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I wanted to start my review before I had my...

I wanted to start my review before I had my procedure, but really didn't get the chance. I think I owe it to everyone on this forum my own experience as I don't think I could have come all this way without the support and information on here. I had my consultation on the 16th of December and my surgery was booked for the 16th of January. I have always been a very confident girl, my nose was actually never such a big issue, but I always felt it always looked out of place

4 more days to go.....

I have posted 2 pictures of myself, but I will post more of my profile from every angle. I am currently on day 3, the swelling has gone down a little but it's still early days.

getting there slowly

3 more sleeps till I have the cast taken off! I have a burst blood vesel in my right eye which I noticed after the surgery, it looks quite bad and it's still there. I called my doctor today to ask her if I should be worried, she asked me to come in tomorrow but I was not confident enough to leave the house and told her so. It sounds like it's something quite common especially with a rhinoplasty.

bruisy birthday!

I have bruised quite badly, I think it's because I'm slightly anemic, but compared to pictures on here mine is quite bad. I really hope it settles, not long till my cast comes off. Trying really hard not to focus on that day as I always feel down and somewhat sad about not seeing my old nose again........has anyone felt like that? I'm trying to focus on positive things like being able to wear my hair in a centre parting and not worrying about how large my nose looks in pictures. I had a closed procedure, so I'm hoping I won't scar? I just want to emphasise on the emotional side of having such a big procedure done, had it not been for certain people in my life supporting me and being there for me, I really would have struggled. Day 3 was the hardest I broke down and couldn't pick myself back up again for a while. I think I upset my kids too as they're not used to seeing their mum so helpless and weak :-( it's so important to have positive people around you for this very sensitive time. It's also a good idea to refrain yourself from anything that might give you a negative insight into rhinoplasty, because let's face it...........its done and there is no going back, so being in a good frame of mind for the recovery period is a must! I hope everyone is well and anyone with upcoming surgery, good luck and well done for coming this far. X

sorry for not updating!

Hi all, I've had my lovely mother in law come to look after me while I recover. Since I last updated you all, I have had my cast taken off............I was devastated! But fast forward 4 days, I,m liking it. The swelling has come down immensely but it took time, only today (post 12 days) has the bridge swelling come down. My tip is still slightly swollen, but I know in good time it will go down. I have so far been very lucky in terms of pain, but I have bruised quite badly and the burst blood vessels in my right eye is still there, but I am going to be patient. I've been taking arnica tablets religiously and also applying the cream, but in all honesty, I don't think it's helping at all. One thing I would love to recommend though is steam inhalation with vicks. My surgeon told me to dissolve some vicks in hot water in a bowl and very gently inhale it with a towel over your head so to not let the steam escape, come out every time you feel you need air. I didn't do it right away I waited 2 days after my cast removal to do this as I felt a little unsure about it at first, but wow!!!!! I,m so glad my surgeon advised me on this. At first I didn't understand how it would benefit as I wasn't congested, but after doing it a couple of times, I definitely see and feel the difference. It softens the "things" that have hardened up inside your nose and brings them down. I would be very careful though when cleaning these bits out as my surgeon was very thorough about not picking and poking as it can be very dangerous, so be careful. Apart from the swelling, bruising and burst blood vessels, I can't complain about much else. My nostrils are definitely bigger, but I'm hoping and praying its just swelling. Has anyone else noticed this? I use to love my before nostrils, but my surgeon said they haven't been touched, and I have faith and trust him, to know in time I will see the old shape and size of my nostrils again. I am hoping that when I update my next review I can change my status to "worth it" but for now I need time to see how things go. On the day I had my cast removed I was sick with nerves, I took some pk's and went to my appointment. I was met by a lovely nurse (I wish I had her during my stay for surgery) she took me through and prepared me mentally for what to expect and feel, but assured me that it will change over the course of time and boy, was she right! Anyway, my lovely surgeon came toaassist the nurse in taking of my cast and to also check my nose. I had already made the conscious decision not to look at myself in the mirror in fear of my reaction in front of a stranger. The nurse understood, but still thought it would be better if I did before I left, I wasn't sure............the cast was taken off, it wasn't painful just uncomfortable, the painful part was having the plasters taken off that held the cast in place, but my nurse tried really hard to be gentle. Once it was taken off it felt so strange, the nurse told my surgeon about how I didn't want to see my nose, he also respected that but also advised that I should. As they were both discussing my "unseen" nose to me, I welled up when my surgeon said it was looking good. He spoke to me for a while and asked me to see him in a month's time. After he left I was alone with the nurse. I got up and showed her a picture of my old nose, she told me it's alot straighter now and has a lovely silhouette, I felt like crying again. I told her I will put on my sunglasses and look in the mirror, so that I'm not startled and I am so glad I did. With my sunglasses I could just see the tip, but my bridge was narrowed down and that was the one thing that was worrying me, would it suit me, would I like it? So many questions were pounding into my head. I bravely took of my sunglasses and looked for about 3 seconds, I felt sick...........I looked like a character from the avatar! Anyway my surgeon was fantastic and realistic at explaining to me what to really expect, so I guess I kept all that in mind and dealt with it well, which the nurse thought I had dealt with well. She told me every day it will change and I will love it, I really did believe her as she knows from doing so many cast removals and follow ups how much gradual change occurs. I am so far happy with my choice of surgeon and hospital. I have posted some more pics, but as I have really bad bruises under my eye I have edited them out. I will keep you all posted soon. Xxxx
Newcastle Upon Tyne Plastic Surgeon

Mr McLean was really nice and very professional.

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