5 weeks post op and healing well! New pics!

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My scheduled surgery is March 1. I originally saw...

My scheduled surgery is March 1. I originally saw Dr Ayeni on Jan 31 and after a quick approval from OHIP, I was offered a prompt date due to vacation plans in April. Next appointment is Feb 14, where more details will be discussed: size, pics etc

Tomorrow is my pre op appt with the PS. Although...

Tomorrow is my pre op appt with the PS. Although nervous, I am very excited at the prospect of tank tops and swimming suits WITHOUT the bazookas hanging out. So a little about me: I am 38 years old, a mother to a four year old boy, weigh about 150lbs and 5"3. My current bra size is 36DD. I would love to be as small as the surgeon would approve. Ideally, no bigger than a C cup.
I recently made the decision to pursue BR surgery as I have constant neck and shoulder pain. I spend a great deal of time on massage therapy, acupuncture and the chiropractor's office. I have bad posture due to constantly hunching for years, in hopes not to attract attention from gawking onlookers. I have been big chested all my life and am looking for pain relief, a non frustrating dress shopping experience and the confidence to stand tall and walk down the street.

Surgery took place on March 1. I saw the surgeon...

Surgery took place on March 1. I saw the surgeon before going into the OR and threatened to run away. She chuckled. My sugery lasted just over two hours. Apparently I had some low BP issues so I was held in recovery for over 4 hours. The nurse noticed my right breast was a little hard so she paged the surgeon to have a look. Dr Ayeni promptly showed up and put a drain in. She told me surgery went well and did the two thumbs up. I was worried about my BP as I was still being monitored for it.
Luckily, I had made prior arrangements to spend the night at Southlake Hospital. They finally took me to my room so I could rest. I was curious to see what the new girls look like but I don't have the stomach to check. It is now day three and I still haven't looked. The nurse who changed the dressing before being discharged did say the incisions did not look fresh and there wasn't much blood. I have to also commend Dr Ayeni for calling the hospital FOUR times to check on me. This lady is an Angel and was really concerned about my progress.
Tomorrow is my follow up appt with the doc and I'm hoping she removes the drain. I am still terrified to look at the girls but might peak tomorrow during the checkup.

Wanted to add a tip for sleeping post op: use...

Wanted to add a tip for sleeping post op: use pillows to support your legs and arms. I find taking the weight off your elbows minimizes the chest feeling stretch when lying on your back. Hope this is useful.

Today I went to see the doc for a checkup. She...

Today I went to see the doc for a checkup. She removed the drain on rightie and said she was happy with my progress. It is essential to rest in order to heal well so I am following the doc's orders to the tea!
I finally had the courage to check out the new girls and I have to say I am pleased. I am finally free from the weight of heavy breasts.
The only bad news: no shower until next week :(. But like I said, I am following doc's orders and will come up with creative ways to clean the rest of my body.
No pain today, slight discomfort only. I am no longer taking meds.

Is it just me or those of you who had drains...

Is it just me or those of you who had drains looked like a stab wound, or slightly twisted pouty lip, once the drain was removed? I sent my doc a pic to look at and she said it was fine but I'm a little concerned about the opening. Any thoughts anyone?

After agonizing about my open wound from the drain...

After agonizing about my open wound from the drain removal, my PS closed it with a bandage yesterday. She sai she did not have any concerns. I've been advised to finally take full showers and drive, throwing caution ti the seatbelt action. Does anyone have issues driving?

Today marks my three week anniversary since I...

Today marks my three week anniversary since I crossed to the other side. I have been slow in my recovery as I had a last minute temporary drain put in after surgery and that left an inch and a half gap exposed incision under my right breast. I have had to delay full showers for two weeks so guess what? My tape had no chance of falling off like some of you lucky ladies. So, yesterday I was sitting around the house and got a little idle. I decided to "help" the tape "fall off". I gently rolled pieces of it back and forth until voila! Tape started "falling off". Hmph. Not exactly prepared for what I uncovered as I felt a little frankensteinish. I mean I guess it's the scabs, the distorted incisions looking like crooked paths or the fact I am still black and blue that have me a tad been concerned. Hmph again. On the other hand, I am trying to be patient as I realize I am only three weeks post op today. I wonder if anyone felt their incisions looked crooked, distorted, and even a little intoxicated? Well, all I can say is i cant wait to see my PS on Tues to get some reassurance. Other than that, I am trying to take it easy and know my limits. I do feel shooting pain from time to time and my nipples are never short of nervous reactions (I guess that's good), I am constantly in search of new bras (the rubbing on the incisions beneath is very annoying), but all in all, I just love my new smaller boobies. For those of you considering it, you will not only feel physical relief, but you will also find a new found confidence when shopping for tops and not feeling discouraged to take that one or two sizes up. Recovery from any surgery varies on each person. But it is what it is. Follow your surgeon's advice on recovery, do not rush the healing and the time will pass quickly. I cant believe I am three weeks post op already.

Yeaterday made it five weeks since I crossed over....

Yeaterday made it five weeks since I crossed over. I have been doing well but still anxious to settle into my "real size". I'm not sure exactly how much swelling is still there and how much settling has gone on. I eagerly tried on a few bras and ranged from C cups to a D cup. Again, with bras and sizing, I understand it depends on the make of the bra.
Health wise, I still get tired if I push myself too far. There is also discomfort below the breasts, where the incisions are, especially toward the ends of the incisions. I have started using bio oil and doing mini massages on the breast. I am surprised how much minimal scarring I have, as the PS did an amazing job stitching me up. I love this woman so much lol.
I would love to find an underwire free bra and looking for tips. I will be travelling to Vegas in a couple weeks and would like to have some shape. Although I wear my sports bra 24/7, I would like to do away with the uniboob! Any tips on bras ladies?
Stay healthy & positive!!
Bimpe Ayeni

Walking into Dr Ayeni's office for the first time was nerve wracking! One of my best friends came with me for support and I am so happy she did. My first impression of Dr Ayeni is calm, patient, confident and pleasant. She immediately put me at ease with her down to earth disposition. Dr Ayeni is by far one of the best surgeons I have come across. She, and her secretary, are both caring, patient and wonderful people. I would certainly recommend her to every person I know.

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