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I'm long over due for this Surgery I promise to...

I'm long over due for this Surgery I promise to post pictures soon. I had my consult with Dr Saunders yesterday and he explained to me the procedure. He's very straight forward and I like that. My surgery date is set for March 4th and I'm unpatiently counting down the days lol. Also I love the fact that his employees had their work done by him and they're not afraid to show you their results. One of his employees is getting ready to undergo another procedure with him I think that alone speaks volumes. Another thing I love is he does it in the hospital and you stay overnight for monitoring especially being as tho I'm a bit of a hypochondriac lol my husband hates that I panic and think the worst of every situation. I'm getting tt with mr bl and small saline implants just for shape Because I don't want huge boobs just a full C is good for me for now lol.


The ugly truth, for now ;)

Pic that didn't upload before

Second Thoughts???

Ok I'm 10 weeks away from putting myself first for once while I'm super excited for this opportunity I'm also doubting the timing. My youngest is one he will be 15 months when I have my surgery but he still loves to be babied by me. Although I have a wonderful supportive husband there's nothing like a mothers love, how am I going to be able to handle not picking him up and cuddles did anyone else go through this??

Just some more pics I'm uber excited

Obsessing Much

I'm So obsessed with this site smh

35 days to go

Truth or dare

So today I became an impressive liar :( I didn't want my coworkers to know what I was having done so I told them I have to get fibroids removed I didn't feel like them judging me or possibly trying to talk me out of it they don't know what I've gone through for 15 years and it would be easy for them to just say to work out or you don't need it that's the response I've gotten from people close to me even my 15 year old daughter so I'm done telling people. I have the support from my husband and my favorite cousin who has had a tummy tuck in the past. I'm 28 days away and I don't need any negative energy only positive vibes.

Pre Op Appt pics

Pre Op

Laying down


So by this time next week I'll be on the flat side???? I'm so nervous and excited at the same damn time I hope I love my results and fall in love with my body and gain confidence again. Looking at my pictures all I can say is God bless my husband for loving and marrying me despite this tragedy of a mid section lol I had my first child with ex boyfriend at the tender age of 16 and my stomach has been jacked up since when I was younger I used to love to swim but after having my child I hated summer time and water parks have been my worst nightmare. So this has been a long time coming almost 16 years to be exact.

I'm officially on the flat side

Will post a more detailed review as soon as I can stay awake longer than 5 mins but here are pics for now


Recovery so far has been a process I actually thought the pain would be more intense i think for me I'm more uncomfortable than anything. The pain meds combined with the anesthesia has you exhausted all day I can't wait til I'm off of these meds I do not like the feeling I love seeing my results so far and can't stop looking at myself I'm praying for a good speedy recovery the morning of surgery I had to be there at 6 am to get prepped and I was taken back at 8 it took about 4 hours I was happy to hear my husbands voice because I knew I had made it lol my first post op appt is tomorrow hopefully he'll take out 2 of my four drains (2for breast 2 for tummy) I'll keep y'all posted feel free to ask me anything

A little FYI

Hi ladies I forgot to tell you don't forget to get a laxative I bought mineral oil from rite aid and had my first bm today at 4 days po I couldn't understand why wasn't it working at first it was because I was taking the dose the bottle told me to take but at my ps office the said take two large gulps and I did just that and finally some relief lol take it the next day so you can get immediate relief also another thing that helped me was halls yes halls you don't realize how dry your mouth gets from having a tube down there (they do that when they put you to sleep) I could barely talk for two days my voice was low and scratchy make sure you hydrate and drink plenty of water and eat fruit and proteins so you can get your strength up it really takes a lot out of you and your body is real exhausted take deep slow breaths I wasn't doing this at first my breaths were short and fast you have to expand your lungs or you will get fluid built up in there and can cause pneumonia I was on the verge of this I started getting a lot of mucus build up and I couldn't understand why but also with the fluid and mucus build up you will have to cough and that's not something you want to do often because it hurts like hell (trust me I know) anyway I hope this helps sorry for the run on sentences but I wanted to inform you happy healing beauties and those getting ready for this transition may we all have a speedy recovery

One week PO

I'm loving my results so far Dr Saunders is the man! I had my one week po appt today and I'm healing great. My drains should be out at my 2 week po. I wear my binder 90 % of the day because it makes me feel better. I'm about 70% standing straight and I'm off of pain meds. I get out of breath when I'm overdoing it. I try and walk around the house as much as possible because I don't want any blood clots. I am really so happy and completely in shock that I look like this again after 16 years.

Working Gal

So I'm supposed to be going back to work on Monday and I don't feel like I'm 100% ready. I work in banking I'm sure it wouldn't be to hard but I still get tired fast from doing so little around the house. I feel like just one more week will do me great justice btw I'm about 80% standing straight. I finally started sleeping in my bed at night even though I'm sort of elevated it feels good lying next to my husband. I still haven't seen my scars because the dr says the the tape will come off naturally as the scar begins to heel. Maybe tomorrow at the post op I will get to see it idk I'm just excited to have my drains removed tomorrow for they are getting painful and only draining about 15 ml per day. I'll post drainless pics tomorrow after my dr visit.

2 weeks PO

So I'm at the 2 week mark and I'm now drainless. I feel sort of normal now without those things dangling from my body. Thank you Jesus I never thought the day would come when I would be rid of them. I finally got a look at my scar lets just say I will be getting a waist tattoo in the near future lol. But my dr said everything is right on track as far as healing goes I pray it continues this way for me and all of us. I always thought I was being punished for having a baby so young (16) lol silly right. One thing I've noticed is that my scar itches I guess from starting to scab up I was told to use neosporin. My next po appt is in 10 days but I'll update before then. Happy Healing;)

Getting drains removed

Update and Questions

It looks like one of my breast are turning green from a far but up close it looks ok should I be freakinf out. Also on one side my scar is raised and its weird looking will it flatten out? Also please tell me I'll be able to feel some sensation in my nipples in the near future I didn't get these babies perky for nothing ????

Update on raised scar area

What a difference a day or two makes can't believe how much my scar has flattened. I feel so good was able to go and get a pedicure today in honor of this beautiful weather. If it wasn't for the sore boobs with occasional shooting pains through them and a slightly hunchback I would be A okay. I'm still wearing my binder 95 percent of the day I can't wait to be comfortable without it.


Had my three week PO appt today at 25 days PO. Dr said everything looks great he will see me back in 3 weeks. He said to still take it easy and I can toss the binder and use spanx or a girdle. I'm going to buy some this weekend and see how they feel before I give up my binder. He said we will talk about scar treatment at next appt I'm excited to start that. Also my under boob is very itchy I can use Benadryl and cortisone cream. Had my first day back at work it wasn't bad I was sitting most of the day. I'll post pics tomorrow I'm pooped lol.

26 day PO scar


I don't know what's going on with RS is anyone else's feed been scrambling like crazy.

Just a few pics

1 month PO

This has been an amazing journey and the best thing I've ever done for myself. I only wish I could've done it sooner. The morning of surgery I weighed 147 pounds now I'm at 139 pounds 4 pounds away from my goal weight. When I'm alone I just take off my clothes and stare in the mirror I never thought I would look this good again. My husband can't keep his hands off me it's no greater feeling ;) I'm pretty much back to normal except for the numbness in my belly and nipple areas. I try not to use my stomach muscles at all. When I sit up or ly down I usually roll to my side. I'm making better choices with my diet because I feel like I'm going to get fat I'm very paranoid about getting that saggy tummy back lol. Well enough for now dolls I don't want to bore you to much take care and happy healing I'll update in two weeks after my 6 week check up

Trying out a two piece

6 weeks PO

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks already (yesterday). I feel so good, i have to remind myself a lot of all I've been through and to still not overdue it. I have my 6 weeks check up on Thursday and hopefully we can start some scar treatment:) I either wear my binder everyday or a girdle or control top pantyhose. Feel free to ask any questions if you need to

Scars and update

Sorry I've been Mia for a couple of weeks but here's an update, things have been going well I wear my binder 4 nights out of the week when I'm swollen it all depends on what I eat during the day. I still can't use my core to much only little by little each day. I started silicone sheets 3 weeks ago and I don't see much of a difference. I'm still loving my results and would do it all over again. My breast measure inVictoria secret 34 ddd ???? But they don't look that big to me lol.


I hope everyone is enjoying this weather I sure am I am so happy with my results a little more each day this was the best decision ever here's a few pics because that's why we're all here anyway right lol I feel great just a litt tightness when I sneeze I don't wear any cg I use my core minimal because it still feels weird with the numbness my nipples are completely numb I'm praying to the gods that feeling comes back but other than that everything is great my husband cAnt keep his hands off of me

6 1/2 months Update

I can't believe it's been 6 months already time really flies when you're having fun cliché I know. I couldn't be happier with my results in all seriousness I feel 95% back to normal as far as healing goes the other 5% is for the numbness I still feel on my tummy. I can feel my nipples again I honestly don't know when that happened I just noticed it one day like 3 weeks ago. Hope everyone is healing fine and everyone that's getting ready to go through with this surgery I wish for you to have a successful one. My dr is amazing he really performed a miracle on this mangled body LOL worth every damn penny ;)
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