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I am 25 yrs. with two c-section and do not want...

I am 25 yrs. with two c-section and do not want more children. I have gain and lost pounds in the last 3 yrs. The lowest weight I have had is 135 lbs and my current weight is 180 lbs and am 5'4. I have weighed that for almost a year now, so I feel that this is going to be my weight and I am ready for a tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift. I have research for a year now on which Doctor I would love and it is between Dr. Lawrance Chang or Dr. Jonathan Saunders. I have seen Dr. Chang and I am going for my next appt. on the 17 of February and I can't see Dr. Saunders until March 8th. Both Doctors told me that they would NOT do both procedures at the same time, which made me upset because I have seen on realself that both procedures can be done at the same time. So now I'm stuck deciding what should be done first and what each Doctor suggest. I want my clothing to look great on me. I would love to have an hour glass figure with a nice big butt, hoping that Dr. Saunder will say he is willing to do 1200 cc in each butt cheek since I am truely flat, because Dr. Chang says he will only do 500 cc on each butt cheek, which will probly be my tie breaker. Hate the fact that I have to go back in for the second time to get either one done, and pay more money, but I want things done right. I am realistic so I know what I can look like from comparing to others, which for me they look awsome!! I'm hoping that once I decide which one it will be, I can get booked by the second week of April, because my best friend is getting married on May 19, and hopefully that would give me some space to be less swollen. I guess all I can do for now is wait........ But definitly will keep updating my journey! I'm so excited for the new me!!!

So today I attempted to see Dr. Chang, but...

So today I attempted to see Dr. Chang, but apparently my appt. was at 2:35 and not at 2:45, so the girl says. Apparently she said I reschedule the appt. which wasn't true, I told her she must have gotten confuse, but I know For sure the appt was at 2:45, I had even called them and ask if I could bring a friend who wanted to see Dr. Chang for a consultation 2 weeks ago and never got a call back. I told her I had been waiting for this appt almost a month and there was no way I would have gotten the time wrong. And all she did was get smart with me, had NO customer service at all. All she said was Dr. Chang will not see you in a rude way. I told her Dr. Chang has all ready saw me in the newark office and I have Been emailing back and forth with Amy who Is his assistant, but all she said was she could reschedule me. I took a new appt at the Newark location because I did not want to deal with the rudeness of this lady. When I left, I sent his assistant an email thanking for her help but if she could cancel my new appt. That after the rudeness of this person and apparently Dr. Chang not wanting to see me, made me feel that I wasn't important nor was my business. His assistant was one of the reasons I wanted Dr. Chang to operate on me because she is down to her, always answer my emails in te same day, made me feel super comfortable, and after all of this, I felt so down. So I guess Dr. Saunders it is. Looking forward to his appt on March 8th.

So tommorow Is my appt. with Dr.Saunders, I'm...

So tommorow Is my appt. with Dr.Saunders, I'm so excited!!!

Ok, so everything went so well with Dr. Saunders....

Ok, so everything went so well with Dr. Saunders. He is willing to do 1000 cc on each butt cheek, which is what I wanted!!! I'm so happy! The price was even 800 cheaper then Dr. Chang. I should have gone with him from the beginning. So now I'm just waiting on a phone call back to see if I can get schedule next month.... So now I wait patiently lol.... Finally I feel much better to know that I found someone who I feel comfortable and understands what I want:)

So I got the call today, Im schedule for June...

So I got the call today, Im schedule for June 8th!!! I wanted sooner but unfortanetly the hospital and the Dr. are booked :(..... But I am on a cancelation list :)..... So now I wait patiently and mean while I'll see everyone's update and pictures to keep me excited!

Im so sad, today Dr. S office called me to...

Im so sad, today Dr. S office called me to reschedule my surgery, it's now June 25, two more weeks, it's seem like an eternity...... But she has me on a cancellation list, so who knows, maybe someone will cancel and I can take their spot :(

Still a virgin, lol!!

Hello everyone!!! I haven't done surgery yet:( but it all has been for a good reason. I was blessed with one more child ( the last one since I went ahead and operated to have no more children.) I was then on the journey again and fell in love with Dr. Azurin but sadly he passed away. So again on my journey, because I wasn't completely convinced with Dr. Saunders. Now I have my hopes on 2 surgeon, Dr. Miami and dr. Blinski. Will see, even though dr. Miami is booked until May 2018, I can live with that as financially I'm trying to catch up.

Not in Delaware

So after many years in this. Finally I went ahead and did a deposit but with someone local. I have started a new review, and I will end this one here. Thanks dolls.

Mother of 3, with Some Much Needed Love to Her Body

My goals is to have a nice heart booty and a flat stomach, I've been told more then once I will need a tt, but I believe in post op care may be able to help with that. I've seen amazing results after these bbl with post op care. Massages and other things that are done with in the 1st month. Will see!

Dr.Calva called me!

So after reading some stories here about the coordinator and drugs test being done, I sent Dr. Calva an email about my concerns. 10 min. Later he called me. I expressed my concerns about certain meds I take. To make story short, he reassured me I would be ok. We spoke about the cons and pros of the meds I take, and I fully understand ( I also work with Doctors). All I can advise is if you are uncomfortable with what is being said here or the coordinator don't seem to know, research yourself! Ask questions, no question is stupid. This is your life and you only have one. He made feel so much better. If you follow him, you know he's the one to say, don't always go by what the coordinators say, contact him personally. And he will take time to call you. I know I made a good decision and I will take his advice to have a good healing process and for my surgery to happen. Girls don't wait last minute for your doubts to get answers!

Any Dolls for Dr. Calva late May??

I'm just seeing who I might bump into in May. I'm scheduled for May 24th. I'm about to book my flight, just waiting on Claudia to ok my stay with her. Haven't heard back, thank God I have patience, lol. Adding a quick pic of myself, since I know we do our comparisons.

Booked Flight and Claudia Recovery home!

So I went ahead and booked my flight. But after reading another Calva's Doll journey here, she said she book her return as a First Class flight for more space and to be more comfortable. I went ahead and did the same, it was only $100 more. I rather be comfortable and be able to spread my legs, and put my chair back if needed.

Help!!! How do I know what SUPPLIES????

So I keep seeing everyone being prepare with their supplies and vitamin, and honestly there's a couple things on my list ( I wasn't really thinking of taking anything with me because The Recovery house says they have everything, but I wasn't thinking of back home.) I don't know nothing about what vitamins before/ after to take and what supplies is a must. Where is everyone getting their list? I know some of it is common sense but everyone is different. For those dolls who had surgery before, what did you feel was a must have?

Being Realistic or at least trying....

Below I have added some pictures with a girdle on. If I get these results, I will be one happy camper. My only worried is my front belly. How will it look and how can I fix it without a tt..... on the other hand, I'm slowly very slowly losing some fat in the back, not really worried about my pounds, I just want to lose enough fat in my back so he can use those liters in the front lol.

Recovery House

So has many girls may know, Claudia House is a no go. She is canceling on everyone and even myself and I'm not booked until May 24. She was the caregiver of the girl who passed away, and I thought that maybe she needed sometime, but almost 2 months seems a lot. Then I saw another girl that said she got shut down, and apparently so will other Recovery homes bc they don't have the required licenses. Dani from Miami Escape wrote a whole thing about it on Instagram, saying that a lot of recovery homes will close if they don't get this done. So I'm not sure what's going on but I ended up booking with Anesi Harbor. And I actually left a deposit which makes me feel better. So one less thing to worry about. Now I will continue to search for things I need and finish paying off. I'm glad to see that a lot of girls are still by Dr. Calva's side. That makes me feel a little better.

A post about Feelings taking me to really deciding to Cancel on Calva

So I want to start off with why originally I wanted to cancel. I'm am overwhelmed at home with stress from a recent home purchase we made (fixer upper). To the point where I spoke to my husband a couple of days ago and told him I wanted to cancel. And for the first time in a very long time, he said to do it, that we would find a solution to our home. I've always thought about my family first then my wants and needs. So I took his words and decided to continue with my journey. Well, after not being on RS for a few days, I come back to read that another death has happen. I don't know much, as much isn't being said but that it happen days after surgery and there was health related issues. I feel like I wouldn't know what to ask next or to even bother asking Dr. Calva himself bc at this point I'm lost about how I feel towards my surgery. I think that I'm going to back off for now and wait. I'm sx for May 24th and I will ask Eres to refund me tmr. I'm not blaming anyone, but I need to go clear headed into surgery and I know it's not gonna happen for now. I want my mental and physical health to be on point bc it seems that there has been health problems behind this and I know I'm not going to lie to myself and say hey, I'm healthy, I got this. No I don't have any heart problems but I do take medication that can cause blood clots. So my wants and needs now should be to be balance. I'm going to do it, just not in May and I'm not sure if with Dr. Calva. I say this is how I feel today, maybe I wake up tmr and decide to go ahead, that's why I feel so lost.

Calling all Of Calva's JuneDolls!!!!!

I'm looking into rescheduling into the first or second week of June possible the third. My surgery date is May 24th. I'm having in issue with my thyroid and I may not be cleared in time. At first I thought it was all the stress that I'm going through but it may not turn out to be that. So please inbox me if your interested in going in sooner, I can switch. So after debating and stressing, I'm going to go ahead with surgery but not without medical clearance. My health comes first. Any takers ???


So a little update!
I've been hella stress with everything. Let's start with my health, from maybe having a thyroid issue to a cyst. Because of that I had to find someone to switch surgery to give me time to figure my health out. Thankfully I did, and I'm scheduled June 15. Now in reference to my health, I'm actually very healthy. My hemo, iron is on notch. And I actually have a super high GOOD fatty cholesterol (which helps the heart.) So I'm hopping I'm clear and ready to go.

Now, surgery itself. Where to start. Well, not sure what the hell is going on with Eres or Images or whatever their called. I hate that they do this kind of stuff bc it makes me not trust them. I haven't had any issues yet with my coordinator (which switch bc my original girl left, now it's Bettsy). I've hear a couple of stuff where Dr. Calva won't be doing bbl beginning July 1st, but now I heard that he won't be doing surgery at all. Apparently he had a board meeting may 2nd, not sure if it has to do with all these changes for him. Now I did email him, and he reassured me that I'm getting my BBL done. So I went ahead and started buying supplies.
If I can give some advice, it's this: shop deals, thrift stores, coupon etc bc it does add up.
-I hate long dresses so I know I'm not going to spend $20 on 7 dresses. Lol, i went thrift shopping and so far I've gotten 7 dresses between 3-5 bucks. ( their gonna get bloody anyways) I also bought two robes (one with tags and one used for $4 each)
-I went looking for luggage also, and then I thought, why not ask a family member aka sister to let me borrow theirs. So money saved there.
-I bought a a long chair also at a thrift store, Clorox it and even sprayed paint the metal, looks brand new.
-pharmacies!!! Even though they tend to be more expensive then Walmart, they have some good deals. Went to Rite-aid and they had their vitamins on sale, buy one get one free. And on top of that I had a $5.00 coupon if I spent more then $30.00. Ended up buying anti-bacteria soap, vitamin c and d, folic acid and b-12 and some other things.
-I think I may order compression socks on line (15-25mmgh) ab board, back board, urinal, and some creams. Of course looking on savings.
I hope this helps.
Ok, and for last, I finally told my mother. She was ok ( I thought it would go worse) but her thing was what if I doesn't work. Well there goes my money.
I think I'm starting to get excited, as before it was frustrating. Hopefully everything starts to be going smoother.

Finally Made it to the other side!!!

Ok so I meant to post on IG account but it did not work out, but here is My latest update. I will review more here as soon as I can.
Key Biscayne General Surgeon

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