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So I've finally booked my BA! It's been a long...

So I've finally booked my BA! It's been a long journey but I've found the right Dr. The clinic looked great. And it wasn't hard to find. It's a bit of a distance if coming from the GTA but well worth it. I've booked my BA for early next year.
Dr Andrade was very helpful and helped to clarify any preconceived ideas I had when considering implant types.

Dream pics

Current boobies

I've been staring at the vectra simulation for ages...I think I'm starting to over think. Are they going to be too small?! I've chosen the biggest size I can get before going up to the high profiles.

I ended up on YouTube again watching boob job vlogs and started worrying about the healing process

I've got a month to wait. I hope it's all worth it in the end.

1-3 weeks post op

I've been on RF everyday since my BA just driving myself crazy comparing my healing process to others. I'm not going to lie, I'm freaking out a little (if these boobies stay as high as they are...I'll have a meltdown)

The healing process has been okay so far. Nothing crazy or unexpected. They are taking a while to drop but I keep reminding myself that I'm still early in the healing process so I'm trying to stay positive.

The feeling has come back with a vengeance, my nipples are SO sensitive. It feels like they're being brushed up against sandpaper whenever they come into contact with ANYTHING. I couldn't find my nipple pasties but I found 2 massive plasters and popped them on. The best thing I've done so far.

My incisions are looking quite good, if I'm lucky they'll totally fade away or my boobs with rest over them.

I'm a side sleeper and I was back on my side after the first week. It was a little uncomfortable but not painful.

Starting to feel part of me

So it's been a while, I've been waiting for them to fall into a more natural position. They're much less 'stuck on' looking.

I know it's going to take a little longer for them to fully settle. But I'm in love!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr Andrade was very patient and knowledgable

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