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Hello Real Selfers.... So I finally decided to...

Hello Real Selfers....

So I finally decided to create my own "blog" on here after reading so many reviews. I have had 3 consultations - 2 with Doctors and one with a Nurse Consultant, and I am going back to one of them and this time bringing my husband along. If all goes well, I will be paying the procedure in full as the surgery date is Aug 4th!! eeeeekkk..... it's just a little over a week from today!

So, a little background about me. I am 41 yrs old, and have two kids. I have always been 'flat chested' and only had boobs when I was nursing my two babies. I knew that they would deflate back to original sz once I was done nursing, and they sure did. I am 5'3" and around 117 lbs at the moment. I have thought of getting BA for some time but never really seriously considered it until about 2 months ago. My husband is very much against it as he is afraid of the risks and complications and he feels they are not worth it. He is also concerned on what our kids will think but I told him that they are still quite young (7 and 6) and they may not even notice (this is what I'm hoping for). I have tried to talk to him about it but he doesn't even want to hear the details. Our appointment with the doctor is in two days and I just hope that he won't completely go ballistic as the doctor will have to be honest with him on the complications that could potentially arise. In my mind the risks and complications are very small, but in his mind no matter how small, they are still there and it's not worth it. so we will see.......

During my initial consultation, I tried on different sizers but it's so difficult for me to really visualize what they will look like. The office had a 3D imaging software and I saw what I could potentially look like in different sz implants. I liked 365cc and that's where we left it. My goal is to be a full C, perhaps a very small D, but definitely no bigger. I want to be enhanced but I really don't want the fake look. I think I'm going to considerable go smaller as I really want to achieve a natural look and I don't want to cause any more issues with me and hubby if I get supersize Tatas!!

I have attached a photo of the 3d imaging.

That's it for now. Will keep you posted with my journey

BA booked!!!!!

My BA surgery is booked!!!! Aug 4th and have to be there for 9:30AM. Surgery time is 10:00AM. Very excited and nervous at the same time. Hubby is still not on board. We met with the doctor and he asked some straight forward questions. Dr. Andrade answered them truthfully and honestly. Not sure if it made hubby feel better but he knows I've made up my mind. I just hope it won't impact our marriage. It's so difficult to talk to him about the procedure as I really want him to know what to expect - that it could take up to 6 months to "drop and fluff" - he thinks all BA's look very fake and boobs are hard to touch. We'll see I guess.....
The doctor I chose is Dr. William Andrade. He has very good reviews and rated #1 in the area. During my consult he was very professional and honest. I had additional questions and concerns which I sent to him over email - to which he took the time to answer them all and always responded very quickly, usually less than 24 hours I would hear back from him. His facility is also brand new and state of the art and very impressive - I have to admit this is what closed the deal.
Well..... I have just a few more days before my surgery date!!! So excited but really worried about recovery. I don't want to tell my kids that I'm getting it done but will have to tell them I'm getting something done as I will be very limited in what I will be able to do in the first few days. Sleeping is going to be an issue as we all co-sleep (my kids are 7 and 5). Would love to hear from fellow Moms on how you dealt with telling your children!!
I've decided with 335cc HP Allergan Natrelle Inspira smooth round cohesive gel. I'm hoping once it's completely dropped and fluffed it will provide me with a nice C cup. At the beginning I think it will give me a D cup but after swelling has gone down, I am hoping for a nice full C.

My stat:
- 5'3"
- 117lb
- 12cm bwd
- 41 yrs
- 2 kids
- Pre-op sz: 32AA
- BI: 335cc HP Allergan Natrelle Inspira smooth round cohesive gel
- post op sz (hoping for) 32C, after completely dropped and fluffed

Bra and blouse for post op

So excited coz I found a great bra today for my post op. I'm getting a surgical bra from the doctor but I figure i will probably need another one while the other is in the wash. I found this Genie Bra, wire free with zipper front closure!!! And at $9.00 - you just can't go wrong!!!!! :) thought I'd share the excitement!!! LOL!!! lil' things make me happy!!!

Well my surgery day is coming up fast and furious!!!! I'm driving myself crazy thinking should I change the size I decided on! But kept reminding myself that modest and conservative is the goal. Hope I at least end up with a C cup after the girls have fully dropped and fluffed!

I'm going for 335cc HP under the muscle round smooth cohesive gel Natrelle Inspira. My Stat: 5'3"; 117lbs; 12cm bed. Current cup sz: 32AA. hope the cc's I've chosen will give me at least a C cup.

Thanks ladies!!!!! Have a great day y'all!!!!! :) :)

BA done

Made it and BA done. Right now they are really tight and sore. I took a percocet but doesnt seem to be doing anything. I need a nap.....

Day 1 post op

So, yesterday after surgery I was in quite a bit of pain. Percocet makes me nauseated. I threw up about an hour after eating. The pain was more like pulling andy skin felt very tight like it was really getting pulled. I slept a lot yesterday as this was all I could do. Hubby was really good at taking care of the kids and making sure they didn't jump on me. He's still does not approve of it but he's become supportive at least. Sleeping was really hard as I slept on a 45 degree angle and really put a strain on my back. As for the kids - I really didn't want to tell them what I had done as they are only 5 and 7 and I don't think they will notice. They did ask what was wrong - I told them I had to go to the hospital and they put something in my arms so I couldn't move too much. I think they were confused but they didn't ask any further questions.
Day 1 post op - feeling much better today. Not as sore and painful but it still feels really tight. I started rubbing cocoa butter on the tight areas as I'm afraid of having stretch marks. Took Percocet and Torodol (for inflammation and pain). Percocet keeps making me throw up. I think I'm going to switch to extra strength Tylenol for the weekend until I call my doctor on Monday and see what they recommend. Today I am much more mobile but boobies are still very firm and high up (I know it will take time).

1 week boobieversary!!!

Boobies are starting to drop (ever so slightly), they are no longer squarish (frankenboob), but still pretty firm. As far as pain, only slight twinges of pain here and there. Morning boob is not even so bad. I actually stopped taking Percocet day 2 post op as it made me very nauseated and very weak. I resumed regular Mommy duties on Day 3. By Day 4 I resumed to being the kids' chauffeur and drove the kids to day camp.

I had my one week post op appointment today with my PS. I got my scar gel and instructed to start applying it once the steri strips have completely fallen off - about a week or so. Doctor says everything looks great and he said the size suits me very well. He also said that 335 ccs was pretty tight so it was a good thing I didn't decide for a larger size. Can't wait for the girls to drop and fluff.

I got 335ccs Over the muscle HP smooth Round Cohesive Gell Natrelle Inspira.

Picture of Day 1 and Day 7 comparison attached.

4 months post op

They are a little firm to touch but squishy and moves around the pocket.
Just want a quick update. I am now 4 months post op. Doing great.
Here are my stats:
implant sz: 325cc (left side); 335cc (right side)
POST: 32DD (victoria secret sizing)

Loving them. They look very natural, and really fit my frame. Very sexy in a bathing suit as the shape is perfect and they sit just right. At this point I don't know if they will still drop. They still feel a bit firm (but not hard), so I'm really hoping they soften up over the next couple of months.
I do find myself wishing they were bigger. I find they disappear in certain clothing. This is one advice I will give to women not sure about the size they should go for - go for the biggest you can go to! Like I said, I'm a 32DD in VS sizing but I don't know what I am in other brands. By the way that's 32DD, but the smallest DD, if that makes sense.

Typo on the video description....

I meant to say that Boob has dropped to the right spot. Just want to clear that up!
Dr. William Andrade

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