My breast reduction

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I am having a breast reduction, panniculectomy and...

I am having a breast reduction, panniculectomy and abdominiplasty. I am so excited cant wait. I have so many questions. I have read so many things about this. I am so motivated. I have 5 beautiful kids I am 34 years old I weight 168 and my height is 5/5. I had a gastrobypass on april 2010 and had lost almost 100 pounds.

I went to my pre op I am having my breast...

I went to my pre op I am having my breast reduction first on april 12

I went to see my ps and she told me she will do...

I went to see my ps and she told me she will do the breast reduction first on april 12 because it will take her almost 4 hours and that she will do the abdominiplasty n panniculectomy after 3 months

Hi girls had my breast reduction surgery on April...

Hi girls had my breast reduction surgery on April 12. I was at the hospital at 1pm got register. the nurse call me in ask me all the question put the iv on she gave me antibiotic before surgery.The Anastasia guy came in ask me all the question. They call my boyfriend in then my Doctor came in did the marks and then another nurse came in she was really nice she made me feel relax and happy on the way to the surgery room it was #3.I got in the room my Doctor was there and other nurses on of them introduce them self and told I am going to give you something to relax you quick. I look at the clock it was 312pm I move to the bed I look at the clock again it was 315pm. I woke up and saw a nurse saying we are sending you to your room you got here at 6pm is 730 pm. I honestly felt the difference on my back like a weight lift from my back. I was really surprised that I was not in pain. I had a patch in back of my ear. I had a folly in. next morning my Doctor came took a look and said everything was fine I want to see you Wednesday. She said she took out 400 from my left and 250 from my right.

I got home with the drains they where no problem I...

I got home with the drains they where no problem I just was really nervous my 16 year old did it for me until Wednesday. I got home it was a little difficult because I have 5 children and is really noisy and the running around etc... well it was hard to fall asleep I had the burning, itching hard to grab a cup. hopefully I went to my first visit after surgery I was more nervous than the surgery day thinking I was going to pass out when she took out the drains the Doctor told me relax breath in and out when I looked the drains where out wow it was that easy no pain. She said I was funny and told me I see you next Wednesday and you could take a shower. I got home I had to wait for hubby to get home finally he did. He help me take everything out when I saw my boobs I cry I didn't no what to say my hubby look at me n didn't say nothing. It was shocking to me what a different all this years since I was young I had my big daughter when I was 16 I was 38 size with my 2nd child I went to a size 40 with my twins I went to a size 42 and with my 5th I went to a size 44. I had a gastro bypass in April 2010 and lost 100 pounds and went down to a size 36n38. so imagine how I feel its has been a blessing I am so great full I have been thru some much in my life that when you do something like this its like a miracle thanks to God for everything.

April Breast Reduction

hi girls hope you all are healing well and are doing good as for me I am doing pretty good. I went back to work 2 weeks ago still get some swollen n sharp pain. I clean my house but feel very tired after. I am seeing my doctor on the 22 of this month for follow up. I will post pic soon I feel like my left breast its still bigger but lets see what the doctor tells me. Sorry I didn't up dated soon but I have 5 children and working and the hubby I been very busy hope all is well with all of you sister GBUA

breast reduction

hi girls just came from seeing my doctor she said everything looking good I explain my concerns about still seeing my left breast bigger than the other she told me it look good that she thought the right one was bigger but its better than before hope all of sister are doing good gbu

my breast

my breast

my pre op for my tummy tuck

really happy went to see my doctor today I am having my pre op on July 10 and my surgery on July 25 for my abdominiplasty and panniculectummy

my pre opfor my tummy tuck and panniculectomy and follow up of my breast reduction

hope all of you sisters are healing well and wish you all a speedy recovery I went to see my Doctor today she said my breast looks great she explain to me everything she is doing I will tell you I have a lot of thoughts but I have a lot of faith that's what has me a little calm and all of you stories helps a lot thank you to all for sharing your story have everyone in my prayers GBU all

my surgery tomorrow

hi everyone hope all of you sister are in good health and wishing you all a speedy recovery my surgery is tomorrow I have to be at the hospital at 12 I will have you posted my daughter is going to be with me. have all of you sister in my prayers gbu all

panniculectomy and abdominiplasty

hi to all my sisters hope all are healing well. As for me I had my surgery Thursday the 25 I went in at 12 to register went in for surgery at 300pm was out by 640pm at the recovery. I didn't had nausea because they put a patch. My doctor came in yesterday morning told me I did good that she took out 4 pounds and that I will see her Wednesday the 31. As for my pain I had a pump(morphine) they took the pump at 12 noon after that they gave me tramadol but still was feeling pain (sharp) I got discharge last night came home the hardest part for me is when I have to get up it hurts really bad and burns and I thought I was going to pass out when I sneeze omg . well am a little sad because I think or feel the same sorry just going thru all of this has been hard my 5 kids had me crazy yesterday but today they all out except my big daughter going to try my best to sleep I haven't got a nap all day today thanks to all for your advice and experience gbu all






my follow up appointment

I just came from seeing my doctor she took my drains out it was not that painful she said that I was still swollen she will see me in 2 weeks and I could shower today and she gave me ambien so I could sleep hope all of ya si at are doing well wish you all a speedy recovery gbu

pic after drains out

pic before my shower

Wow I really dont now what to say its my first time seeing my self hope this help

my scar is red and has some fluid can it be a infection

Hi sister hope everyone is healing well wish you all a speedy recovery well as for me I am having a discharge from my scar can some give feedback my ps is on vacation until next week I been able to walk more and almost straight been sleeping in my bed straight and on my side with no problem I wash dishes I cooked you think I over did it thanks gbua

dont have infection

Went to see another doctor bc my ps is in vacation he was a really nice he said he was not concerned it was not infected he said I was a little open he push really hard and ask me if I was ok but I am numb so just felt pulling no pain he ask me why I had a sad face so I told him honestly I am not happy I feel the same he said u are still swollen but with liposuction it will fix that I was really happy bc I felt he saw n feel the same way but his not my ps I have a appnt with my ps on the 14 next week lets see what she has to say I am going to post pic can anyone see what I mean hope all of you sister are having a speedy recovery gbu

3 week follow up

Hope all sister are healing well and good luck on the sister that going for surgery have everyone in my prayers as for me went to my doctor and told her I was not happy with my results she told me I was not going to be flat because I had stretch marks and told me it will get little less when be a month and told me to eat healthy


Hi everyone hope you all are doing good I haven't been in for a while i decide to do a bbl finally I will post all the info later on I am very nervous but this site has the help of all of you and all the info and feedbacks
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