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I have been wanting a breast reduction for at...

I have been wanting a breast reduction for at least 10 years. I have always been top heavy and out of proportion to the rest of my body. im 5'1 and a dress size 12. My breast size was a 34GG. i hated them! Because they where so big and heavy they just sagged. Finding clothes to fit was a nightmare, especially when it was for special occasions. I was always hiding my self in big baggy tops, even in the hight of summer because i was so self concious. i would live in sports bras to try and strap my breasts down as much as possible, but they still looked huge. I took up skydiving as a hobby a couple of years ago, it didnt come easy to me as a student but i loved every moment. I am know a licenced solo skydiver. However a big concern to me was that my chest was so big that i could barely see over to see my reserve handles when i had a rigg on. slightly concerning if i ever had a malfunction and wasted precious seconds trying to find the reserve handles to save my life!! Which pushed me to the decision to start seriously saving hard for a much needed breast reduction.

I done my research and made appointments with different companys/surgeons and decided to go with Harley Medical. My decision was based on gut feeling and first impressions. My surgeon is Dr Mahadev, which i instantly felt comfortable with from the word go. He has a very high profile and specialises in breast surgery. He also teaches surgeons and has published various pieces of work etc. My surgery was on the 3rd June 2016. I must admit nothing really felt real, not even when i was lying on the table waiting to go to sleep. when i woke up after the surgery i felt my chest stinging, which went away after an hour or so. i recovered very quickly from the anesthetic. with in 2/3 hours i was up and walking about outside in the gardens enjoying the sunshine. iv never really had any pain, and only took pain killers for the first day. I became very bloated after the surgery which i wasnt aware that this would happen, but went down drawmatically after a week. i was also very tired for the first week and slept a lot. And i didnt have a very big appetite which is a side effect of the antibiotics. Before the surgery i read somewhere, possible on here, that pregnancy U pillows where worth buying to help comfort and sleeping. Best thing i ever bought. I have not had one sleepless night considering im not a one for sleeping on my back let alone sleeping propt up.

After a couple of days after the surgery the shock started to kick in. i started worrying that my reduction was too small and that i felt flat chested. i felt very down and cried for 5 days. i thought that i might never get used to them and would need breast implants inserted. i had my 1 week post op appointment with my nurse and told her everything. she reasured me that it was very normal to feel like i do, and that i certainly was not flat chested. I felt so much better after that and havent felt down or cried since. I will next see my surgeon on the 9th July which will be 5 weeks po.

I am 16 days post op now. i am getting used to my breasts. i am finding that my clothes fit and look way better. As i said before i have had no pain through out my journey. i had a little over 900g taken from each breast which is the equivelant to 2lb (4lb all together) . Im still oozing a little from the left breast. And the right verticle incision seems to be scabbing more on the right. Other than that everything seems ok so far. Feeling very bored and cant wait to get back to work/uni. i was recommended not to drive for 2 weeks, so now that im back on the road im going to plan so good walks in the Lake District where i live, just to kill the bordem. im back to work beginning of July.

18 days post op

Not much to update. Left boob is still oozing a little, i was just wondering if anyone else did/is 2 weeks post op? still feeling great and really starting to love my small boobies. i can't wait to be measured for a bra and find out what size i am. Im guessing im going to be about a C cup but i might be wrong. I thought i would have a little break from my surgery bra for an hour today, and i was pleased to see that my boobs look bloody great with out a bra on. my boobs have never been so perky before, happy days!

Im having my first day out tomorrow since the surgery. I'm planning to go to Alnwick Castle, where parts of the Harry Potter movies where casted. Hopefully i wont get too tired as it will be a full day thing. I hope everyone else post op are doing well, much love.

One of the lucky ones!

I'm four weeks post op today. I am very greatful to be one of the lucky ones, as i couldn't ask for my healing process to be any better. Everything has gone smoothly and i have had no problems what so ever. I put it down to taking the famous speach 'take it easy' very seriously. I have litterally been resting/lazing the whole time. It could also be down to my diet aswel. I mainly drink herbal teas, eat lots of salads and veggies and eat protein such as chicken and pork. But i do not deprive my self in the least, i have naughty days at least 1 or 2 days a week. Yesterday i indulged in the most mouth watering fuit scone with jam and clotted cream!! With also a pot of spiced citrus tea!

At the present moment my boobies still feel quite firm. They havent really changed that much over the weeks, as you might see in the photos. I absalutely adore my boobies and still to this day i can not stop looking at them. The skin around my boobs is starting to peel away. It kind of reminds me of when i was little at primary school, when i used to paint my hand with PVA glue, let it dry and then peel it off... I read somewhere that this can happen after the skin has been so taught and starts to relax again. Either way im not worrying about it.

I am planning to go back to work next week. I guess its time to get back to reality. I have lots to look forward to over the summer. Most of all i seriously can not wait until September. Being deprived of skydiving for three months is torcher!! I cant wait to spread my wings as a better, more stream line and lighter version of me.

I am seeing my surgeon next weekend for the first time since the surgery. I will post a quick update on how it goes. Until then, happy healing everyone!

Spitting Sutures

I have noticed over the last week that i have sutures starting to spit from the incisions. They don't seem to be causing any bother, and not creating any redness or inflamation. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if so did you leave them alone or pull them out? i did try to pull one but i got a bit grossed out so left it alone. I didnt seem to want to come out easy.

Feeling Very Happy

So my boobies are 5 weeks old now. Today i had an appointment with my surgeon, Dr Mahadev. Everything is healing perfect. He didn't seem bothered about the spitting sutures and just said to leave them alone, and everything will heal fine. He said he doesn't need to see me again. He also informed me that i can go back to skydiving after next week, which im incredibly excited about!! But under the condition that he can come skydiving (tandem with an instructor) too!! Soooo, he has the details for the centre, and im just waiting for the date he is booked for!!

My boobs are really starting to soften now. I cant believe how quick the are healing, and with out any complications. I may be biased but i think i definatly had the best surgeon, my boobs look incredible. If you are from the UK, I can not recommend Dr Mahadev enough. I think the results/pictures speak for them selves really. So i guess this is the end of my story, short but sweet. I believe the best stories always are short but sweet! I will post an update picture at 6 months. Good luck everyone, and happy healing.

Finally learning to love my body!

It's almost 4 months since my surgery. I can't believe how amazing the results are. My confidence has reached far beyond the sky faster than the speed of light. I have been so lucky to have had an exceptionally good surgeon to do the work and to have had a smooth healing process. I'm finally learning to love my body.
Gopal Mahadev

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