with my ankle they way it is I am barley stand after 2 days of being on it and if I do end up needing surgery I'm probably a year at least before I could even walk again as they would be breaking my foot.

pretty much 2 weeks out

I get to take my tape off tomorrow!!
My nipples hurt, when I get a chill or when it is cold. I think it has to do when my nipples get hard.
My nipples hurts, feels raw .
I am actually back to my normal activity, for the most part I try not to lift anything heavy above my head though.

The difference from the last week is almost night and day. Although, I can tell I have some swelling still because the inside of breast looks "wavy" it still looks odd shaped. which is fine.

tape off!!!!

My tape is off so they don't look that fragile! I haven't taken any pictures from underneath, but I'm glad I did. I didn't realize I was still bruised. Nipple still hurt really bad to touch but are fine if I leave them alone. Lol guess I need to stop touching them.
the scar tissue near the incisions feel odd nothing massages can't fix hopefully.
I'm pretty much back to all normal activity besides lifting over my head and putting away milk order because I have to push and pull 5 stacks of creates with bags of milk and cream and I have to restack them in threes.

my boobs hurt D:

The bruised under my left breast has brought out the hypochondriac in me. it just looks weird and it kinda looks like it is bumpy. A bruise and a hematoma are pretty much the same thing. so I'll be waiting until there is a smell or some type of discharge before telling my doctor. I am way too busy to even begin to deal with it. I am 22 and super woman I can do 192472748 things at once ;) I am trying to sleep as much as I can. I take super strength sleeping pills sometimes 2 at once and I get over joyed if I get 5 hours of sleep on that.

my right breast hurts the most I hope it is swelling I know they didn't look the same size before and they probably won't now but I think there is a big difference. I don't even have to touch it it is that sore.

my hyper nipples can go away now, I honestly didn't think about that pre surgery. loss of sensation yes, so i prepared and kinda sorta planned on it??? I had a breast lift 2 years before this. I feel sorry for people who live with hyper sensitive nipples. Hoping it goes away soon.

my skin is peeling around my nipples I know it is normal though.

The bigger breast is the one that hurts the most and is kinda red.
The right side is where I bleed the most, like every where. I couldn't wear my own post op bra i took with me because it got covered in blood. my pants i wore during surgery covered in blood. I got up from recovery and there was blood.

I am having a hard time with my rights and lefts today. ugh.

almost one month

I am now finally sleeping in my bed and on my belly. It is about time!!!
Feeling well I like the size a lot.
I am not using my scar treatment yet as I have 2 or 3 stitches popping out. I have one near my side that doesn't hurt or anything one that is almost poking through and on that is. So I'm waiting until my body closes it to start. I know I should be doing scar treatment by now I'm almost scared to touch them but I have been very gently massaging them.

Mondors cord

So the soreness under my left breast is a mondors cord. I have been reading up on it, and it is more than just annoying, it hurts. It is nothing serious and it fixes itself, I really hate taking any type of pills for any reason, I will if really necessary, like a doctor tells me to take them. Which (ibuprofen) is one of the ways to take care of the symptoms the other is massages and warm water, that you don;t have to tell me twice. the quality of my phone makes it look like there is nothing there or nothing much of anything. It feels like a cord, it is round.
Besides that everything is well, besides my nipples they also hurt. I don't react to them being simulated like before, but it could take upto a year so I have hope.

Love them so far! What I wanted, although maybe a tad bigger. Scared to eat don't want them to grow

I fit into the "B" Bra I wanted to fit into. I am trying to be more active and eat better because I don't want them to grow... hey what ever works to be healthy right? Hoping my scars soften up a little it looks like butt cheeks when I lift them up.
I am actually extremely happy. I haven't rated only because if next year I am where I was before (same size/ my boobs come back ect) like I was with my lift. if you looked at the pictures I was fitting into the same "B" bra I am in now and I was a "D" cup maybe a bit bigger. but my IUD could have been the cause for that. I am not sure. ** my other post is under missreese ** look at the pictures I am not crazy I swear!!!


loving my boobs.

So I tried on an old bra that i squeezed into and its too big. Yippy! I bought a bra a week or two ago just because I wanted out of surgical and sports bras. its a 34B from a place I never buy bras, I should probably buy a bra where I normally do as every manufacture has their own sizing chart. i feel like it is a bit bigger on me now than a few weeks ago
Nothing new to report, I do need to start using my scar treatment. Ive been too lazy. Ive been working two full time jobs and sick.

Im happy with the size so far

4 months post. still love, still the size I wanted

Its been forever!
But nothing new to report. I still love them. I am still wanting and will be getting both my nipple pierced. my left nipple pretty much feels like normal now but my right one still sore feeling to the touch. doesn't bother me though. I don't remember too much how my scars were healing the first time around but this time they are raised (keloid) Please excuse my spelling as I am way to lazy to care. lol but again not bothered by it as I know they will settle at some point. Im not using anything for the scars which is probably half my issue.

Who knew I have a mole under my left breast? not me until recently lol.

I can't help but to LOVE them

Nothing to report I love them. I think it is about time I change "not sure" to "worth it".
I believe i look more proportionate.
I have a bad ankle but I got a cordarone shot which as helped a great deal so I have lost 8 pounds in the last three weeks, yes I agree I have more to go, but I haven't changed my eating habits at all! I eat fast food every meal... I can count on one hand how many times I have eaten at a home cooked meal in the last 4 months.
anyhow... Love my boobs. and in not wearing a bra in the photo where you can see me head too toe (skull shirt)
Dr. William Andrade

I also had him for my breast lift two years ago , and he was great. Very informative. A nice guy who listens to all my feelings,thoughts and concerns. His team is also amazing who all have great personalities thought I was just out with a few friends and not having a surgery. They were professional, and remembered me from last time, so I got her to hold my hand like she did before. He really cares about his patients, he called me in the evening after my surgery to make sure I was doing and feeling better as I was balling my eyes out from the pain when I woke up. I would go out of my way to use him again for another surgery down the road. And I would recommend him to everyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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