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I have been praying and hoping for years that I...

I have been praying and hoping for years that I would wake up one day and discover that my boobs had finally grown. Since I was sixteen the joke in my family is that the "Titty fairy" skipped over me and have extra to every other girl in my family. Seriously, every other women in my family has huge breasts. The smaller breasted women have full c's and the larger breasted girls have breasts so large their bras need to be special ordered, and yet somehow I have ended up with A's. pointy A's. ugh.

Well, I am now 22 years old and am A senior in college studying double major studying accounting and finance and I have finally made up my mind to have a breast augmentation. I have waited for years hoping to grow but even after gaining some weight though out College, my breasts have not shifted a size at all. I decided over summer to begin the consultation process. I made a few appointments and went to ended up going to two doctors for their opinions.

My first doctor (the one I ended up going with) was so honest with me that I connected with him right away. I came straight after my accounting internship and was still in my business clothes and he gave the best advice. He told me that I was an ideal candidate and that my breasts were slightly tubular and could be fixed easily. My goal is to not have large breasts but full round breasts. He also told me I should not go too large because I am working on my CPA and a more natural look would be more beneficial in my line of work. He also told me that I should also get silicone and wait to have my surgery after my birthday. Apparently i would have a very round look with saline since I have no breast tissue. I was able to hold both implants and I loved the feeling of the silicone compared to the saline. I was wondering can you feel a difference once they are inside you?

Any way, my second consultation was a mess. The doctor kept showings pictures of girls with incredibly large after pictures and I kept asking to see smaller breasts. He kept disregarding what I was asking and would not discuss the option of silicone vs saline. He preferred saline implants and they were the only ones he liked using.

My option was an obvious choice , I just needed to decide on a time when I wanted to go through with the procedure. I have basically spent the last three months obsessing over website I could find and just kept saying "soon I'll make my appointment". Finally this week I called my physician and made an appointment during my spring break so I can have an entire week off to recover and relax about my parents house. It's four months away and it is one of the only things I can think about. I'm so excited! I still have tons of questions and want to talk to everyone about it, but I'm trying to keep it on the down low. I wear the Victoria secret hugely padded push up bra everyday and most everyone thinks I have big boobs. I'm hoping to be the same size after my BA with out my padded bras on .

So basically I just want to start tracking my story now. I have four months to go and still have to decide what CC's I want. My minimum is 350 and my max is 425 from what my doctor told me would look natural on me. I have no idea how big that difference actually is. One if the things I want to get a grip on now. But I'll keep updating !

Well Its officially one month down and only three...

Well Its officially one month down and only three more to go! December flew with finals and the holidays so i'm hoping the next three months go equally as fast. I'm very happy i started following this site early on because I have been able to watch the progressions of so many women, and everyone looks great and have been healing so well. It has really given me the confidence I am making the right decision and there is not much to worry about as long as your have done your homework!

I'm also getting more support from those who were not supportive in the beginning at all. My dad and I are very close and talk about everything, but this is one subject that does not get discussed often. He does not understand why I want to spend my money on something so vain! However, being a daddy's girl I refused to set a date until I got his blessing, which he did give after a very awkward conversation about money, the actual procedure, and why I wanted this surgery. Now it is just a dont ask dont tell agreement between he and i. My boyfriend was also not supportive about my surgery because he does not understand why I want bigger boobs. He recently told me it was more that he thought he was not making me feel sexy! such a nice bf!!! :) i had to explain to him it had nothing to do with him, and he does make me feel sexy, but it does not change the fact I have always wanted bigger fuller breasts. Over the weekend, he actually began to get excited about them. Talking about the first thing he wants to do when i get them..... too bad he does not know yet they are hands off for quite some time. hahaha im just glad he has jumped on board and is getting just as excited as me!

other than that, my mom bought me front button pajamas with a note for my post BA recovery, and now i am rocking the kardashion look going to bed in adorable pjs! should have started wearing these much sooner!! Happy New Years to Everyone!! Thank you for all your stories!

Today was my pre-op! Everything went very well! I...

Today was my pre-op! Everything went very well! I decided on getting 375 CC silicon gel implants under the muscle. It really hit me that I am going to go through with this, as soon as i handed my check over! I am just trying to focus on being very healthy and exercising for the next two weeks since i wont be able to for awhile. I am making a list of things to get in preparation for my recovery. Any useful tips would be greatly appreciated!

Ahh the countdown is really on!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

I referred to Dr Saunders by a friend of mine who had previously had a BA done by him. They looked incredible! During my consult he was the only doctor that was not pushing large sizes on me and was honest after learning about by line of work (Accounting and Finance) recommending a more modest side! After my consultation he was the only doctor who not pressure me to make a decision or pick him. After I took my time deciding, about four months down the road, I called his staff who were able to schedule my appointment during my spring break. I received all the information two days later in the mail. So far, everything is exactly how I would have wanted it to go!

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