Terrible Expeience After Hydra Facial (UK) - Newcastle, UK

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I had my first Hydra Facial last Thursday and have...

I had my first Hydra Facial last Thursday and have had terrible results. Everything I wished my skin wasn't ....it is now. Immediately after the treatment I was advised redness was normal, however the following morning my skin was blotchy with lots of raised areas, every ounce of moisture my skin normally had, felt like it had been sucked out. The redness spread - at least I was uniformly beetroot red, but quite swollen and very puffy eye bags. In order to go to work I used some minerals make up concealer which just sat on my dry face, looking flaky and every line and wrinkle emphasized massively. My skin is hot to the touch and painful, trying to massage simple moisturizing creams into what feels like a tight dry flaky mask is painful. Was told this treatment was great for special occasions with no downtime. Now 4 days on and I have contacted the beauty salon and am returning tomorrow for a consultation. Would never have this done again, only hoping I haven't caused permanent damage. Unfortunately I work with the public and have a high pressured job, not looking forward to our monthly senior meeting tomorrow and being gawped at...if i could hide under a duvet for the next 2 weeks I would!!

Before and after pics

over 2 weeks on

Thought out of fairness I should upate my review so as not to put people off this treatment, as once my skin started to peel and the inflammation settlled, my skin returned to normal. I personally wouldn't have it done again but I think I have very sensitive skin. Think it's wise to factor in some downtime too just in case ....
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