Searching for Solutions -Hopelessly Burnt from IPL - Newark, DE

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It has been 1.5 yrs since my one and only session...

It has been 1.5 yrs since my one and only session of extremely aggressive IPL which left me burnt.

I was told it would help me with the dark spots near my ear and overall skin health. Don forget improve wrinkles. LOL

I know my case is hopeless but I post this for others so they can see this and steer clear of IPL.

I plan to write a lot more later.

Considering a lift and or FT.
Advice is welcome.
Texture, fat loss, burnt creases,dents, divets, scraps Etc...

This has been a devastating experience.

IPL is NOT safe.
Laser and IPL destroy lives:)

Sorry my pictures are horrific but I want the world to see what destruction IPL can cause.

Things I Have Tried

Possible solutions all are risky-----------------------------/---------
Zinc oxide helped with burning along with cold compresses when it first happened. Helped
Juvederm ultra plus one syringe -helped, but had tooth pain that went away, juve did not last as long as I hoped. Definitely needed more.
Accutane at five mg a day for twenty seven days -cleared right back cheek-less damage area -had to stop due to intestine pain,a kidney stone, severe dehydration,back pain and hair thinning, stop after it left my system.
Dermarollering, derma planning, Retina A, and LED- aggravated skin texture.
Microderm and Lactic acid 20% = no change
Weight gain- forty lbs mildly helped the less damaged areas
Second try on accutane, five mg with lots of liquids and skip days if side affects occur.......currently on day twenty.
Time helped reduce redness but as redness left fat loss and burn creases showed.
Lotions helped keep skin from drying out but not with changes to skin.
Aloe plant helps mildly.
Honey and oil =no change
Advice from real selfers -definitely helped
Avoid mirrors with bright lights- helps emotionally.
Prayers and hugs to get through each day. Definitely helped.

IPL creates vampires. Vampires can cry.

IPL Torture From Crispy critter to vampire

I was a normal plain and well adjusted person. At least I think I was. A mother, wife and daughter who loved her family very much. Very outgoing, sometimes a little too loud and silly, always trying to fit a little more to her day. The day was not long enough. Love the morning sunshine. I use to tire my two year old daughter out when we played on the playground. Lots of energy. Never really did too much beauty stuff, never had time for it. No makeup unless I had family photos.

This is how one session with pearl cutrea IPL laser on December 13, 2013 turned me into crispy critter for seven months and then to a vampire. I should of known if was Friday the thirteenth Yes a vampire. A Vampire is only creatures that seems to live like this . IPL vampire.True story without a happy ending, sorry everyone. If you are reading this I am sorry if you were hurt in the same way I was, it truly is a form cruel torture. You might want to skip up to solutions, if not interested in my story.

I do want to look mirrors, bright daylight, can not be sun without burning to crisp, prefer to be in the dark, do not sleep through night or have nightmares. I found no enjoy in anything as if my soul were suck out through my skins. I go through the motion of living for my family's sakes. Much like Jim Henson's Dark Crystal. Science fiction? I think not.

It just takes an over aggressive treatment, wrong setting, too close to the skin, and or too many passes to change a perfectly happy person into living dead. You are alive but do want to be, you feel dead inside. If you are reading this my guess you are hurt too.

Yes vampires can cry rivers of tears. For first couple of months,tears that will never run out , just pure exhaustion is the only thing that stops them.

So sorry......
I plan on posting everything that I try to let others know what works and what does not.

Keep busy. Keep hope. Keep trying to live.

Hope for healing is why I keep trying....

It is hard to have hope when you are stuck in a permanent situation with no solution.

So I will tell you some of my sad horror story.
I went to my derm and told her I was concerned about the discoloration (small sun or age spots) on my lower arms and side of my face. She told me to go down stairs to see aestecitian in the cosmetic surgery department. My aestecian told me about laser genis with pearl cutrea and microderm for me. I told I would improved the overall health of my skin, rejuvenate it like facial. I explained that I could not handle anything traumatic, I had two year old and I did not want that was risky. There was virtually no risk it was noninvasive. She said she would on entire face to help with wrinkles and even tone the coloring,

Two weeks -had a tan
Third notice lines comb marks and lines ( laser stripping)
Three weeks- crinkle burns lower front right cheek and red micro holes appeared all over my skin
Burning occurred for two months
Two months I noticed scratch, dents and fine linear lines

Four months still red and burning with a small scab on my left check and very pitted sinus area
Six months some very small strip skin near the edges of my face came off seemed healed barring minor microscopic holes and rest remain as it was.
Seven months before the redness subsided for me too see what I was left with was orange texture on my entire face
Fast forward one year later orange peel skin, crappy smile, deep pores in my sinus area and orange peel skin on forehead little more shallow. Sunken cheeks, weird lines and perpetrated face,

My iPad does not capture the texture to its true horror.

Added info......

IPL damage can cause
Fat loss , I do not care what medical people say, there are many people on real self that can testify to this
scratches up and down the face
Nerve damage
Burns, which I was told was impossibility by the place messed my face up.

Fat regeneration, just read this on RS

I have seen long term indentation from overresection of fat. Possibly collagen formation as a response to trauma, or hypertrophy, not hyperplasia (meaning enlarging size not quantity) could be responsible for the filling in of the indentation.

Contrary to what is commonly thought to be the case in the medical community, fat cells can grow in number if the body weight increases above 170% of the ideal body weight. I had come across that fact doing a medical literature search when doing my research in preparation for the book I authored on liposuction published by Penguin Putnam. I doubt this is responsible for your result as you did not mention that you gained significant amount of weight. SHOW LESS

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 33 reviews

Hope this helps.….

I want EVERYONE to know I appreciate their kindness. I found this site to be useful in getting first-hand experience which I can NOT get anywhere else in my personal life. I know any time we use the internet and correspond with people that we do not know there are all sorts of risks. Not sure how else to do it? We all come from very different back grounds. Some day I may go from the laser damage side of the problem to FT side of the problem desperately looking information, advice etc.. Personally I would love to get off this merry-go-round of try this to fix that. I may anyway. My life has been irrevocable altered and I can not go back. I am doing the best I can to improve myself physically as well as the internal me. We (me included) ALL say do things we wish we could take back. I think many of us wish we could take back our laser experience. There are no perfect people. As a group we may be asked to unit over a common cause which is to place more restrictions on the devices that were used on us so carelessly. So we need to put aside our differences in background, age, gender, culture , damage, skin treatments, personality ect…This to me has been experience that is a little like a POW camp, pain we experience can only understood by someone else going through this mess and is carried around for a life time. I will still be here for EVERYONE. I am who I am--Far from prefect inside and out, a work in progress. We need each other. This is a time for mending fences. I have no ill feeling against anyone, hope advice and information continues to be shared. Also Not sure how much longer, I will be using this site. As promise, I will leave a trail of what I tried behind those in my boat. There is no CC on PMs thus I chose this to my method communication. I will always try to be there for those who need support, as for me the last year and 9 months of my life have been hell, I appreciate those who have sat down and taking the time out of their own pain to answer my questions and throw out support to me. Hope this helps.….

Accutane Update- My 2 year Anniversary

I have been taking Accutane at 5 mg daily for seven months. I doubled up on it two or three days. Missed one or two days. All in all, I have been very consistent. YES, I have seen improvements. Holes are shallower and less rippling effects with holes/lines. I was planning to write a very long detailed review (maybe later with pics). Sadly I am not healed. I was going to continue for another 6 months. I am taking break to give my hair break. I have hair thinning as a side effect and some infrequent gut aches/headaches. If I take 10 mg, dry throat/coughing. But what I am most concern about is the hair thinning near my bangs area that has the laser marks near it. This hair loss is due to my aggressive IPL treatment. I wanted to give my body a chances to heal on its own then I may resume another course accutane in a month or two. I knew the risk and I tried it on my own. I feel the effects are much like a repeated peels and dermarolling (slower). Accutane is slow also. Too high dose can impede healing or cause more damage.
My shallow damage areas with fat responded within 3 months and showed good healing. Fatloss and deep microholes responded but not enough. Some of the bigger holes shrunk a bit. Planning to stop soon. (BTW-hard too when you think it is helping) Accutane is dangerous and by no means do I recommend this. Sorry everyone, I am just very desperate for a healing. Also I think my fat loss is continuing. I still considering a lift and FT still but I want to work these holes more. Also still soul sick from this mess , so been working on that too.
This has been very hard for me.
I wanted to answer questions I have been receiving from you all. Accutane is no miracle, just a bit better.

I read somewhere if you have facial hair there is a good chance of healing.
Don't give up!
I know how bad this can feel!
Wish everyone much healing.
Rose Rodowtiz

Panzier clinic also known as Premiere Dermotogoly and cosmetic surgery. Irresponsible use of IPL. They get no stars from me

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