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Hi all! I have been on this site for months now-...

Hi all! I have been on this site for months now- and I must tell you how much it helps me every single day. I have been going back and forth on posting my own review but if it helps one person feel better about their situation I think it is worth it.

To start off, I have always been an impulsive person. I will think of an idea and the next day do it. I started getting tattoos when I was 18 and never stopped. Out of 12 I am happy with maybe 5. Luckily, the older ones are not as noticeable (lower back and ribcage). I have had one already covered on my shoulder- which now I am much more happy with.

I started getting laser treatments with Picosure back in October 2015 on my sleeve. I have had three treatments so far. I want to add that the artist who did my sleeve is a very amazing artist- you see his work and it is always great. Except I did not like mine. For some reason I am not sure if I just didn't "care" at the time..I probably told him to "do whatever he thought looked good". And I HATED it. The background was just black. Just all black. It was way too harsh on my arm. it didnt flow because I had a previous tattoo on my upper arm (which I am now going to start removal on) and it just didn't flow. It looked like a blob and people would ask me what it was supposed to be. (how embarrassing)...

Anyway, back to my treatment. I have had three sessions of Picosure on the entire background of my arm. I would do sections of my arm at a time- so the upper arm really only had one full treatment. I would go every 8 weeks.

The blisters and swelling were awful. But in a way I enjoyed getting this treatment done because I knew that something had to be changing in my skin for it to hurt that much. That is the only thing that kept me going. Seeing progress. I have dreaded the summer for two years now.

When I was in the process of my sleeve tattoo- I kept going to the artist to add more. Make it darker, add more detail...thinking in my head that it would make me love it. Well it didn't. I should of never went back after the first session and saw the pattern in which it was going.. or spoke up and said to change something...

I wish I would of started my reviews then- so I could add more as I went. So I am sorry that all of this information (about a 9 month span) is in one review. From now on I will update as I go.

I found another artist after my laser treatments. He specializes in re-working of tattoos. I still do love my original artist- he is a friend of mine. I just didn't want him to be offended I had "his work" lasered. It has nothing against him.

I have had two sessions with my new artist, he completely re-worked the original tattoos (that were dark) with color, and added more to what was lasered. The new tattoos that are over top of the freshly lasered skin will never look 100% as un-treated skin, but it looks much better.

The reds from the old tattoos barely budged from the Picosure- so you can still see some of it peeking through. But again- it is an improvement.

I am set to have more rounds of laser on my upper arm in the month of September. I have old flowers with leopard print spots that I want cleared out, to be covered. This tattoo is about 5 years old and pretty faded out already from the sun and past tanning beds.

I know this is alot of information in one review- so if I missed anything or if anyone has any questions please let me know. I would love to hear back from others in my position.

*** if I can give one tip of advice - take pictures! do side by side progress pics! I go through stages of depression and frustration often- and the progress pics really help to see how far you have come


One more month until more sessions for laser! Some days I am hopeful, and others I am wondering if this is worth it. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see great progress from my previous sessions and I feel hopeful.... other days (liek today) I look at my arm and only focus on the ink that wasnt removed all the way... the weird dark spots out of no where... I don't know if other people notice them...maybe, maybe not... but sometimes that is all I see... I would give anything to start over and have clean skin.... I do love tattoos but wish I didnt have to "go all out" and have my whole arm tattooed... of course now-a-days my style is more discreet and I love the small, well hidden and placed tattoos...they are so cute... not these huge freaking roses going down my arm.... but I know that even if I had FULL laser they would never be removed all the way- so I just am trying to deal with it and fix what I have... I do like how my skin is much more open now that the background is gone... now onto the upper arm ....old leopard print and flowers... I hope it can be removed enough to be covered with something more beautiful

First session on upper arm

Just finished up with my appointment. My anxiety was awful going in but feeling okay leaving. My arm is pretty swollen, but I'll take the pain any day if I get there results in hoping for =/ fingers crossed
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