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STOP AND READ THE FORUMS! I've had 3 courses of...

STOP AND READ THE FORUMS! I've had 3 courses of botox. one dysport over 1.5 years. Initially I was ecstatic and thought I looking younger and wrinkle free. With each dose I started to get weird flu-like symptoms and body aches and I thought I was just sick with a flu or malaise. What I didn't realize is the effects are cumulative and progressive with each dose. Neck stiffness, headaches, facial swelling, change in my facial function, fever, change in my looks that was not for the better. I was literally disabled and like a dish rag with no energy, and it got worse to where I went to my doctor. This is the fourth week I am sick! One eye was drooping to the point I was wondering if I had a stroke! I finally knew no person can get sick with so many ailments from out of nowhere. The clues all added up to BOTOX! I did some research and see thousands of women have had bad side effects some are PERMANENT! I hope what I am going through now will end and I can reclaim my vigor and life function. Yes this sounds dramatic but I am a NURSE and I know the body and physiology and if I ever knew this might happen I would have lived with my wrinkled forehead! There is really no long term evidence this poison ever stops damaging your system! Don't do it even if your doctor acts like its no big deal. You are risking your beauty ad health. I actually look WORSE! My face is disproportioned and swollen at the jaw, it has affected my lymphatics in my face and I look misshapen! I just pray it stops its course and I get my normal face back and more important my strength and ability to function. Remember doctors make hundreds off these injections, you are their guinea pigs! DO NOT DO IT before you research it! I had a board certified plastic surgeon do it and it is not his technique but the BOTOX itself that is poison as far as Im concerned. It is a NEUROTOXIN, please look that up!

A NEW Bad wasting effect! Hourglass syndrome on my forehead!

A while after I got botox I noticed my temples looked very wrinkled and sunken. I thought I had just aged overnight. It looks like a 70 year olds temples, atrophied skin and veins popping out. I just read about another case on RS where the woman named the syndrome as Hourglass Syndrome, an effect of botox use! I am so sorry I did not know about this syndrome. It has aged my face. Do a search on RS and the link to the research papaer is on it! See my photo below.

fixing botox effects and wrinkles

As you can see above (images) my hourglass wrinkle pattern on my forehead. I managed to fix my "11" between the eye wrinkles and smooth my forehead with beletero injections! It took those sunken furrows away and the eye scowl! Its good for 6-1 year, at 9 months mine is fading and I'll do more. Better than a neurotoxin like botox or desport!

finally free from droop n pain!

my face has regained its muscle functions! My eye is straight again. My neck has ceased to be spaseming and painful! ughh...never again!

improved my wrinkles

my wrinkled crepe looking forehead (side aspects) are looking better. I have bought a 50% glycolic peel solution that I use once a week for 3 minutes. I can't take more than that! But it has markedly diminished the crepey look and fine lines from hourglass wasting syndrome. my overall face looks better and smoother! Just follow directions carefully! have a timer and run warm water so your ready to remove it. (do not use the baking soda water remedy listed on bottle, it made my face OOZE in spots!) water works best. Dry with a soft paper towel NOT A CLOTH TOWEL!

I used some Belatero

it lasts a long time. I find the peels help the crepe look quite a problem was wasting and wrinkles since the botox wore off the wasting let up a bit...see what happens after a while...

oh boy more droop and neck issues

out of the blue! same symptoms that I had before. milder but there. I read that can happen and some effects are PERMANENT! I am sorry I did this....please think long and hard before you get that poison injected! I'm including my pic as I look with belatoro in my forehead and sculptra to fill out lines.safer! I am also using DERMAWAND and I swear that has tightened my face and alleviated many small wrinkles. I'm past 60 so be gentle with me! LOL
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good techniques, bad substance.

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