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I wasn't planning on writing a review, but I can't...

I wasn't planning on writing a review, but I can't find any MMs that are dealing with the tuberous breast issue also, and I want to be able to help others with this problem.

About me: 33, 5'9 195 lbs (and losing!)
I'll be getting a full TT with muscle repair, breast Aug and correction of tuberous deformity. That includes lowering the creases, scoring the tissue internally and a peri-areolar lift to correct the snoopy shape. It's also possible ill need a lollipop on one side.

I've met with 2 surgeons and have another consult tomorrow. It's proving to be difficult to find someone that is good with tuberous breasts AND who's tummy tucks I like. I'm very pick, especially about the belly buttons. If I was only getting my breasts done , I'd go to Dr. Deluca in Albany, but I don't like the look of his tummy tuck pictures. I'd also prefer not to travel if I don't have to.

Th first doc I saw had the best TT pics I've ever seen, but her approach to tuberous breasts was not good (I've done my research!) and she had no pictures to show of correction with implants, only fat transfer. The fat transfer pic was NOT my idea of a good result. Was it an improvement? Yes. Worth surgery to get that? Heck No! So needless to say, she's been crossed off my list. (Bye bye $125!)

The 2nd doc was great, had amazing tuberous breast before and afters. He talked to me about possible double bubble with my type of breasts, which I've seen and heard about happening, but when he showed me an example of one of his patients that happened to...I couldn't even see it! He had to zoom way in and point with his finger where the "double bubble" was. If that's his idea of a less then great result, I'm excited! I would kill for that kind of result! The only negative with him is there's no option of overnight stay, since he uses a surgery center, and his tummy tucks weren't my fave. Not bad AT ALL, but not my favorite belly buttons. The good thing is, that when I talked to him about belly buttons, he was very open to using a different technique, and showed me some different types he's done, so I think we can work together on it. He's not arrogant at all, and I love that he's willing to do what I want, not just what he wants. The overnight stay was really something I wanted, because I have 3 kids and I think it's the best thing for me, but it's not going to be a deal breaker in the end if I like him the best. He has really great reviews on here, and yelp, and everywhere else I could think to look, so that's comforting also.

The doc I have an appt with tomorrow also has great reviews on here and his TTs are PERFECT, but he doesn't have anything about tuberous breasts on his site, so that's an unknown for now. I find a lot of doctors don't have those kinds of before and afters on their site, even if they are experienced with it. That's frustrating, but I guess there aren't enough women like me looking to make it a priority to them.

So far, I'm really thinking ill end up with the 2nd doc, but the consult tomorrow may blow me away...we shall see! I don't want to say who e docs are until I pick one, but I will update when I do.

Ok, I'm going to post pics scary, but these reviews are pretty much useless without them, so here goes!

3rd Consult

I really thought in the back of my mind, that this 3rd doctor was going to be the one, but after meeting with him, I know now he is not the one for me. I didn't like his approach to my breasts and he told me I didn't have enough skin for a low tummy tuck scar...both other consults showed me a very low scar placement, and I know I have a good amount of loose skin, so I'm not sure why he feels that way. The other thing I didn't like was that he said my surgery was going to take 8.5 hours!! 4 hours longer than the other 2 doctors said! I think that's pretty crazy, and it doesn't seem safe to be under that long. I don't know, I'm not a doctor but that didn't sit we'll with me.

Overall, I'm very glad I went because I really had romanticized him and his results, thinking he was the best, and now I know for sure he is not for me. No disrespect to him, and I'm sure he's good at what he does but, he just wasn't a good fit for me.

So, I'm about 90% sure I'm going to go with the 2nd doctor, who is Dr. Adam Tattelbaum, in Rockville, MD. He has amazing reviews on here, and he really impressed me with his tuberous breast results. My husband liked him the best also, and felt like he really knew his stuff.

I'm driving myself crazy.

I really thought I was decided on Dr. Tattelbaum, but now I'm 2nd guessing. The reason being, that Dr. T will not lipo anyone in the abdomen when doing a tummy tuck, and I've always had a fat roll under my boobs, even when I was much thinner. Apparently it's a hot topic with surgeons because some (like Dr. T) think it's unsafe, and can compromise healing, but lots of other docs say it's safe as long as you use certain techniques. Obviously, I don't want to do anything unsafe, but I think maybe Dr. T is just a bit old school, and I want to be sure I'm going to get the best result I can. Another doctor I'm thinking of consulting with is Dr. Michael Chiaramonte in National Harbor. He does a "Bella Body Lift" where he lipos the entire abdomen first, and then the tummy tuck. He also has great reviews and my good friend used to work for him, so I know he's a good doctor. Ugh, I feel so confused!

4th consult on Monday 11/3

I have my appt with Dr Chiaramonte on Monday. He does what he calls a Bella Body Lift. It's essentially a tummy tuck with a lot of lipo. He says it includes lipo from under your bra to hips, all the way around, so the back too. I don't have back fat, but I'd love yo get under my arms done...I wonder if he'd trade the back lipo for that. I like this idea because when docs do just a tummy tuck without lipo, unless you're very thin (I'm not!) you still look thick in the middle. I've noticed that tummy tucks done in DR and Mexico seems to be very aggressive with the lipo, and people come back with the tiniest waists! Personally, I would never haver surgery abroad, unless I was originally from there, but this docs seems to have it right with the way they do TTs. Dr. Tattelbaum will not lipo the abdomen at the same time as a TT. He says it's too risky, and can compromise blood supply. From what I've read, it depends on the technique, and how much the skin is undermined. 2 of the other Drs both said they do lipo of the whole abdomen, and I have to say, their TTs are awesome! Dr T's are nice, but just not as jaw dropping. I'm very hopeful of Dr Chiaramonte, but I don't know about his results with tuberous breasts. There's no pics on his site (c'mon doctors! There are ladies out here looking!) but in the list of his credentials he did a presentation about correcting tuberous breasts, so that's a good sign, right?! One of my good friends worked for him, so I know he's a good doctor, it's just the unknown until I see before and afters of his breast correction.


I saw Dr. Chiarmonte yesterday and it was a roller coaster of emotions. The office is beautiful, the staff was great, and they have these AWESOME implant sizers from mentor that are shaped and give you a much better idea of what they'll look like. The doctor was very personable, I liked him immediately. Up until we went to go look at some pictures of tuberous breasts he's corrected, I was sure he was the one...then I saw the pictures. Oh. My. God. They only had 2 cases to show me and they looked AWFUL! Some of the worst I've seen. He does beautiful work on "normal" boobs and his body work is great, too. But tuberous breasts are NOT his forte. I wanted to cry right then and there when I saw them. I really think I had a mini panic attack. I asked him why they came out like that, and he just kept telling me I wasn't as severe, and to him, those women got a great improvement. Sorry, but I strongly disagree! I didn't want to insult him or be rude, so I just nodded and smiled. But unfortunately he's been ruled out.

So I feel even more confident with Dr. Tattelbaum now. I'm just hoping he'll be aggressive with the waist lipo. I'm not quite ready to put my deposit down, but I'm 90% sure Dr. Tattelbaum is the one for me. If there's any Tattelbaum ladies reading this, please weigh in!!

Should I split up the surgeries?

I'm starting to think maybe I should split up my surgeries, since my favorite tummy tucks and favorite tuberous breast corrections are done by different surgeons. Ugh. It seems like such a pain to have to recover twice, and I wonder how much time in between surgeries I'd need? Why does it have to be so complicated?? I've been looking into another doctor who's in FL. Dr. Revis. Is tuberous breast corrections are beautiful and his TTs look great too...but I can't decide what's easier, traveling to have surgery or splitting it up? I have kids so traveling will be hard to make happen. I just don't know what to do.

Looks like I'm going to FL!

So I mentioned that I was looking into Dr. Revis in Ft lauderdale...and after talking it over with my husband, who agreed to stay home with the kids, it looks like I'm going to travel to Dr Revis in Feb. I feel very confident in his abilities, but I'm just nervous about flying home after...I'm planning on staying a week, but now I'm starting to think I should make it a bit longer. I just hate to be away from my babies that long! Can anyone that traveled to have a MM give me some advice?


I set a date with Dr. Revis for 2/18/15. I was all excited, but now I've come across a few very bad reviews and it's freaking me out! I know there's bound to be some negative reviews for any surgeon, no matter how good they are, but I'm so scared of making the wrong decision. The justbreastimplants site is full of ladies who love Dr. Revis, and rave about how great he is, but these bad reviews say those are fake, which I don't really believe because they detail their whole experience, start to finish and have pictures, and the amount of people who are on there is so many. That would be a lot of work to fake all of that. My husband says it doesn't worry him, and that if there were no bad reviews, that would be hard to trust also. Can any Revis ladies on here put help me?

Temporary freak out.

After speaking with my husband and friend that worked for plastic surgeons, I've decided to stick with Dr. Revis. I think any surgeon, no matter how good, will have a few bad outcomes, and especially in the realm of people getting plastic surgery, there are bound to be a few people who simply cannot be pleased, or are nut jobs. I have had extensive correspondence with Dr. Revis, and my gut is strongly telling me, he's the one. I'm putting my deposit down on Monday, and it's full steam ahead! Now to get back to my weight watchers...I have 3 months till surgery and I'd like to lose about 15 lbs. I know I can do it, WW makes me lose 4 lbs a week consistently, as long as I stick to it!

A little change in plans.

Sorry so long since my last update! So I decided to split up the surgeries. I really didn't want to, but after long consideration, I decided it's the best thing for me. I'm having the breast surgery with Dr Revis on 2/11 and I'll have my tummy done with Dr. Mess in April. I chose dr Revis for a few reasons. He's very skilled with difficult cases, and he's an expert with XL imolants. I'm not get super huge implants, but I'm not getting small ones either. Probably 700 ccs. I'm tall and very broad and I need a larger implant to fill my chest. Larger implants are more prone to complications, and Dr Revis is very skilled at placing them and creating a pocket in a way to keep them from bottoming out, or displacing. His pictures of tuberous breasts are amazing and I just know in my gut he's going to give me the best result. Less than 2 weeks now! So excited!
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

He was so thorough during the consultation. Answered all my questions, although I didn't have many after he got done explaining everything. He is humble and really seems to care about making you happy.

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