4 weeks PO. New pics posted. Bring on summer!

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Scheduled tomorrow 3/28/2012 for tummy tuck with...

Scheduled tomorrow 3/28/2012 for tummy tuck with Lipo of flanks, inner and lateral thighs. I am 5'2 135lbs, mother of 3, including twins. I have debated over surgery for a few years and decided to move forward. My Abd has always been on the thin side (pre-babies), bounced back after my daughter but not so much after my twins. My thighs have always bothered me. Being short, the fat just seems to settle in my thighs. I am really nervous about this but excited at the same time. I hate the thought of being out of commission for so long and not being able to care for my kids and house but I know it will be short term and worth the hopefully long term improvement of my figure.

PO day #2. Still very sore. Not sure which is...

PO day #2. Still very sore. Not sure which is worse, my belly or thighs. Rolling walker has been very helpful. I guess the burning in the belly is normal from reading a lot of other reviews. But ouchy! I am looking forward to being able to get around better!

Postop day 5. The pain is subsiding. Have not...

Postop day 5. The pain is subsiding. Have not needed meds since last night. Feeling very stiff in my legs and back. It is a challenge to stand up and I can't figure out how I will ever stand up straight again. Trying to get in pleanty of protein but have very little appetite. My drains are draining very little but there is a lot of drainage from the drain sites. Has anyone else had this problem? Good news is that my belly is really flat and my thighs are quite smaller, even with all the swelling. I am sad that I will be missing my kids Easter program at church.

Tomorrow will be a week since surgery. Overall, I...

Tomorrow will be a week since surgery. Overall, I feel much better but still very drained. The worst part is trying to walk. My lower back hurts really bad. My legs are much less sore and there is no more burning to my incision. I have only been taking 1 Vicodin/day and 1 Tylenol. My one drain is not draining anyghing, only at the site. I called the Dr. Office and they said this is OK. Incision looks good and my belly looks really flat! Don't seem to have the overall swelling that a lot of people talk about...not yet anyway. Had 2 BM's without too much difficulty. I started taking a stool softner when I got home from the hospital. Trying to drink a lot of water and eat enough protein. Can't wait to be over this hump and be getting around like normal! My hubby has taken off this week and is been sooo helpful. I just don't know how I will make out taking care of the house and kids when he goes back to work. He works long hours and is gone a lot. PO appt tomorrow. I am sure he will take out at least one drain. Happy Healing to everyone out there. Hope all is well.

10 days post op. Feeling pretty good this AM. Feel...

10 days post op. Feeling pretty good this AM. Feel like I can get a little work done around the house and enjoy my weekend. Not looking forward to a full day of work on Monday and then off to get taxes done at 6 (procrastinated as usual). I think I will be really tired by the end of the day. Yesterday was a downer day, just frustrated over being unable to do the stuff that needs to get done and what I can do seems to take sooo long. I know, it will eventually get done. Looking forward to spending time with my family..they help keep my mind occupied and away from self-pitty. I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend and is feeling better.

PO day 15..so excited. Saw my PS today and the...

PO day 15..so excited. Saw my PS today and the drains are out! I will be glad to be able to wear normal clothes but not sure if I will fit in them yet. He said I can stop wearing my binder and just wear my comression girdle. I know that will feel so much better. I could not get the binder to stay in place. It did feel weird to have the drains pulled out, not too painful though. I was surprised to see how high up and far over they were. The end was all the way to the opposite side of the drain site up by the ribs. My fever subsided on Monday and I went back to work on Tues. Made out pretty well. I have a desk job so I did swell and stiffen up quite a bit by late morning. It went much better than I anticipated and I am feeling so much better! Hope all is well with everone.

3 weeks po today. Feeling so much better. Walking...

3 weeks po today. Feeling so much better. Walking upright. The drainage has subsided to the drain sites. I have yet to see the incision but will remove the surgical tape tomorrow. Can move into a stg 2 compression garment, yeah! My abs get really tight at work from sitting all day. I know that will get better. I hope to be all healed in time for swim suite season! Any suggestions on the scar therapy? I was looking at some ointments and the strips..it all seems pretty exspensive. Will post new pics soon.

I had my 4wk PO appt last Thurs. Went well. Dr....

I had my 4wk PO appt last Thurs. Went well. Dr. wanted me to wait to get on the eliptical to about 6 weeks and said I was free to do anything at 8wks. Can stop CG at 6 wks..yeah. I was excited to see that he gave me 2 silicone strips to use starting at 6 wks and keep on for 8 weeks. It is a good thing I did not go and buy any. Feeling pretty good but my abs were pretty tender over the weekend, not sure why. I am doing a lot more now..maybe too much? I am happy with my results except the one side of my incision seems to really curve upward..maybe it wlll straighten up when the swelling goes down. I would do it again and I am so thankful for no complications thus far. I really like my Dr. but am disapointed over the lack of pre-op instructions and just being told to know what to expect like they would be giving me the silicone strips. If I had not been doing research on my own, I would have really been in the dark. My size 9 pants are pretty loose and I am down 5lbs to 130lb. I have not seen that wt for quite some time. I do get full easily which the Dr said may happen with the muscles being so tight. Just feel like I need to get exercising. Happy Healing to all!
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Dr. Saunders took his time to answer my questions, is friendly and respectful. I will let you know more post-op.

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