24 Year Old, Breast Lift with Implants, 435cc High Profile - Newcastle, AU

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So this is my first post and I don't really know...

So this is my first post and I don't really know how this works but I'm hoping to help others by documenting my journey and get advice/tips/get in touch with you ladies who have gone through or are going through the same thing.

My surgery is scheduled for May 22nd, roughly three weeks away (a day before my 24th birthday eep). I've opted for 400/450cc high profile polyurethane (furry brazilian) implants with a lollipop lift. The surgery will take roughly 3 hours and I'll be out of hospital the same day. I'm very nervous but so excited.

I'll be posting photo's throughout my journey and afterwards for anyone interested.

I would love to hear any sort of feed back from any other ladies who have had the lollipop lift and/or implants. How long until you felt normal/went back to work/excersised? What were your experiences with scarring? How much pain were you in after surgery and how long until the pain subsided? If you have an upcoming surgery like me I'd love to hear from you and hear about your experience so far :)

Before photos

I thought I should probably post some before photo's of my sad boobies before their makeover. These images were given to me by my surgeon.

The sad looking photos were taken on the day of my consult and the last three photos were generated using a fun little program called 'crisalix' (??) He typed in the implant size and my measurements. (I'm not sure if this can be done at home on your own computer?)

I have had two consultations, these images being from the first when I had planned to go for a smaller sized implant, 335cc. I have since made another visit to to doc and opted for 400cc. If all goes to plan my boobs should look like this only a cup and a half larger and slightly more even. Yay!

I am also having a touch of lipo on my left breast as it is significantly larger than my right (that's where the evening out part comes in). Doc also told me that I should expect more swelling to my left breast because of this and also told me that I will experience swelling again in both breasts, two weeks post op.

Again, I would love to hear everyone else's experiences and appreciate any sort of advice :)

Today's the day!

Omg it's come around so quickly! I'm headed to the hospital at 8.30am and I am expecting to do a fair bit of waiting around before I actually go in to surgery? Nerves are through the roof but I'm so flippin' excited! Will post photos later today or tomorrow depending on how I'm feeling after the operation :)


I got to the hospital at around 8.15 this morning. The nurse called me up shortly after and I was on my way! I got dressed into my extremly sexy hospital gown (hint of sarcasm) and sat in a second waiting room with some other day surgery patients.

About 15 minutes later another nurse called me up and showed me to another room where I met my Anethisist. The guy who was due to administer my anesthesia had an emergency and so I had a different Anethisist. I was silly and googled lots of info on anesthesia and freaked myself out about it so badly, when they took my blood pressure at the hospital my heart rate was through the roof. Upon meeting my new Anethisist I was instantly put at ease. He made me feel so comfortable and cleared up any concerns that I had. Soon after I was taken into surgery! I started to feel like I was floating and knew I'd be out in no time.

Next thing I knew it was 2.30pm and I was in the recovery room. I was so drowsy because of what I had discussed with the Anethisist I had to be slightly more sedated. I slept for a couple of hours while they dosed me up with pain meds.

My surgeon then paid me a visit and said that everything went well and he's positive I'm going to have the results I wanted. Yay!

When I was able to walk without feeling like I was going to fall face first or vomit (I only felt nauseous when I tried to walk) they took me to another room where I was given all my meds and had something to eat and drink.

I arrived back at my accommodation around 5.30-6 ish. All in all I was at the hospital for a total of 8 hours, due to my prolonged recovery period. I was supposed to be out by 3!

Since then my swelling has skyrocketed and my left breast has started to swell up more so than my right as doc told me it would, due to having lipo on the left. It's also slightly more painful on my left side.

Pain is bearable but I am quite uncomfortable and feel really tender and sore. There's a lot of pressure on them too. My post op bra is a 32C and my breasts are much larger, but 'the tighter the better' I was told by nurses. At the moment I'm unable to lift my arms to brush my teeth and can't even go to the bathroom on my own!

I have drains attached to each breast which is kind of freaking me out lol I am seeing doc early tomorrow for my first post op appointment and he will remove them then (thank GOD). I also have a little bit more blood coming from the left (lipo) breast.

I'm already so in love with them despite the drains and discomfort and definitely think it was worth it. I am a new woman! I feel amazing.

It's nearly winter and so I was fairly rugged up making it hard for photos. You can only just see that my swelling has increased from 5 hours after surgery to 10 hours. Will get better pics tomorrow.

Also have pics of drains for anyone interested but didn't want to post them in case it bothered some people :)

Day one photos

I got about 4-5 hours sleep last night which was better than I thought! I hate sleeping on my back at the best of times so knew I'd struggle a bit.. But it wasn't as bad as I had expected.

My new best friends are still extremely swollen and compressed, making breathing a little tricky. I've been taking long deep breaths.

Again these photos aren't really the best quality but the best I could do and hope you can get some idea of what they are doing at the moment!

Day one appointment

I've just gotten out of my appointment with doc and everything is going swimingly. They removed my drains (hallelujah!) which felt uncomfortable but not so much painful.. More just like a tugging sensation.

My nipples are stil 100% numb. I'd love to hear from you ladies out there who have experienced this also. How long until you got sensation back, if at all? I reaaallllly hope they aren't numb forever.

I finally got to have a good look at my beautiful new boobies and I am so in love! So happy I did this :)

Day 2 + drains

Day two and feeling pretty sore. Pain meds are good but I can only take them every 8 hours and the effects only seem to last for 2-3 hours. Extremely itchy and tight and also experiencing a bit nausea due to meds I'm assuming, as the nurses told me that might happen.

Here's a photo of the drains also for those interested. Pretty icky but it's all part of the fun! These were only in until I saw doc the next morning.

Day three

Day three post op and all I can say is holy itchy! I got an amazing 8 hours sleep last night but woke up very tight, stiff and in a fair bit of pain.

I soon took an endone as prescribed and started feeling better within the hour.

Since then I've been dozing on and off and I've been slightly less tight but fair bit more itchy. It's driving me bonkers but I'm staying as comfortable as possible and managing alright.

Here's some day 3 photo's

More photos day three evening time

Day 4

Day four was my own personal hell.

The previous day I'd been in contact with a little one who had gastro.. I can imagine you can tell where I'm going with this.

That night I was up with diarrhea and vomiting. I rarely get sick so this was just brilliant timing. I spent the entire next day in bed dozing on and off, trying to keep down meds and wasn't able to eat at all. By evening time I was starting to come good. Thank god it was only a 24 hour bug!

Day 7

This time last week I had my new boobies! Feeling pretty good now. Able to drive (I drive manual/stick) and start to dress in my usual clothes without feeling like a fridge. Still pretty tight, don't have full use of my arms yet and am waking up in the mornings feeling like I've been hit by a truck. I'm due back at work on Tuesday (3 days) and I feel like that'll give me enough time.. As long as I don't do any heavy lifting. Getting pretty over sleeping on my back.

10 day post op appointment

So today I had my 10 day post op. They put me under some light thing? (That may sound really stupid) and took my dressings off.

Everything looked great from my view- apart from the bruising that's still left from having the operation. The nurses seemed impressed and I was feeling confident.

The nurse gave me a mirror and showed me the incision under my left breast. It looked a little red/yellow but didn't seem to be weeping. She said she was going to put a little bit of skin glue on it after letting it dry out. She told me it was fine, I am aloud to get it wet as long as I don't rub it hard to dry. She put a strip of tape over the bottom half of both my nipples, gave me two new bras one d and one c for when the swelling goes down and sent me on my way.

After getting home and looking at them for myself I'm not feeling so confident. My left breast has much more bruising (I had lipo to my left breast for symmetry) but seems smaller than my right which is making me freak out that too much has been taken from my left. The incision looks nastier than I thought and it's getting me really down. They're sitting too high and are making me feel stocky. I want them to drop so bad and I know they will but I'm worried they won't drop and shape how I wanted them.

I know I'm probably being really silly. This is the first time I've felt bad about them.

Day 10

Do any of you lovely ladies have any tricks for minimizing scarring? I know there are going to be scars whatever I do and I'm 100% fine with it, I'm just interested :) When is it okay to apply things like paw paw ointment? Thanks ladies x

Back to work

I've just woken up and opened up my post surgery bra to let them breath for a few minutes. The left incision looks yucky still and I'm feeling a very slight ache/stinging pain in the same spot. I'm really down about it and am really worried because I'm back at work today.

I'm still not able to function properly (Im on day 11) and I work in retail. Lifting boxes/changing mannequins and trying to dress nicely in a sports bra are all things I can't do right now so I'm going to feel/be useless at work anyway.

I know the incision is going to bug me and keep getting me down. I might have to contact my surgeon/nurses and let them know, at the very east to put my mind at ease.

I've finished all my antibiotics and pain meds and was wondering can I take regular panadol and nurofen or will it stuff my healing?

Close up of incisions

Day 13 photos

So last time I wrote an update I was in a bit of a bad way. Since then I have bounced back and am back to feeling great again. My incisions are healing well and I'm basically back to doing everything normally except for lifting/wearing nice clothes (which I'm struggling with a little bit but isn't really an issue except that I work at a clothing store). I am now 18 days post but took a bunch of photos on day 13 that I hadn't yet put up. You can see in photos I still had some bruising which is now almost 100% gone :)
Will post more at 3-4 weeks post.

23 days post

Itching and redness turned out to be a reaction from the surgical tape that I removed a week after my ten day appointment as directed by the nurse. I've since been applying sorbeline/vitamin e cream and an antiseptic ointment to the area and it's almost back to normal!

1 month post op

So it's a few days after my 1 month post op but here are some photos I took. I've been super slack and haven't found the time to upload them. I'm feeling really good. I can pretty much do everything except for run/exercise but I can do light weights and stuff. My incisions are healing well and I'm able to wear a normal bra during the day. Dr tells me the swelling has gone and they now just need to drop. I went and got sized and bought a couple of new bras and at the moment I'm a 10E :)


I've been slack and haven't been on here in a while and thought I'd post an update and some photos. Feeling awesome and back to doing pretty much everything I was doing before but taking it easy with exercise.

More photos 2 months post op

3 months post op

3 months post op and feeling awesome. Back to exercise but I always wear two bras as instructed by my ps. I no longer have to wear my surgical bras but I wear them occasionally under high neck tops and at night. One of the nurses I see had the exact same procedure and told me she wore hers at night up until 12 months so I thought why not? I certainly feel secure anyway :) I'm struggling to dress myself lol everything I buy or own makes me look large because I'm used to wearing clothes that suit someone with no chest. Everything low cut I own is too revealing and everything else makes me look big. I'm sure I will get the hang of my new bod soon. Summer is coming up in Australia so I think it will be easier. My boobies have dropped a lot and I am so happy with them. I don't want them to drop too much further though! Will add better photos tomorrow when I have some light.
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