Breast Implant Removal Without Replacement - Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

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I was explanted yesterday!. I had my implants...

I was explanted yesterday!.
I had my implants put in 10 years ago, and over the past couple of years have noticed they'd gone quite hard but as it was such a gradual thing I didn't really notice. As I don't know what feeling other 'normal' boobs is like I had nothing really to compare myself to either!
My boyfriend started complaining saying they shouldn't be that hard and I must admit they did feel like rocks and started to look a bit mishaped. Just for my peace of mind I went to the private hospital to get an opinion from a plastic surgeon about them, thinking he'd reassure me and I could go home and forget about it.

I was disappointed to hear I had Grade 3 capsular contracture-where they're hard and mishapen but not painful-that's grade 4. So I decided I would have to have them out.They were starting to feel sore from time to time and the side of the left one was looking quite squared off instead of round. When I lifted my arms above my head the right one seemed to be higher than the left one and the nipple seemed to be too high up like the implant had dropped slightly. It felt sore when the kids ran into me for a cuddle or rested their heads on me and my boyfriend was starting to feel a bit squeamish about the hardness of them and had been avoiding touching them for months.

My surgeon did say they would be very small and empty looking afterwards as he could feel I had very little natural breast tissue over the top of the implants (which were only 220 cc silicone anyway as I have a small frame) and I was only a 32A/AA before the implants, 32C/D after. I'm a size 8 and 5'7 so I'm quite tall and lanky and not very voluputous!! If I ever put weight on it always seemed to go on my bum, never my boobs.

To have them replaced was double the cost of just removal, I couldn't really afford removal AND replacement and I didn't want the capsular contracture to occur in future at further cost, surgery etc so I decided just to have them removed.
The surgeon however said it would be better if I had them replaced with new implants, or had the fat transfer procedure done, but he wasn't pushy, I think he could anticipate how small they'd be afterwards and didn't want a wailing woman demanding her implants back in, after surgery.
We agreed I'd have them out, be prepared for the worse, see how things settled down 6 months after the explant and how I felt about having them replaced then. Although I'd be very surprised if I did decide to go through new implants again after these ones failed.
I'm 40 soon and to be honest it's only me and my boyfriend that'll see them in the flesh so I'm shopping for some gel bras today to wear after the healing phase!!

I had my implants after I had 2 children, because after I'd finished breastfeeding them, my little boobies completely vanished, and my husband at the time was a real boob man so I was happy to get the implants done.
I had a 3rd baby after the implants and managed to breast feed for 7 months with the imlants in. They did get pretty huge then 32DD then, and after breast feeding with implants they were 32C/D. I was a bit concerned after all the size changes going on that the skin would be all baggy and wrinkly, especially as I'd had the implants for 10 years and did the breast feeding. They don't look too bad today, it's just my nipples are sort of sunk in and wrinkly, they look a bit like raisins! The skin isn't too saggy but there's hardly anything there now. When I lean forward I have about 2 inches of 'boob' sticking out, but when I'm sitting upright it's hard to tell as my dressings come up to the bottom of my nipples.

I suppose I'm used to the implants sitting upright on my chest and its odd to see the real ones sort of vanish when I lie on my back but when I lean forward there's something there again!! 5 years of on/off pregnancy and breastfeeding followed by implants followed by another pregnancy and breastfeeding I'd forgotten what they should be like. Poor things, I think they need to be left alone to rest and recover now though!
I am hoping I'll get some of this 'fluffing out' thing which might make thinks look more promising,
Today I've still got the dressings on and I'm wearing a 'Magic comfort bra' which is really comfy-lycra and a bit padded so I look like there's some boob there!! I did take a sports bra into hospital with me but it was horribly uncomfortable- too tight and felt like it was pressing into my dressings. The magic bra is stretchy-comes in small, medium and large rather than set sizes, and I can recommend it! Padding helps too, as I don't want people commenting 'where have your boobs gone'??!!

The surgeon did say I didn't need to wear a bra straight away, I think it was his way of saying I don't need to as I haven't got any boobs to need support! But then I've got my padded lycra bra on at least it looks like I've got something there instead of totally flat chested!
I'm glad I've got in done. I would have left the implants in place if they were fine, but they weren't. The implants themselves were ok, not ruptured or damaged, unfortunately it was my body's reponse to the silcone-by making the fibrous capsue around them, so I don't blame the implants at all. It's just one of those things. The surgeon said it could have been from breast feeding-because I got mastitis which is a bacterial infection which could cause fibrosis, somethimes it's a couple of bacteria that settle on the implant at the time of placement which induce fibrosis which then causes capsular contracture, but sometimes is just bad luck, and at least I got 10 years out of them.

The hospital was great, I went in at 12 noon, had some assessments done and the surgeon and anaesthetist came to talk to me. I was taken down to theatre by the nurse and lay on the bed in the anaesthetic room and the nurse and anaesthetist were lovely, having a real joke about and making me laugh. I had a mask put on to breathe in oxygen, a needle was put in my arm, which didn't hurt, the anaesthetist said I'd feel sleepy in a few seconds and next thing I knew I was awake in the recovery room and it was all done. I was a bit cold and shivery so the nurse put a hot air blanket over me and gave me a drink of water. I had a sneaky peak uner the gown to see my new chest but felt a bit cross eyed still from the anaesthetic, so had to lie still a bit longer! I wasn't in any pain, and the mild discomfort I have had over the last 24 hours has been fine with paracetamol and neurofen the hospital gave me. I didn't have any drains in.

The surgeon said it took longer than the 20 minutes he anticipated, about an hour in the end I think as he said my fibrous caspule around the implant was well and truly stuck so he had to spend a while removing them. My scars were a bit lumpy from having the implants put in so he basically cut the lumpy tissue away and joined the new skin ends together so hopefully they'll heal ok.
It wasn't as sore as having the implants put in. I've even been out shopping today, and apart from feeling a bit tired and dizzy I'm not in any pain and not bruised at all. Don't seem to be swollen either.
I keep telling my self, no one's perfect, make the most of my other assets, I'll never be on the pages of Playboy now but I'm going to get the fake tan out and try and make more of my legs to distract from the top half LOL

I'm 6 days post explant now and doing OK. I had to...

I'm 6 days post explant now and doing OK. I had to take pain killers for the first 3 days and went back to work for a day after 2 days, but that was too soon really and I didn't feel up to it. I went camping this weekend! The only thing was it was so hot and I was wearing my lycra bra which made me a bit hot and sweaty which made the dressings look a bit dirty, so when I came home I took the dressings off, had a shower and put new dressings on I bought from Tesco, so I hope when I go for my review with the surgeon tomorrow I won't get told off!!
The bruising has come out more now so I look a nice yellow/green underneath but it's not sore.
They're not a shrunken looking as the first day although there's not a lot of natural boob there, but they do look like they're improving slowly.
They feel nice and soft and warm and I'm looking forward to putting them in a padded bra in future to make them look a bit more pretty rather than this lycra comfort bra which flattens them down,
I'm glad i had it done, still a work in progress I think as they're going to take time to heal properly and it's nice thinking I'm all natural now and won't have any unpleasant surprises from the implants in future, or any maintenance costs. This private surgery is an expensive business!
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